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  1. Bo'ness Athletic will qualify as a best runner-up... unless Arniston can beat Hill of Beath by 8+ goals. R1: Saturday 30th April 2022 Broxburn Athletic v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Kirkcaldy & Dysart v Arniston Rangers/Bo’ness Athletic Leith Athletic v Whitehill Welfare Linlithgow Rose v Lothian Thistle HV Penicuik Athletic v Haddington Athletic Tranent v Whitburn Wednesday 4th May 2022 Syngenta v Sauchie Wednesday 11th May 2022 Glenrothes v Crossgates Primrose
  2. Jeanfield Swifts 5-2 Thornton Hibs Stirling University EOS 3-2 Lothian Thistle HV Dundonald Bluebell 1-2 Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts have qualified Dundonald Bluebell are eliminated Edinburgh College are eliminated Dundonald led, pegged back (putting College through), late winner sent Swifts through. Crossgates Primrose 5-0 Arniston Rangers Crossgates Primrose have qualified Crossgates easy street. Luncarty 1-1 Linlithgow Rose Linlithgow Rose have qualified Luncarty are eliminated Draw enough to limp Linlithgow through.
  3. Wednesday 13th April 2022 R5: Haddington Athletic 2-2 Kinnoull (aet, FT 2-2, 4-5p) Kinnoull pull off another shock at 10-man Haddington.
  4. Bit negative? Aside from your head-to-head Penicuik are still to play Broxburn, Sauchie, an admittedly faltering Musselburgh as well as Dundonald who are getting sucked into the relegation fight and lowly Camelon. Aside from your pair of head-to-heads Tranent have still to play Inverkeithing, Jeanfield as well as derby with Dunbar who are fighting for their lives and lowly Camelon. Relegation battlers, top 6ers and form teams aren't gimmes. All it needs is for Penicuik to draw 1 game and the title is in your own hands; draw 2 and you could afford drawing either head-to-head with Tranent if they drew 1 other. (Your other games are Jeanfield, Sauchie as well as a derby with Blackburn who are fighting for their lives).
  5. Tuesday 12th April 2022 Hill of Beath Hawthorn 1-2 Penicuik Athletic Sauchie 1-3 Tranent Both title contenders ultimately ground-down stubborn opposition.
  6. Spartans 1-4 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic LL champions Bonnyrigg blew away their hosts on a tempestuous night to seal a Final place. So grim were conditions even by Pilton standards all but the hardiest of a large attendance crowded the grandstand, pavilion and emergency pizzeria in search of shelter. Rose netted a pair either side of HT - including #3 straight off the training ground. Spartans effort, while perhaps the goal of the night, was scant consolation. East Kilbride alone have previously managed 'the double' of LL + South Challenge Cup... Whitehill, Spartans (thrice) and Uni of Stirling managed it in pre-pyramid days.
  7. Holes can be picked in the idea left right & centre. You might deploy substitutions later/differently/in fewer numbers with half-an-eye on ET, than knowing game can end drawn after 90min for 1pt. You might sub booked players earlier. Down to 10-men? You might settle for draw in NL. Indeed entire tactical strategy - 'league approach' v 'cup approach' - might differ. Etc. etc.
  8. So wrecked was Fir Park they also IIRC moved 1 or 2 league games to Livingston and Scottish Cup tie to QotS. Gretna 2008 initially used Everholm, moving into Raydale spring 2009.
  9. Friday 15th April 2022 Leith Athletic v Kirkcaldy & Dysart Ormiston v Dalkeith Thistle Saturday 16th April 2022 Arniston Rangers v Haddington Athletic Coldstream v Rosyth 2 Craigroyston v Kennoway Star Hearts Dunipace v Thornton Hibs Edinburgh United v Tweedmouth Rangers Saturday 23rd April 2022 Dalkeith Thistle v Coldstream Haddington Athletic v Kirkcaldy & Dysart Kennoway Star Hearts v Edinburgh United 2 Leith Athletic v Ormiston Rosyth v Tweedmouth Rangers St Andrews United v Dunipace Thornton Hibs v Arniston Rangers 2 Wednesday 27th April 2022 Thornton Hibs v Craigroyston Saturday 30th April 2022 Dalkeith Thistle v Edinburgh United Ormiston v Dunipace Tweedmouth Rangers v St Andrews United Saturday 7th May 2022 Craigroyston v Arniston Rangers Kennoway Star Hearts v Haddington Athletic Leith Athletic v Thornton Hibs Ormiston v Edinburgh United St Andrews United v Coldstream Tweedmouth Rangers v Dalkeith Thistle Saturday 14th May 2022 Dalkeith Thistle v Kirkcaldy & Dysart Ormiston v Tweedmouth Rangers Thornton Hibs v Rosyth (or Wednesday 11th) 2 v Saturday 21st May 2022 Arniston Rangers v St Andrews United Coldstream v Dunipace Dalkeith Thistle v Craigroyston Haddington Athletic v Edinburgh United Kennoway Star Hearts v Leith Athletic Ormiston v Kirkcaldy & Dysart Saturday 28th May 2022 Craigroyston v Coldstream Dunipace v Tweedmouth Rangers Edinburgh United v Thornton Hibs 2 Kennoway Star Hearts v Ormiston Kirkcaldy & Dysart v Arniston Rangers Leith Athletic v Haddington Athletic 2 St Andrews United v Dalkeith Thistle 2 head-to-head in 'top 2' 2 head-to-head in 'middle 6' v local derby
  10. Saturday 16th April 2022 Burntisland Shipyard v Glenrothes v Edinburgh South v Peebles Rovers Heriot-Watt University v Lochore Welfare Kinnoull v Easthouses Lily Lochgelly Albert v Hawick RAU Preston Athletic v Newburgh Stirling University EOS v Luncarty 2 Tuesday 19th April 2022 Preston Athletic v Kinnoull Saturday 23rd April 2022 Easthouses Lily v Burntisland Shipyard Glenrothes v Preston Athletic 2 Kinnoull v Hawick RAU Lochgelly Albert v Heriot-Watt University Lochore Welfare v Luncarty Peebles Rovers v Oakley United Sunday 24th April 2022 Edinburgh South v Newburgh Wednesday 27th Apil 2022 Lochgelly Albert v Kinnoull Saturday 30th April 2022 Hawick RAU v Newburgh Lochore Welfare v Preston Athletic Luncarty v Edinburgh South (or Wednesday 4th) 2 Peebles Rovers v Easthouses Lily Stirling University EOS v Glenrothes (or Wednesday 4th) Wednesday 4th May 2022 Kinnoull v Heriot-Watt University 2 Saturday 7th May 2022 Easthouses Lily v Lochgelly Albert Glenrothes v Peebles Rovers Hawick RAU v Burntisland Shipyard Heriot-Watt University v Preston Athletic Luncarty v Kinnoull 2 v Oakley United v Lochore Welfare v Stirling University EOS v Newburgh Wednesday 11th May 2022 Luncarty v Preston Athletic Saturday 14th May 2022 Easthouses Lily v Preston Athletic Kinnoull v Peebles Rovers (or Tuesday 17th) Lochore Welfare v Burntisland Shipyard v Luncarty v Hawick RAU Stirling University EOS v Heriot-Watt University (or Wednesday 11th) 2 v Saturday 21st May 2022 Glenrothes v Easthouses Lily Hawick RAU v Lochore Welfare Kinnoull v Edinburgh South 2 Lochgelly Albert v Stirling University EOS Luncarty v Burntisland Shipyard 2 Oakley United v Heriot-Watt University Peebles Rovers v Newburgh Saturday 28th May 2022 Burntisland Shipyard v Kinnoull 2 Easthouses Lily v Stirling University EOS Edinburgh South v Oakley United Heriot-Watt University v Luncarty 2 Lochore Welfare v Peebles Rovers Newburgh v Glenrothes Preston Athletic v Lochgelly Albert 2 head-to-head in 'top 3' 2 head-to-head in 'middle 6' v local derby
  11. Friday 15th April 2022 Edinburgh College v Whitburn Saturday 16th April 2022 Armadale Thistle v Fauldhouse United Bathgate Thistle v Stoneyburn Pumpherston v Bo'ness Athletic West Calder United v Syngenta Friday 22nd April 2022 Syngenta v Livingston United Saturday 23rd April 2022 Bo'ness Athetic v West Calder United (or Friday 22nd) Edinburgh College v Armadale Thistle Fauldhouse United v Bathgate Thistle Stoneyburn v Pumpherston Wednesday 27th April 2022 Fauldhouse United v Bo'ness Athletic Saturday 30th April 2022 Stoneyburn v Livingston United West Calder United v Fauldhouse United Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Whitburn v Bo'ness Athletic 2 Wednesday 4th May 2022 West Calder United v Livingston United Saturday 7th May 2022 Bo'ness Athletic v Whitburn (or Friday 6th) 2 Livingston United v Bathgate Thistle Stoneyburn v Edinburgh College Syngenta v Armadale Thistle 2 West Calder United v Pumpherston Wednesday 11th May 2022 Syngenta v Bo'ness Athletic (or Saturday 30th) 2 West Calder United v Stoneyburn Saturday 14th May 2022 Fauldhouse United v West Calder United Syngenta v Stoneyburn Tuesday 17th May 2022 Armadale Thistle v Whitburn (or Saturday 14th) 2 Saturday 21st May 2022 Armadale Thistle v Bo'ness Athletic 2 Bathgate Thistle v Syngenta Edinburgh College v Fauldhouse United Pumpherston v Livingston United Whitburn v Stoneyburn Saturday 28th May 2022 Bo'ness Athletic v Bathgate Thistle Fauldhouse United v Whitburn Livingston United v West Calder United Stoneyburn v Armadale Thistle Syngenta v Pumpherston 2 head-to-head in 'top 4'
  12. Tuesday 12th April 2022 Hill of Beath Hawthorn v Penicuik Athletic Sauchie v Tranent Friday 15th April 2022 Jeanfield Swifts v Tynecastle Newtongrange Star v Whitehill Welfare 2 v Saturday 16th April 2022 Broxburn Athletic v Blackburn United v Camelon v Hill of Beath Hawthorn 2 Crossgates Primrose v Lothian Thistle HV Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts v Tranent Linlithgow Rose v Sauchie Musselburgh Athletic v Dunbar United v Penicuik Athletic v Dundonald Bluebell Tuesday 19th April 2022 Hill of Beath Hawthorn v Crossgates Primrose v Penicuik Athletic v Sauchie Tranent v Dunbar United v Wednesday 20th April 2022 Jeanfield Swifts v Dundonald Bluebell Saturday 23rd April 2022 Dunbar United v Blackburn United 2 Dundonald Bluebell v Broxburn Athletic Jeanfield Swifts v Linlithgow Rose Lothian Thistle HV v Sauchie Newtongrange Star v Hill of Beath Hawthorn 2 Penicuik Athletic v Musselburgh Athletic Tranent v Camelon Tynecastle v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Whitehill Welfare v Crossgates Primrose Tuesday 26th April 2022 Dunbar United v Dundonald Bluebell (or Saturday 30th) 2 Penicuik Athletic v Broxburn Athletic Sauchie v Tynecastle Tranent v Linlithgow Rose 2 Friday 29th April 2022 Tynecastle v Hill of Beath Hawthorn 2 Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Camelon v Crossgates Primrose Wednesday 4th May 2022 Linlithgow Rose v Blackburn United (or Saturday 30th) v Saturday 7th May 2022 Blackburn United v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Camelon v Penicuik Athletic Dunbar United v Crossgates Primrose Hill of Beath Hawthorn v Lothian Thistle HV 2 Jeanfield Swifts v Musselburgh Athletic Linlithgow Rose v Tranent 2 Newtongrange Star v Broxburn Athletic Sauchie v Dundonald Bluebell Whitehill Welfare v Tynecastle 2 Wednesday 11th May 2022 Sauchie v Jeanfield Swifts Saturday 14th May 2022 Broxburn Athletic v Sauchie Crossgates Primrose v Blackburn United Dundonald Bluebell v Hill of Beath Hawthorn 2 v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts v Whitehill Welfare Lothian Thistle HV v Newtongrange Star 2 Musselburgh Athletic v Camelon Penicuik Athletic v Linlithgow Rose 2 Tranent v Jeanfield Swifts Tynecastle v Dunbar United 2 2 head-to-head in 'top 3' 2 head-to-head in 'bottom 9' v local derby
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