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  1. It seems we’ll have an update from Dundee in the next hour, so we’ll know where they stand shortly. I suspect they’ll still vote no.
  2. The fact you have had to go back to 17 years to find an example and it is only 13 point swing (over 10 games) which would still leave United top and the two other leagues level on points doesn’t really give you as strong an argument as you think. I’ve already said I don’t agree with 1 up, 1 down in the current situation. I think the least unfair is 2 up and no relegation. We just have to agree to disagree. I find it impossible to believe you would think the same if your club was in Dundee United’s shoes but I understand your position given who you support.
  3. I don’t think any solution is going be ‘fair’ but I believe taking the view that teams who are 13-14 points clear with 8 games remaining have done enough to win promotion is fairer than writing off the previous 28 games and starting from scratch. I couldn’t really care less about titles but promotion should be awarded although they go hand in hand. I say that as someone who ranks Liverpool and Celtic amongst my 2 most disliked clubs, I don’t think null and void is a fair option where there is a such a gap. If every league was like League One I actually wouldn’t have a problem with it as long as the money could be shared. I’d be disappointed, sure, but the most important thing is club survival. However, I do believe in 3 of the leagues that the teams top of the league have done enough to be rewarded for it. I’m sure your view would be different if your team were in Dundee United’s position but your current view is understandable given the circumstances.
  4. Are you not contradicting yourself there? You say it’s unfair to relegate teams with games in hand (I assume you mean Partick Thistle and Stranraer) yet you complain that Brechin survive when they are actually closer to 9th place than Stranraer? Cove, Dundee United and Celtic have all but won their leagues and should be rewarded as such. There is no doubt League One is very different and we may be beneficiaries of the situation but you have to do the same for all leagues. However, I have trouble relegating teams such as Partick and Hearts who have a reasonable chance of survival. 2 up and no relegation is the fairest (or least unfair) option for me. I don’t think null and voiding 75% of the season is a fair option. I also don’t buy into leagues of 16 or 18 or whatever just to please everyone because the current season has been cut short. If that sort of reconstruction is the long term solution then fine but we shouldn’t be changing for the sake of it. I think 14, 10, 10, 10 could work as a positive, permanent change.
  5. I would like to think this is fishing but I fear Falkirk fans actually think they have some sort of massive support. The ‘blue pound’ brought us one 1000+ away support in 3 visits this season. Dundee brought over 200 more fans for a pre season league cup game in July than you did for a top of the table clash in March which was your highest turnout against us. Your first two visits you brought similar numbers to East Fife. Dunfermline bring more away fans to Starks in one visit than you did in our 3 games this season combined.
  6. Neither is talking shite. As far as I understand, the minimum league placing money has been paid out to every club. I.e the money for 10th in League One. So Forfar, being in 9th place are only due a small amount of extra money for their final league placing. However, the higher up the league the more money teams will be due. I am sure for the Rovers we are due an extra 60-70k.
  7. Given the closeness of the vote the chances of a robust new proposal being put forward seem unlikely. It needed an emphatic rejection to send them back to the drawing board. They just need Inverness to get on board and it would be through. I think they will try and find a way to convince Inverness to vote through the current proposal with maybe a small tweak so the SPFL can have their proposal through and try to save some face. I’m not saying it is the correct way forward or how to do things. But I just can’t see them ripping up their proposal for something different when it has come so close. Releasing some of the votes before they have all come seems pretty dodgy and poor form.
  8. Don’t see why anyone would be overly concerned about Kelty Hearts being hard done by. A Barry Ferguson managed side, spunking way more money than they can afford on average lower league players, being screwed over is a positive as far as I’m concerned.
  9. Agree it would be a level playing field but I still don’t think it will be workable. By moving to half a season, you are asking teams to work with 50% less income next season. We already have 9 players signed up for next season based on having our expected 18 home games. I have no idea how much of our budget has been used up to sign those players but let’s say it’s 35% of our budget based on 18 games at League One level. All of a sudden we need to put together the remainder of the squad (around 9-11 players) on the remaining 15% of our budget because it has halved. It punishes teams who have planned ahead and started to sign players up, it would work if nobody had anyone contracted for next season and we were all signing players on reduced terms. Also, not sure if the PFA would be involved in these talks, I assume they could be since they were involved down south in the decision not to play games behind closed doors from a player welfare point of view. If they are, I can’t see them accepting potentially players being out of contact from June till the end of August (almost 2 months more than they are currently) plus the ‘gentleman agreement’ issues plus the fact they would then be signing on much smaller contracts (if they didn’t want to move there family from Scotland) as all teams would be playing less games and have reduced budgets as a result, even if only for a season. As said, there are flaws to every plan and nothing is going to be fair or please everyone but I just don’t see a shortening of the season being a viable option. I could well be proved wrong though, just my opinion.
  10. The problem with a shortened season out of the back of this is surely the further loss of income being a massive issue? If this season was null and void or positions stayed as they are and we were able to start the new season in September and play a regular, full length season. Each team would lose 4 home games from this season. A massive loss but with fans support they may get through. If we completed this season in September you are asking teams to get through with no income till that point, then have another gap with no income till the next season starts in January/February (aside from reduced season ticket money) then if we only play each team twice as proposed, clubs will lose 9 home games in terms of income which is needed more than ever. Sounds absolute madness to me. I get that with a temporary transfer window of some sort teams could re budget for the shorter season to an extent but teams already have players signed up which suddenly will take up a much larger percentage of the remaining reduced budget to fill the rest of the squad. If we can’t play till September (which looks to be a best case scenario IMO) the only options are to null and void the season or go ahead with the positions as they are (my preference for obvious biased reasons) I don’t see anyway finishing the season is workable tbh. It’s not fair in anyway to not finish this season and there will be meltdowns all over the place no matter what they decide but I don’t think we have any other choice.
  11. There is no solution that will please everyone. We don’t even know when football will resume so it’s difficult to know what options are actually realistic and available. Things like scrapping cups for a season or pushing season start dates back all sound fine but in reality they are not really workable when you take into account contracts, TV money, sponsorships etc. If we were promoted it would be unfair and I would understand the anger from other teams (although delighted we were up) but League One is the only league where the title isn’t pretty much decided already and I think you have to do the same in every league you can’t chop and change your solution for each level. I genuinely don’t think it is any more unfair than voiding the leagues. We have played over 3 quarters of the season, if it was scrapped and a new season started from scratch would Falkirk likely f**k up their large budget advantage again? Would Hearts have such a disaster of a season to find themselves behind Hamilton and St Mirren and bottom of the table again next season? Would Partick Thistle be such a shambles and be trailing Alloa and Arbroath? The answer to all of these are very unlikely. But that has been the case for more than 3 quarters of this season. You can’t just scrap a season when it is so close to completion. The likes of Hamilton, Alloa, Arbroath deserve something to show for what they have managed this season. Can you imagine the financial impact on the likes of Dundee United having another season in the Championship despite having it almost won? There is not a fair solution unless the league can be resumed in the next couple of weeks which seems impossible. Either way there will be meltdowns across the board. The main thing, from a football point of view, is that every team survives to play their next game whenever that is.
  12. Makes things like the Supporters Fund all the more important. Difficult for the club to really promote but I’d hope if the season is stopped that everyone who is in a position to be able to, can sign up and make a contribution to help out. I appreciate not everyone is able to and not trying to come across as a super fan (I have a season ticket don’t you know!) but I will up my monthly contribution to the fund. Would easily spend another £5-10 a month at the games on food and drinks or travelling to games so makes no difference to me. Sure every penny the club receive over the next few months will be huge.
  13. Think this is a must win, I can’t see Falkirk dropping points at Dumbarton. They have a more favourable first half of the quarter where I don’t see them dropping many points so we really need to hang in there to take advantage of their more tricky looking end to the quarter. Our record away to the teams in the bottom half has been well covered. 2 wins all season, a stodgy 1-0 at Dumbarton on the opening day and a last minute win at Forfar. In our last 5 games away to teams in the bottom half of the table we have managed 3 points (3 draws and 2 defeats) that record has to end this weekend with victory. Munro was fine on Saturday took an excellent catch the last 10-15 minutes and didn’t have any real problems aside from some miscommunications with Bene which were eventually dealt with okay. Shame he couldn’t get a confidence boosting clean sheet. We’ll need a big game from him here, David McCracken started the season as a coach at Peterhead so he will have made them well aware to test Munro out with cross balls. We’re at the stage of the season where performances and style of football are irrelevant just win please Rovers, a shitfested 1-0 win would be fantastic. Peterhead look to have a big game at Stranraer the Tuesday after this so if McInally wants to keep his best players fit for that, that would be braw...
  14. We were running with the hybrid model we have reverted to this season. McGurn and Mark Campbell were definitely part time, can’t remember the others in the squad but there were a couple more. We probably only had 4/5 part timers in total so definitely still considered full time overall. The ratio was skewed more towards part time the previous season where we got to the Scottish Cup semi final but only finished 7th in the league.
  15. I wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed McCallum, he has always looked decent against us. However, as far as I can see, yesterday was only the second goal of Coupe’s career. The other one was against Arbroath, not us. We should definitely be looking at better, especially if we go up.
  16. Steven MacLean looking to the ref, holding his hands up above his head and counting the seconds that McCallum held on to the ball in the first half is exactly the type of bizarre nonsense that St Johnstone fans promised us. Only about 15 minutes in as well, fair play.
  17. Would love a nice 3-0 win here, it seems an absolute age since we had a comfortable, straight forward win. However, any win will do and this will likely be another tight game. Quite simply we have to win but we have 1 win in 3 against Forfar and that was through a last minute winner so it won’t be easy. Same team as last night for me, Armstrong showing signs in the last couple of home games of being the player we thought we were getting back when he signed. Hopefully clear of his injury problems now and he can go on a good run of form to the end of the season. Think we’ll edge it 2-1 in another nervy 90 minutes. Fancy Armstrong to grab himself a goal.
  18. I thought he could have done better with the first goal against Dumbarton maybe a bit harsh though, it was a big deflection. Just seemed to go in slow motion. East Fife, not necessarily the goals but he had a couple of moments he got away with. Again, possibly harsh but there was a real air of uncertainty around him from the Falkirk away game onwards. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as straight forward as us being more compact and that suddenly resulting in a 10 goal swing in the number of goals we conceded over a 6 game period. 10 goals is too many to not put some sort of blame and responsibility at the ‘keepers door. No doubt the changes to style have had an impact and I don’t expect us to suddenly go back to averaging 2 goals against per game now Munro is back in goals. However, I believe it will have an effect. I think the defence have more confidence in front of Thomson which has helped them and Thomson hasn’t thrown any in and has overall been more solid in every aspect of his game than Munro which has been a big factor in the recent defensive improvement. I really hope you are right though. A clean sheet on Saturday could give him a much needed confidence boost. On your last point regarding McGurn I completely agree I think that’s part of the problem with Munro. McGurn wouldn’t come out for anything, the defence knew this and defended accordingly. Munro is so inconsistent, sometimes he’ll come for crosses, sometimes he won’t, sometimes he’ll come out and flap/miss completely which makes it a nightmare for defenders when defending balls in the box, that feeling of uncertainty spreads. I actually think we’d be better off telling Munro not to come for anything and have the defenders defend every ball into the box knowing they have to protect the keeper and deal with everything themselves.
  19. Absolutely, it’s not a case of Munro is the sole reason we have conceded 10 more goals in that time. But it’s hard to ignore the overall picture it paints he played a big part. He was certainly culpable for some of those 13 goals (particularly thinking back to Montrose and Forfar but he also didn’t cover himself in glory against Dumbarton, Peterhead or East Fife). Thomson is not perfect and he’s not particularly good on crosses either. However, he has definitely been an important factor in us defending better and conceding less goals in the last 6 games. I feel like the whole defence have a bit more confidence in Thomson than Munro at the moment. The thing is, we know Munro can be a decent keeper, he showed that earlier in the season but his own confidence looks shot just now and it’s tough at his age to bounce back straight away. But he needs to get back to some form quickly. He will be targeted now too. Montrose will pile crosses on him after the last game, and I’m sure with McCracken starting the season as a coach at Peterhead he will have told McInally of his frailties for a couple of weeks time. Let’s hope he can get back to his form from around November time where he looked solid, I fear the worst if he doesn’t.
  20. Exactly this. Since Thomson came back into the team, he started 6 matches. Before he went off last night his record was: Played: 6 Won: 3 Drawn: 2 (although it was 1-0 when he went off last night) Lost: 1 Conceded: 3 Munro’s record for the previous 6 before he was injured/dropped was: Won: 3 Drawn: 1 Lost: 2 Conceded: 13 So our actual results haven’t differed too much. However, the difference in goals conceded is absolutely frightening. We averaged a goal against every 2 games under Thomson. We’re averaging more than 2 goals against per game with Munro recently.
  21. I felt a draw was probably a fair result. However, both sets of fans will probably think they had the best chances to win it. Cagey first half with Falkirk happy to let us have the ball in our own half. Second half was better but it was evident both teams were worried about losing. I said before the game it was important to win. I still feel we might look back on this as a missed opportunity come the end of the season. Neither teams looks like winning 5 or 6 in a row so getting 3 points last night would have been huge. Falkirk remind me a bit of us in our first season at this level under Barry Smith (football wise as well as a lot of the off the field stuff and disliking half you own players). Organised defensively, hard to break down and very direct with lots of long balls going forward. It’s not great to watch but it’s effective. I think that defensive organisation gives them the edge for the run in but I thought that with us under Barry Smith too... I still expect Falkirk to win the league but that’s through my natural pessimism for the Rovers rather than anything I’ve actually watched. The three draws in the league and last nights game show there is really nothing between the two sides. I’d imagine both sets of fans will think they have the better side but there really is very little in it. The main concern for us is Thomson’s injury, looks like he’ll be out for a while. Said to my mates as soon as Munro came on that corners and crosses would cause us all sorts of bother. Expected us to hold out longer than 3 minutes though... He’s a young keeper, his confidence looks shot but we really can’t afford to be lumbered with a bomb scare for the remainder of the season, he needs to step up and get back to the decent form he showed earlier in the season. All to play for, plenty twists and turns to come, can’t see either side running away with it. I think Falkirk have a slightly better run in so I’d still make them favourites but there’s every chance it could come down to the last day which terrifies me tbh.
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