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  1. Of course contrary to myth Aberdeen weren't saved from relegation by Brockville's dilapidation. It saved them from a round-robin with Dunfermline and Falkirk... target being to avoid coming 3rd.
  2. Accumulating max points v sides 5th-11th will have a big part to play, but these are remaining head-to-heads: Sat 12 Feb Armadale v Whitburn Sat 19 Feb Bo'ness Athletic v Syngenta Sat 07 May Bo'ness Athletic v Whitburn + Syngenta v Armadale Sat 21 May Armadale v Bo'ness Athletic no date yet Syngenta v Bo'ness Athletic, Whitburn v Bo'ness Athletic Syngenta have a new badge: been replaced by Lion seems to have gone from a bit druthy to "sternly determined".
  3. Saturday 15th January 2022 Blackburn United 3-3 Lothian Thistle HV Broxburn United 2-1 Camelon Dunbar United 1-1 Newtongrange Star Dundonald Bluebell 2-1 Crossgates Primrose Hill of Beath Hawthorn 4-1 Jeanfield Swifts Musselburgh Athletic 0-1 Whitehill Welfare Penicuik Athletic 0-3 Tranent Sauchie 1-1 Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Tynecastle 1-2 Linlithgow Rose Tranent blew the doors off the title race with a comprehensive win at leaders Pencuik. Linlithgow did the necessary on the elysian field of Meggetland to trail by just 1pt. Allowing for Tranent's game-in-hand potentially 2pts separate 3 contenders. Big wins for Hill of Beath and Whitehill down the bottom. Remarkably you feel nobody from 9th or even 7th down can yet breathe fully easy, especially the clubs who have played a few games more than some of those wallowing in danger. Camelon go bottom. Clearly title lies between Penicuik, Linlithgow and Tranent who as it happens meet on the penultimate (Linlithgow-Tranent) and last (Penicuik-Linlithgow) day of the league season. Early indicator could come next weekend when Linlithgow-Penicuik play in an EOS Qualifying Cup R4 tie.
  4. Saturday 15th January 2022 Arniston Rangers 1-1 Rosyth Edinburgh United 2-2 Craigroyston Kirkcaldy & Dysart 2-0 Kennoway Star Hearts Leith Athletic 2-0 Dunipace Ormiston P-P Tweedmouth Rangers Coldstream 0-1 Haddington Athletic St Andrews United 0-2 Thornton Hibs Leaders grind-out important wins. Meanwhile a "battle royal" developing from Rosyth (4th) down to Thornton (11th) for 4 or 5 places. Craigroyston drew and Ormiston waterlogged. Clearly title lies between Haddington and Leith who as it happens meet on the last day of the league season. Early indicator could come next weekend when they play in an EOS Qualifying Cup R3 tie.
  5. Saturday 15th January 2022 Burntisland Shipyard 3-0 Lochgelly Albert Glenrothes 1-1 Lochore Welfare Hawick RAU 1-2 Easthouses Lily Kinnoull 5-1 Newburgh Oakley United 1-1 Luncarty Peebles Rovers 0-1 Preston Athletic Stirling University EOS 3-1 Edinburgh South Glenrothes dropped points in their Fife derby at home to Lochore. Preston took advantage, and close to within 2pts while having 3 games-in-hand. Oakley missed their chance to come level in drawing with Luncarty. Burntisland's fine win leaves them best-placed to mount an assault on vital 'top 7'.
  6. Saturday 15th January 2022 Bathgate Thistle 3-6 Fauldhouse United Bo'ness Athletic 1-0 Edinburgh College Livingston United 2-1 Stoneyburn Pumpherston 0-3 West Calder United Whitburn 2-3 Armadale Thistle Armadale trailed but ultimately prevailed in their local derby and regain top spot. Bo'ness Athletic took advantage with a single-goal win over a clearly improving Edinburgh College and return to 2nd. There were goals galore at Bathgate.
  7. Majority were Hong Kongers... seem to have added 3x Brazilians (couple more naturalised and represented Hong Kong national team), 1x Nigerian, and McKeown who was English. Hadn't appreciated this was also Vogts opening win as Scotland manager. He now must wait until that autumn... 2-2 in Faroes to avoid defeat, and 2-0 in Iceland for opening win. Hong Kong League XI were a fairly well-established team. It contested inter-city series with Guandong and Shanghai, and an annual Chinese New Year invitational tournament against full national teams from Europe and South America. Tommy Hutchison spent a season in Hong Kong with Bulova Watches during early 1980s. EDIT: Of course it was night-on-the-town antics following a Euro 96 pre-tournament friendly v Hong Kong XI which inspired Gazza's "Dentist Chair" pastiche.
  8. Absolutely, just meant actual table illustrated/etc. It's equally remarkable GA.
  9. Pedantically of course actually Goal Average of 4.56, there being no such concept as Goal Difference for another 14yrs.
  10. Looks like a quirk on EOS site: there are 3 games this week - Dunbar v Newtongrange, Edinburgh Utd v Craigroyston, Stirling Uni EOS v Edinburgh South - which, if not played, try again next as both are free.
  11. Recapping deaths + injuries... 100yrs tomorrow Ronald Currie of Vale of Leithen was so badly hurt colliding in Border Cup tie v Berwick that: so serious has the case become his parents were sent for. Last evening he was reported to be very ill. He was still hospitalised come early May when: a benefit match was played at Innerleithen between Vale of Leithen and Peebles Rovers. We understand over £50 was obtained. Jan 1923: he has again taken up his position in the team, notwithstanding the serious nature of the injuries he sustained last season.
  12. Wednesday 12th January 2022 Edinburgh South 0-0 Heriot-Watt University
  13. Very valid point - IIRC justification at time was it'd be strange to play 2 games in friendly cup group with 1 counting (v South Africa) but 1 not. To cut it while adding Canadian Ams in 1967 is just odd, though.
  14. Having had a look until 2012-13... there were also no first class games on the Saturday after Munich disaster snowstorm in February 1958; due to snow in later February 1966; and once again on Boxing Day in 1981. No games were played on Saturday 1st January 2000 in the aftermath of the Millennium Celebrations the previous night. As noted none on Christmas Day when it fell on a Saturday in 1982, 1993, 1999, 2004 and 2010 nor for Diana Princess of Wales funeral on Saturday 6th September 1997. Finally and rather weirdly there was nothing on Saturday 27th March 1999 even though qualifier v Czech Republic wasn't until following Wednesday. EDIT: Strictly speaking also nothing on Saturday 26th March 2005, 6th September 2008 or 8th October 2011, when away internationals in Italy, FYR Macedonia and Liechtenstein.
  15. Go back in time 82yrs tomorrow - that's Saturday 13th January 1940 - and almost a full card was played in SFL East and SFL West. (Partick v St Mirren was postponed while Third Lanark v Dumbarton was abandoned). Little could anybody have known that the following weekend snow would mean only 1 game was played in all of Scotland - being Rangers v Motherwell - while the weekend after that only Aberdeen v Alloa survived. However far from getting better the weather got worse... and the next weekend the only football matches successfully carried on across all of Britain were Plymouth v Bristol City plus a Welsh Senior Cup tie Barry Town v Newport. Incidentally that 8-1 defeat was the last football Cowdenbeath played for the duration. Having met everybody once they resigned with their results allowed to stand. February 1940 – Members of the British Expeditionary Force take time off from defending France to have a kick around at 1st Anti-Aircraft Brigade Headquarters in Avesnes Le Comte. Until last 2yrs... Christmas Day since 1982... and Princess Diana's funeral... unsure there's ever been a full blank Saturday again? There were no SFL or Scottish Cup games on Saturday 9th February 1963 or Saturday 6th January 1979 but think non-league made it. Maybe some more recent case not in really bad winter.
  16. You've got to love the Africa Cup of Nations. Mayhem guaranteed.Didn't watch game but BBC report says ref blew 5mins early in 1st half, then 5mins early in 2nd half which suggests he's got a faulty watch, then having been implored to continue blew just short of 90min which obviously meant no stoppagetime. If so why on earth did nobody help him out after either of these previous "false alarms"? There was an incident at a Melrose rugby game within last 10yrs or so where referee blew for FT with quite a lot of time left (73mins rings a bell)... but that was without warning and he refused to accept there was a problem, and there wouldn't be anybody else neutral present apart from his linesmen. Perhaps not even those as club rugby in Scotland makes much use of club linesmen. Beggars belief you can have a problem arise on 40mins and/or 85mins that leads to play being stopped and restarted in a stadium full of CAF officials - but no other person then keeps ref right?
  17. What... even non-league games/amateur games/etc.?! Today's paper: "events of more than 1,000 people are required to check the status of at least 50% of attendees, or at least 1,000 people, whichever is higher". Implying: 500 = 0 'checks' 900 = 0 'checks' 1,000 = 1,000 'checks'' 1,500 = 1,000 'checks' 2,000 = 1,000 'checks' 2,500 = 1,250 'checks' 3,000 = 1,500 'checks etc.
  18. There is a 2-page article on the subject in this quarter's Scottish Football Historian. Turns out that as well as adding these 5 new games - 3 others were deleted. That fact doesn't appear to have been publicised at all. So friendlies v Belgium and Switzerland in 1945-46, and v Hong Kong League XI in 2001-02, were official internationals until now... but have been obliterated from the records. However it has been consciously decided not to reinstate the Home Nations game v England in 1902 (Ibrox Disaster), even though it was official at the time. Similarly no mention of other unofficial internationals being recognised e.g. v England in 1935 or 1946. It appears abandoned friendlies v Austria in 1963 and v Spain in 2004 remain recognised. Deleting that Reunification Cup game in 2002 seems especially odd when they've simaltaneously added game v Canadian Olympic Amateurs in 1967. Some consequences of obliterating that game in Hong Kong: * Warren Cummings is no longer an international * Scot Gemmill no longer has an international goal * Kevin Kyle no longer has an international goal * Paul Gallacher's international debut did not come until a friendly v Canada * Steven Thompson's debut international goal did not come until a friendly v Canada * Graham Alexander did not reach 40 caps; Scott Severin did not reach 15 caps; Robbie Stockdale did not reach 5 caps Looking at those games shortly after the war Clyde legend Jimmy Campbell is no longer an international, countering the addition of Harry Hood in 1967. Aberdeen (Archie Baird), St Mirren (John Deakin), Partick (Jimmy McGowan) and Hearts (Jimmy Walker) also lose internationalists. All these adjustments will no doubt also affect many players records, career totals and thresholds as well as landmark games etc. Indeed the article concludes: "Football historians who relied on Raffery's Centenary History, Lamming's Who's Who, the much more rigorous Complete Record, and the Wee Red Book will have to find another source for their Scotland facts and figures from 803 officially verified matches".
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-59953823 Inevitable sting-in-the-tail.
  20. Looks like he brought a kazoo to a string ensemble: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-59953823 Indeed only a few days ago April was considered potentially too soon. That said it's all the more bizarre if we do prove to have gone from full crowds the week before Christmas, to effectively no crowds, then back to full crowds again in mid January and think that indicates any real logic (both limiting them to just 500 to begin with or immediately returning to 100% now). Figures are actually higher currently than when crowds were stopped last month.
  21. Andrew Jennings - the British investigative journalist who doggedly pursued FIFA and IOC corruption for several decades - has died. https://www.playthegame.org/news/news-articles/2022/0685_andrew-jennings-1943-2022-the-incomparable/
  22. Wed 12th Jan Edinburgh South v Heriot-Watt University Tue 25th Jan Coldstream v Tweedmouth Rangers Tue 25th Jan Civil Service Strollers v Armadale Thistle (EQC R3) Wed 26th Jan Dundonald Bluebell v Syngenta (EQC R4)
  23. Strange. W-D-L = 4-1-15 not 3-1-26 (!). Points/goals/etc. ok. Corrected:
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