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  1. Of the 12 new cases today, 6 are in Forth Valley. Wondering if there's a local lockdown incoming there like in the eastern half of D&G. (Edited to add, from those six, five are in Falkirk - sounds like a potential cluster on the go.)
  2. Thanks. I went to a Mannheim game a couple of years ago and been keeping an eye on their results since - possibly the most mental set of fans I’ve been in amongst. They’re in the promotion mix too and that increases their chances of what would be back-to-back promotions.
  3. I see that Bayern II are in a strong position to finish in the promotion places in 3 Liga. Am I right in thinking that as a reserve team they can't be promoted any higher? What happens to the promotion place if they finish in one?
  4. I used the map on the WOSFL website for the grounds: https://wosfl.co.uk/your-local-club/ Granted that could be wrong/out of date though.
  5. Just over two hours - including stops for photos, taking wrong turnings, stopping to check etc! My geography of the East End isn’t great.
  6. A bit of groundhopping with a difference while the football is off - bike run this morning around all (I think!) the current senior and (now ex) junior grounds in Glasgow. Thinking this would make a decent charity cycle run at some point (for someone else to organise!) Pollok, Rangers, Benburb/Rossvale, St Anthony’s/St Cadocs, Maryhill/Drumchapel, Partick Thistle, Glasgow Perthshire, Ashfield, Petershill, St Rochs, Celtic, Shettleston, Vale of Clyde, Hampden.
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