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  1. 9 minutes ago, Mr. X said:

    So you don't believe you would want your club to do the same, say if Hibs were sitting 2 points behind Celtic at the top of the league with a game in hand, and they called the league?



    Doubt it tbh. If Hibs were 2 points behind Celtic’s total with a game in hand when the league was called they’d be champions right now on PPG.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Michael W said:

    Looks like we're sending representation to arbitration per the FFP. 


    Bill Clark rates our chances as 50/50. This is because the case is being judged based on company law. That’s pretty worrying, I always felt it was very unlikely things would be reversed and at worst compensation would be agreed. Hopefully he’s just preparing for the worst, just in case, as is the correct approach.

    On a more positive note, the article does not mention anything about administration. Clark said some other clubs have pledged financial support which should make us secure in terms of the money position.

  3. 15 minutes ago, AL-FFC said:

    Because if the league was null and void it wouldnt have affected Celtic in fact no one would have been unfairly treated no one wins.  Yes its shit you went through a league campaign with no reward at the end of it but its not like anyone ordered up a global pandemic to bring the world to its knees.

    Wait, what!? Am I reading that right? Celtic wouldn’t have complained about not winning 9 in a row despite being 13 points clear with 8 games to play? Are you sure about that? Have you ever met Old Firm fans? No way they’d let their club just accept that. Likewise Dundee United and Cove given the points they were clear, they absolutely would have all, quite rightly, kicked up a huge fuss. 

    That’s before getting into the fact if you declare the season null and void the prize money for the league would shared equally which would be a huge blow to the teams at the top end of the league.

    Am I right in thinking the Dutch League is the only league in Europe which was declared null and void? All others used the current standings as final or played to a finish. And even then in the Netherlands more teams voted in favour of PPG than null and void but the league took their own decision.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Shadwell Dog said:

    It was hardly rushed through. The 14 10 10 10 was mentioned at the outset and had very few negatives if any. Raith backed it at the very start when making it clear to all and sundry that only them being promoted as champions would ever be accepted.  He even said at the time that hopefully falkirk will be promoted  alongside raith via reconstruction to a 14 10 10 10 league.  The fact that he was actually lying through his back teeth means he won't get any sympathy from falkirk but at the end of the day if raith goes bust its nowt to do with anything we've done but will be seen very much as karma to a lot of falkirk fans. Time to look after our own interests as that's all anyone else is doing these days.

    I’ve already mentioned on our thread I think it was poor from us not to vote in favour of reconstruction after our very public stance and a lot of Rovers fans are in agreement on that.

    However, as you said the 14-10-10-10 had very few negatives and was mentioned from the outset. Why was it then the last proposal put to the clubs? Also, when you take away the clubs that stood to benefit from that proposal only slightly over 25% of the remaining clubs voted in favour.

    We should still have voted in favour given our previous stance but our vote had no impact on the result. Also given how few teams voted in favour suggests that there was a lot more to it behind the scenes. Budge killed any chance of reconstruction on the first day of being put on the committee stating her aim was temporary reconstruction for a year. Effectively just to save Hearts and to hell with any real change or thoughts about the following season and multiple relegations, it never really got off the ground after that. It should have been an open format with all teams contributing rather than the head of the committee telling the papers what she was pushing before the group had even had their first meeting.

  5. 44 minutes ago, renton said:

    And before we've started selling season tickets

    This is the most important thing for me. If we were on the verge of administration, surely the season tickets would have been on sale at the very first opportunity? It is a pretty substantial part of any lower league sides income.

    It is highly likely nonsense by the Sun. Even reading it, the headline is click bait and contradictory to some of the information in the article. Although there is the tiny prospect of it being a sympathy play to boost potential crowd funding of the legal costs (I hope not).

    I remember a paper quoting Clark as saying we’d be in administration by August if the league ending vote didn’t go through. There was then a Raith TV interview with him days later where it wasn’t mentioned and there was a pretty upbeat tone on the finances. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, D'Jaffo said:

    Impressive that you’ve managed to turn the topic from Raith going bust into McCall leaving us and failing spectacularly with you lot.

    It is literally the only thing Partick fans have got to cling onto at the moment.

    Reminds me of the Falkirk fans laughing their heads off at Morton after taking McKinnon, Telfer, Tidser and Buchanan last year. That worked out well...

  7. 22 minutes ago, renton said:

    Were we not prepared to back the14-14-14? Thought I recalled seeing that.

    Possibly, the only thing I could find was this https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/contract-extensions-raith-rovers-players-are-reward-title-win-2867141%3famp where he said the 14-14-14 proposal was ‘Interesting’ but nothing on him committing either way. Although it does say we were in favour of reconstruction in general. 

    20 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    Aye there's no way Dundee United, yourselves or Cove would accept this nonsense, and nor should you.

    Does your chairman take votes from your board on SPFL voting matters or does he have the authority to unilaterally make the decision? If it's the former it could explain why your club voted how it did even though he personally thought differently.

    Good point, I would imagine any decision from the club would have went through a board vote so it is possible he was outvoted. I still think given what was said publicly around the end of season vote we should have followed through with our vote on reconstruction but I don’t want to be too harsh without knowing the full details, particularly when overall the board have been doing an excellent job. As Paco says Anne Budge has not helped herself from day 1 of the reconstruction plans. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

    That's Hearts trying to get your promotion reversed.

    Partick too technically.

    The whole thing is a mess. If, somehow, they won their case and were reinstated, surely Dundee United, ourselves and Cove would then launch their own legal challenge? Not sure if we could afford it but Dundee United certainly would, they won’t just go away which will just lead to further delays and lack of money and certainty for all clubs. I do think it’s more likely a compensation figure will be agreed and to be honest I think that is fair. Obviously not anywhere near the ludicrous £10 million requested but something more reasonable.

    I think Bill Clark is doing a good job as chairman and there is no doubt the club has made huge steps on and off the pitch in recent years. However, and this is probably an unpopular opinion, I think it was pretty poor of us to reject the 14-10-10-10 reconstruction proposal. We said  before the vote to end the season we wanted that finalised first then we would back 2 up and no relegation. However, we appear now to have rejected it saying ‘it’s not the right time’. What changed?

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed the tears and tantrums from Falkirk as much as the next person but given we had said all along we would back 14-10-10-10 and it is the least unfair option so it is disappointing we went back on our word. In Clark’s defence, it was nowhere near passing so our vote wasn’t decisive and he has been part of the reconstruction committee so there may have been more to it than meets the eye which I hope is the case.

  9. In any normal season it would appear East Fife are doing great business, getting players signed up early and keeping a consistent squad with space for the 4/5 players they need to take them to the next level.

    However, given the current circumstances and the fact there appears a high probability East Fife won’t play league football again in 2020, certainly not in front of fans, are the board not taking quite a big financial risk having so many players signed up with no guaranteed date for regular income?

    Not a wind up, just a genuine question, it seems to be the opposite approach to most other part time teams in League One and Two. Do East Fife have a lot of cash in the bank? Or are the board willing to take the risk in the hope of an earlier restart and can fund the club through if next season doesn’t happen till 2021 (if at all)?

  10. 27 minutes ago, baillieinleeds said:

    Because of the shite we had at the back!!

    We had comfortably the best defensive record in the league that season. The next best team to us conceded 10 more. We had many problems that season (away form, attitude, style of play, lack of creativity to name just a few) Vaughan is also the only attacking player listed who can say they had a great season. The rest all disappointed or flattered to deceive to varying degrees. Our defensive record was very far down the list of things wrong.

  11. 2 hours ago, Grant228 said:

    Hopefully someone is more ruthless in how they manage him in the future. 

    John McGlynn won’t take any unnecessary risks with him. He held him back from returning this/last season in line with the medical recommendations despite Vaughan himself feeling ready much earlier.

    He was also left out for our game at Airdrie (the game in between his two starts) due to a hamstring niggle he felt he could play through because McGlynn didn’t want to take any risks with him. 

  12. On 22/05/2019 at 20:42, sirscottyoung said:

    Dom Thomas and Blair Henderson signing on PT deals with you guys and Kallum Higginbotham on FT deal going to sign with you guys. Unbelievable signings!


    16 hours ago, sirscottyoung said:

    You boys signing Scott Reekie from Brechin...

    Very weird one emoji1787.png

    Is this going to be an annual thing we can look forward to?

    Bill Clark confirmed in the ‘Rovers Review’ we will not be signing anyone until we have some sort of certainty about when the season will start. Good news for you guys because I hear Anton Dowds would’ve been on his way to us under normal circumstances, you may get to keep him for another year now.

  13. 1 minute ago, AL-FFC said:

    Bit of a hypocritical statement that one. you could just as easily have finished fourth in the league. its not like the other clubs are in the same boat as rangers with a 13 point gap to meet .

    The fairest option would have been the unfairest decision which was to null and void the season by when i mean unfair i mean all clubs have went through the campaign only to have no reward at the end.

    The ones that get shafted the most out of this is Kelty and Brora the fact they are trying to close the door on the pyramid structure to avoid the likes of Brechin, Stenny etc dropping into the lowand or highland leagues.

    I think ultimately we’ve been benefited from the other 3 leagues having runaway league leaders. If the other leagues were as close as ours, or let’s be honest if just Celtic and Rangers were neck and neck, I’d imagine null and void may have been more widely considered. I think the SPFL are breathing a huge sigh of relief that isn’t the case. I would disagree with it, for obvious biased reasons, but I think it’s fairer to write off the remaining 8 games than to write off the 28 which went before it. Null and void would also mean equal splitting of prize money which I don’t think is fair.

    I disagree with Kelty and Brora being the ones shafted the most. Only one of them would have been in a position to win promotion and they’d have to beat Brechin over 2 legs after playing each other so they weren’t in a different position to those in a play off position in the other leagues. Also, despite the talk of Kelty being hard done by, it’s important to remember they were only 6 points ahead of Bonnyrigg who had a game in hand and a home game against Kelty still to play. So Kelty weren’t actually in too dissimilar position to Raith Rovers in terms of being league winners.


    43 minutes ago, Shadwell Dog said:

    I'm always seen on here mate you should know that by now and I dont gloat as it could always be my club in the shitter tomorrow. The spfl in my mind shouldve done far more to ensure no club was unfairly dealt with due to the current situation instead of railroading through one plan without any real in depth look at any other options.  As I said they didnt even bother talking to people like sky to see what they would do if various scenarios were to be played out.  There was 4 clubs in our league with a decent chance of going up whether by winning the league or the playoffs. Three clubs were punished and one wasnt it's as simple as that.

    I find it weird that people think the teams in the play off positions should be promoted (despite these not being automatic promotion places) because they could have caught the league leaders or had a 1 in 4 chance of going up at the end of the season. Completely ignoring the fact by that same logic any other team, East Fife in League One for example, could still have realistically caught those in play off places.

    How would it be fair to promote Montrose because they are two points ahead of East Fife and not actually in an automatic promotion place. But it’s not fair to promote Raith Rovers who actually are in a promotion place because their lead is too small?

    There is literally no solution which will be viewed as ‘fair’ by all clubs. The solution passed is absolutely not fair to the likes of Partick in particular but it is probably the least unfair option. Temporary reconstruction is the worst idea by far. I would have liked permanent reconstruction but bringing it in to appease ‘wronged’ teams is not the correct circumstances to do it. It should be done to improve the game and make it better, not to fix the wrongs of one season caused by a global pandemic.

  15. 19 minutes ago, stewartyftd1 said:

    Agreed they will prob take circa 3k. We took over 2500 to EEP and Starks the last few times.

    The full attendance of both sets of fans combined on your last visit to Starks Park was 2192, you brought less than 1000 fans. The other crowd was 4361 with around 2000 United fans. 

    When we shared a league with Hearts they brought almost 3000 for a midweek game and sold out both away stands (just short of 4000) when we played on a Saturday. The away supports of Dundee United and Hearts are not close.

  16. Vaughan for goal of the season and MacDonald player of the season for me.

    It was between Hendry and MacDonald but Hendry missed 6/7 games through injury whilst I think MacDonald is the only player to start every league game for us. He’s been consistent all season, solid defensively and chipped in with double figures on the assists as well as a few goals.

    The Dumbarton home game really highlighted just how important MacDonald is to the way we play. Obviously we had a patch work team out anyway but the biggest problem we had was no outlet down the wings and we looked totally devoid of ideas without it. It’s the only home game we carried zero real threat. Pretty sure MacDonald still managed to be man of the match in that game too even at centre back.

    Don’t think they are quite in contention for Player of the year but special mentions to Ross Matthews and Brad Spencer who I thought had excellent seasons. Says it all about the style of play this season that all our central midfielders had good seasons. Welcome change after many years at Starks where the central midfielders main job was winning second balls after watching the ball fly over their heads.

    Credit to the much maligned Bene and Davo too who were solid after a very shaky start.

  17. I have always been confident McGlynn was the right man for the job. The only slight concerns I had were after the first East Fife game this season but he quickly corrected things with Steven Anderson.

    I was a huge fan of McGlynn first time around and always thought he would get us promotion but I’ll admit I didn’t see him achieving that by being the best footballing team in the league. Full credit to him and Paul Smith for that.

    There are a lot of similarities to his last spell in terms of a youthful squad sprinkled with some good experience, great togetherness and a squad that looks fit and fully committed. However, the style of football is far superior and I don’t think he gets enough credit for that. Especially considering the eye bleeding hoofball rubbish he inherited from Barry Smith.

  18. 46 minutes ago, Zen Archer Esq. said:

    Yes, 3 years ago away to Stirling, the same day some nutter drove a lorry over the Forth road Bridge in high winds which toppled over when it was shut causing mayhem across the central belt.

    The team had 11 players until during warm up a trialist keeper tore ligaments tripping over the goal post weights, this forced Josh into goal and Craig Easton had to play.

    Brian, Court and McKay finally made it for the second half and Josh took his place at CB, not before having a blinding 45 minutes between the sticks.

    Just two weeks after Stevenson played in goal at Ayr as well.

  19. 8 minutes ago, Enigma said:

    Falkirk fans getting desperate...


    Wow. At least they’re taking it well. I would assume he is just talking about deciding which of the current players contracts to renew but I don’t claim to know the full rules for football staff and management on furlough, @Skyline Drifter may be able to confirm?

    However, if Managers can’t even discuss or authorise renewing current player contracts when on furlough (which may be the case given the rules for other workplaces which I assume also apply to football) then every single out of contract player in Scotland will surely become a free agent at the end of May?

    If this is a breach it wouldn’t be hard for McGlynn to deny and argue he had agreed renewals upon promotion with players before going on furlough.

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