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  1. Official worst town in Scotland

    Airdrie, Methil, New Cumnock, Lesmahagow, and Port Glasgow.
  2. Thanks! Although that particular bit of good taste comes from whoever picked my family's surname. 7/10 to round off my first shot at this.
  3. Thanks! My scores for this week so far: Monday: 5 Tuesday: 6 Wednesday: 6 Thursday: 8
  4. Can I join in please? (I take it all I need to do is do the quiz every day and post up my score.)
  5. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I was thinking that too and wondering what the reasoning behind it was. Struck me that it might be part of a game plan.
  6. Scottish Cup Memories

    Getting pumped 6-2 at home by Ross County when they were in the Highland League was a lesson in my youth about life, football, and the realisation that Queens were probably not going to be a very good football team. I remember the 8-3 against Forfar as well. Mind you there was this... ...all of this stuff (which I wish someone would make a youtube video of without the music over the top)... ...and 1:40 to 2:47 of this... In my entire life I'm pretty certain I've not and never will go as spontaneously mental as the moment when Thomson's header hit that back of that net. Rangers were on the ropes and I really thought we were winning it at that point. We'll always have that cup run.
  7. Worst Town In Scotland

    Searching Rightmove for property in Glasgow for sale for under £50K is one (granted, slightly flawed) way of seeing which are the least desirable areas. Govanhill doesn't fare well unfortunately - the highest concentration of property for sale under £50K. Possilpark/Springburn is the only area that runs it particularly close. As I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, I do think/hope things will change for Govanhill in the medium to long term - lots of desirable areas nearby which people will increasingly get priced out of but want to be near to.
  8. Worst Town In Scotland

    The comment about rich and poor areas being cheek and jowl with each other is certainly true in the area I live in. Govanhill and the some of the fanciest bits of Pollokshields are about a ten minute walk apart, with where I live in the middle: geographically and economically. I see someone got stabbed outside the Lidl in Govanhill last night.
  9. While we’re doing poetry, I’ll take the liberty of throwing in my favourite Queens-related one, which just happens to be written by my dad (with my uncle (his brother) in mind, who was a dedicated Queens fan and more responsible than anyone for getting me hooked, but passed away about a year before our day in the sun). Absent Friens (Fur A’ Queens Fans Depairted) Nae langer wi’ us Ye cuidnae see Whit the team wis daein; Nae tear wis in yir ee, Nae smile on yir face Under the clay, Ye cuidnae savour The impossibility O’ the langest-ever goal, The defeat o’ the Dons – Whae cuid’ve imagined Gemmes like yon? Maybe frae a clood Ye’ve been luikin doon, Seen the goals gaan in, Shared the hopes o the toon – Delirium, delight, The place in a haze O’ emotion unkent In yir livin’ days. Ah’d like tae believe it; It disnae seem fair That the team did well And ye wernae there.
  10. Worst Town In Scotland

    We're practically neighbours. When we moved to the area the plan was to use it as a stopgap for a couple of years before moving on. That was five years ago. It's home now - no plans to move now and my oldest child starting school in the area in August. The parks are great, there's decent cafes, the community feel of the place is lovely, and like you say there's about 14 pubs within 300-odd metres of where I live that cater for pretty much all tastes, to the point where going out elsewhere in Glasgow has started feeling like an unnecessary hassle.
  11. Worst Town In Scotland

    Sorry, I've tried googling but I think I'll have to hold my hands up and admit defeat to being whooshed! Fair play though - it makes a change from references to 1980s drinks that were consumed in the Congo.
  12. Worst Town In Scotland

    I grew up in a small town. It's fine to look at, not particularly well-to-do, not particularly rough, and there's nice countryside around it that people come to the area to for holidays. It's not a shithole. But there's no jobs in my field, very little in the way of cosmopolitan culture, and it takes about three hours to get to the nearest city by public transport. I don't think I could live there again - I'm not necessarily a city person, but I like the trappings of having a city close by. I could totally understand why someone would choose to live in a less-nice area where it's easy to get to where they want to be.
  13. Worst Town In Scotland

    I live in decidedly middle-class Strathbungo, but Govanhill is a stone's throw away and I spend a fair bit of time there for various reasons, and I've got a fair bit of affection for the place. Govanhill has some serious, well-documented social problems, but I actually wonder if things are looking up for it a bit. A few decent shops, bars, cafes, etc have sprung up over the past couple of years - probably influenced by what's going on in the areas surrounding it but with comparatively very cheap rent. It's still treated like a dump by too many of its residents, and too many of the flats are owned by crap landlords who don't give a toss about the quality of the housing as long as the rent is coming in, but as people and businesses move in I'm hopeful that might change. There's a long way to go though. Edited to add: the thing about people loitering in the street is apparently much more of a cultural norm in some of the communities that have moved to Govanhill in recent years. I see it quite often but never encountered any trouble. Edited again to add: and it's within a short walk to plenty of good bars/cafes/parks/fancy shops/places people like spending time in, and a short ride on public transport away from anything Glasgow has to offer - more than can be said for some of the places named on this thread.
  14. I’ve been clearing out my dad’s loft and uncovered this, written by a 14 year old Adamski...
  15. Worst Town In Scotland

    Whenever this thread goes back up to the top it strikes me that it would make a good World Cup style competition: regional qualification rounds, a final 32, groups, knockout rounds, a final. P&B could really settle this once and for all. But I'm not doing it. Contenders for me include New Cumnock, Lesmahagow, and Methil. Methil probably shades it though.