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  1. Local historical society saying county's tallest tree is among the casulaties. Planted by Gladstone in 1876. Before: After:
  2. Banks o'Dee have a plastic pitch so if it's ploughed-up I'd suggest it'll be lethal nevermind dangerous.
  3. PremierSports will take Alloa v Celtic and Rangers v Stirling Albion. BBC will take Auchinleck v Hearts and I'll say Kelty/Montrose v St Johnstone; failing that maybe Kilmarnock v Dundee Utd.
  4. What they've done in stopping replays from Last 32 isn't much different to England where replays stop from Last 16. You're also only considering the financial aspect (although I doubt many clubs lose money on replays - especially not in Preliminary/R1/R2). There is a competitive dimension too: if you can't win away you can at least avoid defeat and bring it back to your own place. There is also a physical dimension: if you don't have replays you have extra-time plus penalties instead, and that extra 30min hands a big advantage to full-time clubs. There is also the matter of tradition - plenty people think it's part of what 'makes' the Scottish Cup - and it being the primary cup in the nation everybody wants to do well in it... a lot of clubs, especially smaller clubs, will feel on balance they have a better chance in trying again another day rather than extra-time and penalties. However there is also a practical issue. Dozens of clubs have collectively spent several million £ installing or upgrading lights under the licence system needed to play in the cup every season. More do so each year. They were told they needed them for TV ties (which most will never host and certainly never regularly) and midweek replays (which are at least more common). Even by SFA standards it would be a slap in the face of epic proportions to turn around a year later and abolish those very same replays. I wouldn't have scrapped them in any round - but clearly issues about OF in CL/EL knockouts etc. only affect R4/R5/R6. EDIT: Worth adding there are also a couple of oddities in what they've done. First: replays have gone from R4 even though it's long before CL/EL resume... indeed the midweek is still there this season entirely blank. Second: replays upto R3 don't have to be midweek unless both clubs prefer it... e.g. Montrose v Kelty is this Saturday.
  5. That's slightly different. There was a special provision in the rules about qualifiers and their grounds from R4 onward. It appears to have been removed.
  6. They travelled. Tunisia called-up injury replacement from San Antonio. Computerised offsides: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59461288
  7. They then should do away with clubs spending fortunes getting licensed and let everybody in - they can rent parks if ever required - and do way with home/away draw and let the clubs decide. There is no point Club A pouring money into ground upgrades if Club B can move a tie somewhere else, rake in far more money, and perhaps spend it on players too rather than groundworks.
  8. In terms of damage it's certainly worse here than January 1987 ("the Michael Fish storm"). Local opinion seems to think it may be the worst since January 1968 ("the Glasgow storm"), but for example my father insists there are far more trees down this time. If so you'd potentially have to return to October 1881 in these parts, which was in a league-of-its-own and would certainly eclipse it.
  9. I'm no naturalist so wouldn't know. What makes it so stark is it's not localised, it's over the whole landscape - 'skittled trees' wherever you look. Not just old deciduous monsters either. Even passed 2 areas of modern evergreen timber woods - near Grantshouse and on Greenlaw moor (part of which my grandfather planted decades ago) - huge lengths of which look like scenes from an atom bomb test or the Tunguska event. EDIT: it must have been exceptionally strong for a while up on the moor as there was a stretch where several roadsigns were all bent the same way from the force of the wind.
  10. Well must say damage to trees in eastern Berwickshire is startling - entire plantations flattened (in some parts all torn off halfway up leaving a forest of jagged spikes), lines of old trees planted in Napoleonic times or earlier down like dominoes, stretches of main road still single-file where they've cut passes through mountains of lumber. Certainly worst for decades. Sad. Near me: Somebody lost their head: @heedthebaa's hoose:
  11. Don't see why ties should move for "big paydays" or whatever. Licensed grounds are enclosed with registered capacities/safety certificates/etc. Eventually got silly e.g. Albion Rovers.
  12. Cowie was the last living Scotland international born during the 1920s, and the last Scotland international with more than a few caps born before 1939. According to list on ScottishLeague.net the oldest surviving Scotland international is now Ian McMillan (born 1931), and earliest with 10+ caps is now Davie Wilson (born 1939). Infact there are now just 15 alive born before the war.
  13. There's that I suppose. Odds of this happening - snowfall freezing an artificial pitch in November - must be annoyingly low. I can't ever remember the like of it. EOS website result database goes back to 2014, and can spot fewer than a handful of examples before the new year, with none before mid-December. Due to Scottish Cup schedule the AJ final is almost invariably November and it's hardly ever been off on grass!
  14. England had a squad full of top English-based players and didn't even qualify. I think there is validity to argument; but equally a squad of world champion material couldn't have failed to win any Home Nations after 1977... finished behind Spain + Romania in Euro 76 qualifying... finished 2nd-bottom behind Belgium + Austria + Portugal in Euro 80 qualifying... etc. etc.
  15. Overnight snowfall. Cup final off due to icing on the pitch.
  16. As stated it's a calamity due to the wild build-up, where everybody got convinced we were in genuine contention to win a World Cup... not just as we were doing fairly well, but as we dismissed Iran as make-weights (since they weren't European/South American), and Peru as second-raters (since they weren't Argentina or Brazil). We were seeded 3rd i.e. behind Copa America holders Peru. We finished 3rd.
  17. You'd hope at least a few hundred IMO. Huge game for Crossgates and it's only over the hill. Leith don't have a big support but seem to be bringing youth team players and families through including on buses. If it's particularly chilly that might discourage some tbf (particularly neutrals). Drumchapel, Rutherglen and St Cadocs progressed to SFs today. Royal Albert-Vale of Clyde seemingly isn't due until February 12th.
  18. Saturday 27th November 2021 Dumbarton 3-1 Sauchie Lothian Thistle HV 1-2 Edinburgh City Stirling Albion 4-0 Tranent Valiant, but all exit.
  19. Saturday 27th November 2021 Dunbar United 0-1 Penicuik Athletic Musselburgh Athletic 4-1 Blackburn United Newtongrange Star 0-1 Linlithgow Rose No surprises. Penicuik now 4pts clear... Linlithgow 4pts from Tranent.
  20. Saturday 27th November 2021 Arniston Rangers 3-3 Ormiston Coldstream P-P Craigroyston Haddington Athletic 2-2 St Andrews United Kirkcaldy & Dysart 5-1 Dalkeith Thistle "Shock of the Day" as St Andrews... who started day 2nd-bottom... draw at leaders Haddington.
  21. Saturday 27th November 2021 Burntisland Shipyard 2-2 Stirling University EOS Glenrothes P-P Heriot-Watt University Lochore Welfare P-P Easthouses Lily Luncarty C-C Newburgh Shared spoils in bottom half only survivor.
  22. Saturday 27th November 2021 Bo'ness Athletic 4-0 Livingston United Edinburgh College 1-6 Stoneyburn West Calder United 4-1 Bathgate Thistle Whitburn 6-0 Pumpherston Bo'ness Athletic now 1pt behind Syngenta. Whitburn go 3rd.
  23. Credit to Auchineck who become the first-ever tier 6 club to defeat an opponent from tier 2. That also makes it the biggest gulf ever (as nobody from tier 7 has ever beaten somebody from tier 3). Record non-leaguers in R4 also (being 5). R4: Scottish Premiership (12): Aberdeen, Celtic, Dundee, Dundee Utd, Hearts, Hibs, Livingston, Motherwell, Rangers, Ross County, St Johnstone, St Mirren Scottish Championship (6): Arbroayth, Ayr, Morton/Inverness, Kilmarnock, Partick, Raith SPFL1 (4): Airdrie, Alloa, Dumbarton, Peterhead SPFL2 (3): Annan, Edinburgh City, Stirling Albion Lowland League (1): East Kilbride West of Scotland League (2): Auchinleck, Clydebank North Juniors (1): Banks o'Dee tbc (3): Brechin/Darvel, Montrose/Kelty, Queen of the South/Cove
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