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  1. Would love a nice 3-0 win here, it seems an absolute age since we had a comfortable, straight forward win. However, any win will do and this will likely be another tight game. Quite simply we have to win but we have 1 win in 3 against Forfar and that was through a last minute winner so it won’t be easy. Same team as last night for me, Armstrong showing signs in the last couple of home games of being the player we thought we were getting back when he signed. Hopefully clear of his injury problems now and he can go on a good run of form to the end of the season. Think we’ll edge it 2-1 in another nervy 90 minutes. Fancy Armstrong to grab himself a goal.
  2. I thought he could have done better with the first goal against Dumbarton maybe a bit harsh though, it was a big deflection. Just seemed to go in slow motion. East Fife, not necessarily the goals but he had a couple of moments he got away with. Again, possibly harsh but there was a real air of uncertainty around him from the Falkirk away game onwards. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as straight forward as us being more compact and that suddenly resulting in a 10 goal swing in the number of goals we conceded over a 6 game period. 10 goals is too many to not put some sort of blame and responsibility at the ‘keepers door. No doubt the changes to style have had an impact and I don’t expect us to suddenly go back to averaging 2 goals against per game now Munro is back in goals. However, I believe it will have an effect. I think the defence have more confidence in front of Thomson which has helped them and Thomson hasn’t thrown any in and has overall been more solid in every aspect of his game than Munro which has been a big factor in the recent defensive improvement. I really hope you are right though. A clean sheet on Saturday could give him a much needed confidence boost. On your last point regarding McGurn I completely agree I think that’s part of the problem with Munro. McGurn wouldn’t come out for anything, the defence knew this and defended accordingly. Munro is so inconsistent, sometimes he’ll come for crosses, sometimes he won’t, sometimes he’ll come out and flap/miss completely which makes it a nightmare for defenders when defending balls in the box, that feeling of uncertainty spreads. I actually think we’d be better off telling Munro not to come for anything and have the defenders defend every ball into the box knowing they have to protect the keeper and deal with everything themselves.
  3. Absolutely, it’s not a case of Munro is the sole reason we have conceded 10 more goals in that time. But it’s hard to ignore the overall picture it paints he played a big part. He was certainly culpable for some of those 13 goals (particularly thinking back to Montrose and Forfar but he also didn’t cover himself in glory against Dumbarton, Peterhead or East Fife). Thomson is not perfect and he’s not particularly good on crosses either. However, he has definitely been an important factor in us defending better and conceding less goals in the last 6 games. I feel like the whole defence have a bit more confidence in Thomson than Munro at the moment. The thing is, we know Munro can be a decent keeper, he showed that earlier in the season but his own confidence looks shot just now and it’s tough at his age to bounce back straight away. But he needs to get back to some form quickly. He will be targeted now too. Montrose will pile crosses on him after the last game, and I’m sure with McCracken starting the season as a coach at Peterhead he will have told McInally of his frailties for a couple of weeks time. Let’s hope he can get back to his form from around November time where he looked solid, I fear the worst if he doesn’t.
  4. Exactly this. Since Thomson came back into the team, he started 6 matches. Before he went off last night his record was: Played: 6 Won: 3 Drawn: 2 (although it was 1-0 when he went off last night) Lost: 1 Conceded: 3 Munro’s record for the previous 6 before he was injured/dropped was: Won: 3 Drawn: 1 Lost: 2 Conceded: 13 So our actual results haven’t differed too much. However, the difference in goals conceded is absolutely frightening. We averaged a goal against every 2 games under Thomson. We’re averaging more than 2 goals against per game with Munro recently.
  5. I felt a draw was probably a fair result. However, both sets of fans will probably think they had the best chances to win it. Cagey first half with Falkirk happy to let us have the ball in our own half. Second half was better but it was evident both teams were worried about losing. I said before the game it was important to win. I still feel we might look back on this as a missed opportunity come the end of the season. Neither teams looks like winning 5 or 6 in a row so getting 3 points last night would have been huge. Falkirk remind me a bit of us in our first season at this level under Barry Smith (football wise as well as a lot of the off the field stuff and disliking half you own players). Organised defensively, hard to break down and very direct with lots of long balls going forward. It’s not great to watch but it’s effective. I think that defensive organisation gives them the edge for the run in but I thought that with us under Barry Smith too... I still expect Falkirk to win the league but that’s through my natural pessimism for the Rovers rather than anything I’ve actually watched. The three draws in the league and last nights game show there is really nothing between the two sides. I’d imagine both sets of fans will think they have the better side but there really is very little in it. The main concern for us is Thomson’s injury, looks like he’ll be out for a while. Said to my mates as soon as Munro came on that corners and crosses would cause us all sorts of bother. Expected us to hold out longer than 3 minutes though... He’s a young keeper, his confidence looks shot but we really can’t afford to be lumbered with a bomb scare for the remainder of the season, he needs to step up and get back to the decent form he showed earlier in the season. All to play for, plenty twists and turns to come, can’t see either side running away with it. I think Falkirk have a slightly better run in so I’d still make them favourites but there’s every chance it could come down to the last day which terrifies me tbh.
  6. Any update on whether McKay will be back tonight? I have the fear over Davo or Bene pulling up after 10 minutes and Mendy being thrown in again...
  7. Yeah me too. We were actually okay the first half of last season though just not enough to keep pace with Arbroath’s incredible run. The second half of the season was when the form really dropped off. Even before tonight’s game we are already 7 points ahead of what we managed from the third quarter last season.
  8. Agree with the first part but we are 5 points better off than we were after the same number of games last season. I think the overall standard of the league is better this season too with decent Clyde and Peterhead sides replacing hopeless Brechin and Stenhousemuir teams. I’d say East Fife, Airdrie and Montrose are improved too.
  9. Yeah he has. He scored 23 goals in our first season down here where he single handedly carried our attacking threat. He got 9 in 13 games last season and 2 in the 157 minutes he has played this season. His quality is absolutely not in question, his injuries are the only reason he is anywhere near this level. However, you are right, given his injury record it is very difficult to hang your hopes on him with full confidence for a season.
  10. I think we have to win this one. I understand people saying a draw isn’t a bad result. We would still top with 9 games to go, we’d all have taken that at the start of the season. However, we have missed a couple of opportunities to open up a gap recently (yesterday and Stranraer away). After the manner of yesterday’s defeat, to bounce back with a win here would be a huge shot of confidence to both the players and fans. I remember coming away from the second home game against Ayr two seasons ago, content with a draw and the fact we’d maintained our lead at the top. However, they pumped us both games at Somerset and ultimately won the league by a point so the head to heads made all the difference. Even if we win on Tuesday there will be plenty twists and turns before the end of the season but I feel you have to make your home games against your nearest rivals count.
  11. It may be a complete coincidence but Spencer, Hendry and Matthews have started together as a midfield three 9 times this season (in all competitions). We have won 4 and lost 5 of those games. We have only lost 4 of the 28 games they haven’t all started together. Now there are various other circumstances behind these results, they are not solely responsible obviously, far from it. But we have lost the last 3 away games they have started together (Dumbarton, East Fife and Stranraer). There is no doubting that individually they are all very good players for this level but I do wonder if, as a three, they complement each other the way they should. In particular I think Spencer and Matthews can be quite similar. Not saying they can’t play together or we need to change it for Tuesday because we have had some excellent results with those 3 (5-2 vs Clyde, 3-0 vs Montrose and 3-1 vs Peterhead in the League Cup) and Spencer has fitted in off the bench well in recent weeks but just thought the stats for those three playing together were strange considering I think most of us would have them down as our first choice midfield.
  12. Dumbarton well worth their win based on the second half. Was a terrible game of football in awful conditions. Pitch was very bobbly (well done for even getting it on given the pictures this morning!) and was holding up with the rain and the wind made it very difficult. Similar to Stranraer, conditions like that make it a leveller. However, we are playing in League One in Scotland in February you would expect those conditions more often than not and you just need to get on with it and grind out a result. Dumbarton adjusted to the conditions far better and played the percentages. I completely understand the team McGlynn played (minus Baird for MacLean). It was the correct team based on last week. However, it was the wrong team for the conditions. I thought he made the right subs bringing on Anderson, MacLean and Bowie who all have a bit of a presence but they all toiled to make any impact. If you had told me at 3pm we’d still be 1 point clear of Falkirk going into Tuesday’s game I’d have bitten your hand off for it but obviously given the circumstances it is disappointing. I think we need to win on Tuesday now having wasted a couple of opportunities to open up a gap in recent weeks. As @Broken Algorithms said it will be interesting to see what psychological effect today has on the players. Tuesday’s game coming so soon and being so big may be the perfect way to get it out their system. Finally, after years of this fixture being a guaranteed goal fest this season has been a bit of let down!
  13. I disagree, there is definitely more chance of a back 5 with Anderson. Although, I have said before I don’t buy into back 5 = good, back 4 = bad it’s horses for courses. We have won 5 and drawn 2 of our last 7 league games playing a back 4. We have played a back 5 twice in 22 games without Anderson. Both away to higher league opposition (Livingston and Inverness). So as far as I can see we have never played a back 5 in the league without Anderson. We played a five in 8 of the 11 games we had Anderson, Davo and Bene all fit together. The three times we didn’t were the day after Anderson signed and a game each where Anderson and Bene had just returned from suspension. If our recent form continues we are unlikely to change but if there is a drop off and everyone is fit we are far more likely to revert to a back 5 with Anderson than without.
  14. Delighted with that, he is obviously an excellent defender and opens up the possibility of reverting to a back 5 more easily. Additionally, his experience could be invaluable over the coming weeks and months. I’d imagine we’ll have a few St Johnstone fans backing us at the cup final now. Also very decent of St Johnstone to effectively save us a month of whatever we are covering of Anderson’s wages.
  15. First trip to Dumbarton since a 3-0 win under Antonio Calderon. Unfortunately, only made 5 away league games this season but making the effort this week for what is a huge game. Hopefully a good travelling support through. 1st game against East Fife aside, the team has responded well when there has been good numbers and noise from the away end this season. Absolutely must win game heading into Tuesday but well aware how tough it will be. Surprised to see Dumbarton have the second worst defensive record in the league, they were very solid against us a Starks. Alongside Airdrie they are the only team we have not scored 2 or more goals in a single game against. Kyle Hutton was impressive in the game at Starks but notice he has been missing recently, is he still ruled out for Saturday? Would like to see Armstrong, Miller and Spencer come in for Bowie, McKay and Tait but I suspect McKay will keep his place which is fair enough. Possibility McGlynn will bring Dingwall in for Baird too given his performance off the bench on Saturday but I’d keep Baird in. Where’s the best place to park near the stadium?
  16. Would agree with all of this except I thought Hendry had a decent game. Second half in particular he got his foot on the ball higher up the pitch and helped us keep a bit of pressure on Clyde. Think Bowie and Tait will be out the team for Armstrong and Spencer next week. Subs were great, fair play to the manager. Armstrong in particular turned the game. Tait has been excellent since he came but I think next week would be the right time to bring Spencer back in. Even Dingwall did well when he came on. Special mention to Thomson for that excellent save near the end, reminded of his stop against Hippolyte last season. I thought his handling was good throughout too, made most of his other saves look easy and held on to those shots well. Like Munro, he doesn’t always convince on crosses but that is 2 goals conceded in the 4 games since he was brought in, he has justified his place as our new number 1. Thought Bene and Davo had a tough time from Goodwillie but credit to Davo for his headed clearance under the bar in the second half. Not seen it mentioned elsewhere but it was superb and saved a certain goal. Finally, that’s 5 wins after only 7 games in the second half of the season so far. We only won 6 of our 18 games in the second half of last season. Credit to McGlynn for the massive improvement this season.
  17. Totally agree. Hendry running 80/90 yards after his goal to celebrate with the fans just about sums up the change in this side compared to the last few years. For three years we have had 11 individuals out on the pitch with a lot not really caring about the club other than picking up a wage. A lot of players that passed through the last 3 years I have actively disliked. We now have a proper team who look like they genuinely care and give their all for the club. They still have their flaws and the quality might not always be there but for the first time since McKinnon left it feels like we have a full squad that care as much about each result as the fans.
  18. It certainly gives us confidence we can compete, although Partick were down a few players tonight who were cup-tied. Absolutely, the likes of Brownlie and Rudden would have made a huge difference to them and we did still ride our luck at times near the end. However, the gap between ourselves and Queens was pretty big last year. I don’t think that’ll be the case if we end up in the play offs again this season. That’s not to say I’d be overly confident if we were in the play offs or expect us to win, just that I think we have closed the gap to that level in the last year and I don’t think it’s league or bust in terms of our promotion chances.
  19. Really hoping for an Inverness win now, Rangers Colts would be shite. We obviously got Partick Thistle at a good time in terms of their current form but it was a great win and performance. For me that confirmed what we already know, we are roughly about 1000 times better than last year’s side. Hopefully we can kick on and win the league but even if we don’t, assuming we get a break with injuries, the play offs aren’t the lost cause they have been for us in the past.
  20. Certainly the budgets from now to the end of the season may be closer than they were previously with us signing MacLean (although that will be offset by Anderson and Gullan returning to their parent clubs) and you lot paying off Tidser and Bell but you appear to have resigned Mutch, Longridge and McManus on improved terms as well as beating Championship sides to the signing of Todd. We may have 6 or 7 players more but that number includes 8 players under the age of 21 (including 4 players under 18), most of whom are through our own youth team on smaller wages as well as a 39 year old part time player/coach. If you go through where we both signed our players from its night and day. Whilst nearly all your team was signed from a division or two above I think the only player we faced any full time competition to sign in the summer was Hendry and possibly Dan Armstrong. The rest were picked up from other part time sides. Falkirk average more than double our crowds and are completely full time, I would be stunned if their budget wasn’t significantly higher than ours and so it should be, they have far more income. You’re entitled to your opinion though, even if I don’t agree with it. Ultimately nobody knows for absolutely certain so I won’t take up any more of this thread with tedious budget chat.
  21. I think I can (kind of) see the point you are trying to make. I wouldn’t know but I can make an educated guess Falkirk’s budget is bigger given the fan base, the players signed and the fact it’s your first season down, not having to do the same cost cutting we have done. Also you are completely full time. You don’t need to know teams exact budget to make an educated guess on where it ranks in comparison to others. I don’t know Celtics budget but I can safely state it is the biggest in the country.
  22. I wouldn’t know figures but we are in our third season of cut backs at this level and have moved to a hybrid system with a squad heavily based on younger players. We will be substantially less than Falkirk but I’d be surprised if we didn’t have comfortably the second biggest budget in the league, even allowing for Airdrie running a similar hybrid system.
  23. Thanks mate. If applied to the rest of the games we would end up on 69/70 points. Thankfully only 5 of our 12 remaining games are away from home.
  24. Updated version of a table I posted a couple of weeks ago. After the last few weeks our trend of picking up points against the best teams in the league but dropping them against the lower placed sides has continued. Interestingly our points per game is very consistent home and away against the better teams and at home to the bottom half sides. However, that points per game average drops off a cliff away to the bottom half teams. Something we desperately need to sort out in the last part of the season if we are to stand a chance of winning this league.
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