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  1. Is that not exactly the type of players the Toshney and Davidson are in the middle of the park? Another centre back would only make sense if we were planning on playing 3 at the back but that won't be happening with the signings of B. Barr and Johnston.
  2. McHattie is a underwhelming signing based on reviews from his previous teams but I think he'll be fine. I don't understand people that are basing their displeasure on one appearance in a cup game 3 years ago when he was 19 though, makes very little sense to me. I wonder how people would feel about him if McKinnon had made the signing. I still don't get the Locke appointment (watching his interviews I think his emphasis on bringing the community together probably played a large part). However, he is our manager so we really need to just accept it. People were even getting on his back regarding the signing of Johnston because he played at Killie. Personally I couldn't care less if every player he signs played with Hearts/Killie as long as they improve the team. Happy to give everyone a chance. I reserve the right to boo him mercilessly a few months down the line if it doesn't work out though!
  3. Makes sense, McKinnon tried to sign him last year but we couldn't match the wage contribution Birmingham wanted.
  4. As they say, football is all about opinions. I really, really don't understand why anyone would rather have Longridge than Connolly. Seems to be quite a few people of the same opinion though so fair enough. Would have liked Longridge back but think Barr will be a more than adequate replacement.
  5. We've really reaped the rewards of a regional draw here... Decent chance of progression though.
  6. Might as well update our squad just now with Dale Carrick and Kevin McHattie.
  7. Seems unlikely but I really hope he's not on anything more than a one year deal. Otherwise the cheap option could end up being pretty costly in 6 months time.
  8. 2 anonymous users reading this topic. **waves to Eric Drysdale** Good luck tomorrow.
  9. Right, f**k it, it's happening. Let's try and put together a list of positives... 1. His complete and utter failures have at least been at a league above us. 2. His name lends itself better to songs, McKinnon was too long. 3. He's not Claude Anelka. That's all I have. Feel free to try and add your own.
  10. Any Killie fan reading this, please tell us he was an improvement on Allan Johnston at least? You don't even have to believe it, just anything to cheer us up, please!
  11. Okay, anyone want to have a go at guessing the key similarities the board see between Locke and McKinnon? I'm struggling.
  12. Maybe the board are just utterly scunnered with another club taking our manager this season so have decided to appoint someone nobody will ever try to take...crafty...
  13. Our board have been pretty good in recent times. I find it difficult to believe they'd be so utterly incompetent as to interview multiple candidates and decide Gary Fucking Locke was the best? What a transformation from how we were all feeling about next season two weeks ago.
  14. Gender shouldn't come into it, it shouldn't count against her but shouldn't count in her favour either. We should be setting our sights slightly higher than manager of a third place Lowland League side. Anyone who watched the Edinburgh City play off games the last couple of weeks will have seen the standard is very poor.
  15. Looking at the names being mentioned shows just how much things can change in a year for managers. The likes of Mixu, Ian Murray and Danny Lennon would've been deemed good appointments by most when the job was available last year...not so much now. On the flip side of that, Gary Naysmith who seemed like such an uninspiring candidate last year probably looks like one of the best options from the names mentioned so far!
  16. Happy to let the board go through the interview process if he does leave and trust them to make the right decision. The job is a much better position than it was a year ago so I'm sure there will be plenty of applicants and there is no need to rush into an appointment with it being the end of the season and most players signed up. The club can take their time go through the process and get it right. Don't think McKinnon was high on many peoples lists after Murray and that turned out okay. Let's see where we are after all the application have been received and interviews take place, far too early for any panic, as frustrating as the whole situation is.
  17. I hate to say it, because I've always liked him, but I'm very surprised at the amount of people suggesting Anderson starts tomorrow. Yes, he is pacy but as well as pace we'll need to be precise and clinical on the break with any chances we get and Anderson's end product usually leaves a lot to be desired. I really like the guy and I'd love him to prove me wrong if he gets a start but I think it's any two from Craigen, Longridge, Connolly, Harry and Stewart behind Hardie and ahead of the midfield 3 (Davo, Callachan and Toshney). I'd probably go with Longridge and Stewart but that may be too attacking and not sure how fit Stewart is yet. I'm sure Ray will get it right.
  18. The ultimate humiliation for Dundee United fans...not for being relegated at Dens but for conceding a goal to Craig Wighton.
  19. Good news for the Pars getting their business done early. Excuse my ignorance but why do some fans seem so surprised by the players who have signed up so far? I don't see any of them being good enough for the SPL/Hibs/Falkirk and a move to ourselves (assuming we stay down), Morton, Queens, St Mirren would be a sideways move surely? I can understand the delight at keeping a title winning squad together but I'm just a little surprised at some fans being shocked at the business done so far.
  20. Agree £20 is very steep. Those prices are likely to put off some of the stay away fans who may have been interested in coming along. If the away legs are the same price you're looking at £120 per adult this month to follow the team to the final (as unlikely as it is) and that's before you factor any cost for food/drink/transport. Obviously the regular fans will fork that out (reluctantly) but not much chance of enticing any casual fans.
  21. I like McKeown as much as anyone else but his positional sense defensively is still poor. He gets caught out at least once a game not tucking in at the back post on cross balls. Twice last night he was caught out. Once Benedictus let him know in no uncertain terms about it and second time it was Cuthbert. Still much rather keep him though. Good quality left backs are hard to find. How long is Daryll Meggat's contract at Dundee? He seems like he'd be an obvious target if McKeown left.
  22. Another question is what would everyone say is our strongest team currently? I'm still not sure what our strongest line up is, it depends on the type of game it is. Cuthbert, Barr, Thomson, McKeown, Bene and Toshney are nailed on starters for me. After that you can switch up the midfield and strikers quite a lot, depending on formation, without really weakening the side.
  23. What's everyone's thoughts on how we should approach the last 3 games? We have slightly rotated the team most weeks recently so happy for that to continue with no wholesale changes to try and keep the momentum going. Would be good to get our first win against Falkirk as I still think that's who will finish 3rd. However, I would play the youths on the last day with the first play off game only a couple of days later.
  24. Jason Thomson must have a pretty good win record this season... Obviously there are various contributing factors to our recent good form but I think the impact he has on us and the way we play can be overlooked. I'd go as far as say he is our most underrated player.
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