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  1. My Spotify has been similarly invaded. Artists 3-5 on my list were all characters from My Little Pony. I used to go to cool gigs and stuff.
  2. I would have thought that bad weather would hit the Tories harder: older people less likely to venture out, people in the country having trouble reaching their polling station, etc.
  3. Weather forecast on my phone currently predicting snow, a high of 2 degrees, and a low of -3 on Election Day (and also snow and similar temperatures the two days before). Clinging on to the hope that that might hit the Tory vote disproportionately.
  4. I went to a talk by John Curtice at Glasgow University this evening. A pretty bleak picture for anyone who doesn’t want to see a Tory majority tbh. Conservatives hoovering up the leave vote and pretty much maxed out in terms of where they could his percentage-wise, but Labour need to get closer to maxing out remain voters if they want to catch up, and not looking like they’re in shape to do it at present. Also had a graph showing a steady lead of a few points against independence for 2016-18, but then a jump to about 50/50 (or Yes very slightly ahead if anything) about a year ago that has remained steady ever since, with those extra points pretty much all coming from remainers. He made a comment about how tricky it will be for a PM to prevent more remainers moving to Yes if Brexit happens. A couple of other snippets about registration and turnout: the ‘surge’ in voter registrations didn’t really happen and should be taken with a pinch of salt - it’s mostly people who had already registered re-registering to make sure. Also (not sure if I understood correctly but) a new register was created in the past month, meaning that voter records should be more up to date than most elections. As a result it’s very likely that turnout will be up from last time as the register is less likely to include redundant records - people who have died, moved away, etc (worth bearing in mind for betting purposes).
  5. They seemed pretty set on everyone walking together - we tried going our own way a couple of times only for the police to shout to get back in the group. We managed to break away at some point around the Barras though. In fairness we weren't in a particular rush and never bothered asking the police - it's the folk who were only in Glasgow for a night or two and wanted to make the most of it that I felt sorry for,
  6. Celtic v Rennes last night - in the away end with a Rennes-supporting friend who had come over for the game. Rennes were already out, but brought plenty of fans over and they in Glasgow for a good time: fun, friendly, often noisy atmosphere and not too bothered about the score - particularly as apparently only 3-4 of the starting lineup were regulars. Celtic were deserved winners although it might have been a different game if Rennes hadn't missed an absolute sitter at 2-0. Good camaraderie between the two sets of fans, and not a hint of bother - the sort of atmosphere that would be a good example to non-football fans who think that watching football is full of aggro and potential fighting. And that made the bit after the game a all the more of a pain in the arse: held inside the ground for 20-odd mins, then directly outside for another 10-15 mins, then all the Rennes fans had to walk behind the police in a cordon back to the city centre. I live in the Southside and it took me nearly two hours after the game ended to get home. Pretty OTT, and I feel sorry for the Rennes fans who had come over and planned a night in the pubs after the game - it'll all have swallowed up a fair bit of their drinking time. Funniest bit was a (Scottish) Celtic steward trying to guide me in the right direction and putting on that Joey-Bartonesque accent and gesticulations that people seem to do when they're talking to French people: 'no no my friend, this is the way to the city'. Aye, nae bother, cheers mate!
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