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  1. Great to see the YT out making a bit of din in the corner the night [emoji106]
  2. I did reread my post and realised it was sounding far more critical than I intended. For my money I'd like us to keep him, but the words from Tommy this morning are becoming more familiar and the last few times have lead to player leaving. I suppose what I was trying to get at is whether or not it's a disaster if he does. FWIW I was firmly in the keep Tommy at all costs camp when we were slumping.
  3. What is his current goals and assists stats? An assist at the weekend there I think but is that not only 2 since joining? Plus 1 goal he barely even celebrated because it was an accident. I like him and enjoy watching him play, but should we be hoping for more from that position? ETA I'm not forgetting he spent a long period out, but feels like a while to still be saying "getting back up to full speed".
  4. Wee touch of snow is always good for drawing out the work shy I find. Immediately start planting seeds about needing to go home or anticipated transport difficulty.
  5. Mine nor my brother's were scanned either, I'd zoomed in on my phone to make it easier for him to scan but all he did was zoom out to check the text bit to see it was definitely for Ayr v St Johnstone.
  6. Aye it's Tue 18th in event of postponement or replay.
  7. Aye that 11.18 train from Glasgow randomly disappearing is an absolute pain in the c**t.
  8. I'm traveling from Glasgow so not sure if it is workable if you're coming from Perth etc. But I'm now gonna get the 11.18am now from central and also get in about half 12, changing at Killie. ETA - So aye guessing that's the one you'll land up on too. Previous plan was the 12.13 from Glasgow Central and getting to Ayr 1.28pm changing at Killie. This as far as I can see is the last one that'll get folk there in time. Assuming the wind doesn't f**k it for everyone.
  9. Apologies cause I'm almost certain it has been covered but where is good for food, jars and watching football as now going to be down there for half 12 via train.
  10. Yeah pretty much, I'm not sure if some of the ones back might be back to trains but for the way down its the Killie route as far as I can see. Scotrail app has the journey times and which ones are buses noted. A lot of the traveling support presumably driving/on buses down. But I get a tendancy to concern myself about these things then it all ends up fine.
  11. Who is all on the train down then? Am I worrying for nothing about the train via killie being packed cause it's the last one that will get everyone down on time? The replacement buses add a full extra hour onto the journey so not viable for anyone once they kick in.
  12. Looking forward to some ballyhoo on Saturday
  13. Why are we pretending anyone sings anymore? Bring back the young team
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