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  1. 8 hours ago, craigkillie said:

    Demolishing the farmhouse is an act of vandalism, and we can only hope that this doesn't happen.

    Isn't it 'the oldest football building in the world'? Surely the city council won't want to approve demolishing heritage like that. I'm surprised it isn't already listed.

    They also got £40k to do it up in 2015: https://thescottishfootballpartnership.com/queens-park-f-c-receive-sfp-facilities-award/

  2. 20 hours ago, HibeeJibee said:

    UAE through

    That was wrong of me: they could yet go out if they lose to Tunisia and Syria beat Mauretania.

    Jordan 0-4 Morocco
    Palestine 1-1 Saudi Arabia

    Lebanon 0-2 Algeria
    Egypt 5-0 the Sudan

    Routine wins for Morocco, Algeria and Egypt in the Nile derby (latter pair qualify) which eliminate the Sudan and Lebanon.

    Saudi Arabia performing terribly.

  3. 8 hours ago, Hedgecutter said:

    Went out for a walk yesterday and never quite appreciated just how many trees have been annihilated up this way.

    This is the current state of the tarmac track that I regularly use (looking along the 'track').  Everything along one side of the forest has been flattened as if there was a nuclear blast:

    Aye it's like that all over eastern Berwickshire:





    Side roads still being reopened and power reconnected today. Must be 10s of thousands of trees down. It'll take years to clear, if they ever are.

  4. Saturday 4th December 2021
    Armadale Thistle 1-1 Syngenta
    Bo'ness Athletic (seven) 7-1 Stoneyburn
    Fauldhouse United P-P Pumpherston
    Livingston United 1-1 Edinburgh College
    West Calder United 1-4 Whitburn

    Syngenta remain unbeaten, but their reign atop Conference X is over as Bo'ness Athletic retake that prized lead. While the Larbert men hold a benefit of games in hand this is clearly now a full-blown 4-way dogfight for qualification. Fauldhouse-Pumpherston succumbed to conditions.


  5. Saturday 4th December 2021
    Blackburn United 2-4 Newtongrange Star
    Broxburn Athletic 2-3 Jeanfield Swifts
    Dunbar United A-A Linlithgow Rose     (abandoned for snow while 2-1)
    Dundonald Bluebell 2-1 Camelon
    Lothian Thistle HV 4-1 Whitehill Welfare
    Musselburgh Athletic 2-2 Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts
    Penicuik Athletic P-P Sauchie
    Tranent P-P Crossgates Primrose
    Tynecastle A-A Hill of Beath Hawthorn     (abandoned for floodlight failure while 0-2)

    Mother nature can be a cruel mistress. With both Penicuik and Tranent's games off the Linlithgow winning streak felt in peril as they trailed 2-1 at Dunbar... until the referee threw in the towel.

    Electricians can be cruel masters. LTHV and Newtongrange secured vital victories and Hill of Beath were on course for the same at Tynecastle... until the lights literally went out on their hope. In consequence we find Newtongrange up to 15th and only 3pts from safety, while Blackburn have been sucked back close to the drop - Sauchie, Dunbar and LTHV perilously circling the drain.


  6. Saturday 4th December 2021
    Dalkeith Thistle P-P Edinburgh United
    Haddington Athletic 2-1 Dunipace
    Kennoway Star Hearts 1-2 Arniston Rangers
    Leith Athletic 3-0 Coldstream
    St Andrews United 6-0 Ormiston
    Tweedmouth Rangers C-C Craigroyston

    Haddington ground out a vital win with 10-men and dealt Dunipace's title hopes a potentially mortal blow. Leith did the business in pursuit. St Andrews recent revival continued; Arniston won again at buckling Kennoway... could they yet reach 7th? Dalkeith-Edinburgh Utd fell to late snow.


  7. Friday 3rd December 2021
    Easthouses Lily 2-3 Edinburgh South

    Saturday 4th December 2021
    Hawick RAU 0-4 Glenrothes
    Heriot-Watt University P-P Burntisland Shipyard
    Lochore Welfare P-P Stirling University EOS
    Luncarty P-P Peebles Rovers
    Oakley United 4-1 Lochgelly Albert
    Preston Athletic P-P Kinnoull

    Edinburgh South pulled off a fine victory in the Friday night game to sustain their survival hopes. Most of today's games fell victim to deteriorating conditions, but Glenrothes extend their lead and Oakley remain securely in the hunt.


  8. 3 minutes ago, imho said:

    Ref made the wrong call. True it was heavy snow but lines were visible and with half time approaching  he should have waited. The snow is off its raining and the amateurs on the pitch 50 yards to our left ,without lights have just finished. Makes it worse when Dunbar had just went ahead. All the snow has disappeared, poor call. 


  9. Luncarty v Peebles was already off waterlogged after a morning inspection: but it seems a bad weather front has crossed through in early afternoon and skittled various games shortly before kickoff, some for snow and even including a match on 3G (nobody have orange balls nowadays 8)...?!):

    Penicuik P-P Sauchie     snowbound
    Tranent P-P Crossgates

    Dalkeith P-P Edinburgh Utd     snowbound
    Luncarty P-P Peebles     waterlogged

    Heriot-Watt Uni P-P Burntisland     conditions
    Lochore P-P Stirling Uni EOS
    Preston P-P Kinnoull     conditions

    Fauldhouse P-P Pumpherston     waterlogged

  10. Firebombs apparently becoming 'de rigueur' in Strathaven these days:




    Meanwhile the assistant chief constable who heads Police Scotland's organised crime unit has been suspended following a "criminal allegation" (cue Stanley Baxter punchline):


  11. France, Mexico and Saudi Arabia all hosted the Confederations Cup entirely unconnected to World Cups. It was played every 2yrs until 2009.

    There was also a warm-up tournament for Euro 1992: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scania_100_Tournament

    and Euro 1996: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbro_Cup

    EDIT: Oddly enough Japan v Brazil at the Umbro Cup was played at Goodison in Liverpool even though Anfield was used for Euro 96.

    Similarly the opening USA v Brazil game at the US Cup in 1993 and Italy v Portugal in 1992 tournament were played at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, which wasn't used for WC 94.

  12. 1 hour ago, Ewan8472 said:

    Ian St John said they nearly threw a game at Motherwell

    Suspect more of it went on than people would like to admit - particularly between the wars. There were various instances of people reporting approaches to fix games... and occasional cases of managers, directors or players being charged or prosecuted for dodgy doings.

    Most infamous of all Falkirk bribed and intimidated Ayr players to throw a league game toward the end of 1934-35 (both clubs were locked in an intense relegation race alongside several other teams). This was discovered; game voided and replayed; Falkirk fined £25; their manager banned for life; etc. Falkirk officials had even threatened an Ayr player with the sack from his day job at Alexanders Coachbuilders if he didn't feign injury... he did, alongside £3 bribe. He was fined £10 and banned for rest of season. Ayr won the replayed game 2-0 having lost original 2-3. Falkirk finished bottom and were relegated while those 2pts ultimately proved the difference in saving Ayr and relegating St Mirren.

    Not everybody succumbed to cash incentives or physical threats. Stenhousemuir's goalie was 'encouraged' by a Falkirk bookmaker to throw their game v Broxburn in 1925 - if he did £50 would come his way - but refused.

  13. 18 hours ago, Rob1885 said:

    Any idea where this can be watched?

    I think all are being streamed on Youtube search "FIFATV".

    Bahrain 0-0 Iraq
    Qatar 2-1 Oman

    Mauretania 0-1 UAE
    Syria 2-0 Tunisia

    Own goal 7min into 2nd half injury-time sent unconvinving hosts Qatar through.

    UAE through... their winner came 3min into 2nd half stoppage-time... but shock defeat for favourites Tunisia.

    Tunisia had a player sent-off 10min into first half added-time. If these sort of delays are going to be repeated at WC it's going to get farcical. Halves are regularly being extended 10-15min.

  14. There was a major surprise result at Montrose this weekend 90 years ago: rock bottom Edinburgh City won only the 2nd league game of their debut season and 1st away from home, securing only their 2nd ever cleansheet in the process:


    Within days it was discovered the Montrose players had been offered bribes to throw the match:


    City won only 3 more games all season and finished last, a dubious accolade they went on to emulate the subsequent 3 seasons.

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