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  1. McGlynn second time around couldn’t be any more different than his first spell. We don’t really tend to play anything other than an open attacking game since he came back. A few seasons working under Brendan Rodgers at Celtic has made his style much more aesthetically pleasing when compared to his previous Craig Levein learned hoofball. Will wait to see what the injury situation is before making any predictions. Kevin MacDonald, Benedictus, Ross and Vaughan all look to be doubts after today in addition to Ugwu already missing. Will be interesting to see how our young midfield measure up to the quality and experience Dundee have in there. I think it is the strongest area of our team but I’m sure Dundee fans would say the same about their midfield. Should be a good watch.
  2. Dylan Tait’s energy levels are incredible. Always the one initiating the press even at this stage and is quick to get back into the shape if the press is beaten.
  3. Surprised that Dobbie free kick wasn’t given as a goal...
  4. Or not. Well deserved for Queens, very poor second half from us so far, totally switched off.
  5. We have not going second half at all. Hopefully can weather the storm without conceding and get back into it.
  6. Thanks for the replies, wasn’t instant for me which was the concern but understandable given the time, all sorted now.
  7. Anyone that has signed up, how long does it take for your password to be emailed through?
  8. I know Paul Smith could just be telling us what he wants us to hear but he seems to speak quite openly and frankly about it in his pre match interview. Grant wasn’t happy with his playing time and thought he’d be playing a bigger part. John and Paul obviously didn’t seem him getting the game time he wanted so agreed to let him move on. Not sure there is much more to it, certainly hope not anyway. Although you would have thought his playing time would have been discussed when renewing his contract. Hopefully his wage will have freed up enough to bring in another loan player although I am not sure at this stage what would be the priority position to strengthen.
  9. Hopefully the weather isn’t as bad as that forecast predicts. I really enjoy watching us under McGlynn, we are a very decent footballing side on our day. However, when stormy conditions make that impossible we don’t tend to adapt very well and I don’t think we really have personnel suited for when things become a slugfest. Thinking particularly of the draw at Stranraer and defeat away to Dumbarton last season in similar conditions. Hopefully the physicality of Duku up top helps us on that front this season.
  10. Excellent win and performance, great way to start the season. The first goal changed the game, Arbroath were the better side until that point. Very surprised at the way they collapsed after that but credit to us for lifting our game. Genuinely not a failure in the team. The midfield 3 of Tait, Matthews and Hendry were outstanding. The front 3 looked a threat every time they got the ball. When Armstrong is in the mood like that, he is a joy to watch. Full backs were good too and it’s nice to have a threat down both sides this season. Even the much maligned Bene and Davo were very solid after the first goal, although Arbroath played into their hands with the amount of long balls towards them. Great save first half from MacDonald as well, could have been a different game if that had gone in. The only criticism you can have is that we really should have scored more and were very wasteful in the second half but can’t complain too much after scoring 3. Finally, that penalty and second yellow for the TOB was ridiculous. Would be raging if I was an Arbroath fan losing a key player because of that.
  11. We’ve been excellent since the first goal. Lucky to go ahead at that point but dominated since.
  12. Are the streaming figures for yesterday likely to be released at any point?
  13. Looking forward to today. Obviously not the same but after 7 months, just being able to watch a Rovers competitive game in any capacity is welcome. Given our record in the league cup, our injuries (although improving) and the fact East Fife already have a competitive game under their belts I don’t have particularly high expectations, all about building up fitness ahead of the Arbroath game next week for me. Will be interesting to see what the team selection is. Based on who we have available, I’d say our strongest team at the moment is: MacDonald Tumilty Davo Bene MacDonald Matthews Hendry Armstrong Tait Ross Duku However, McGlynn/Smith may elect to rotate the squad ahead of Tuesday’s game to get as many minutes in the squad as possible over the 2 games as they have done through pre season. In particular Brad Spencer has played little or no minutes in the friendlies so I expect him to get a good run out over the next couple of games. Looking forward to it, good luck to the RaithTV guys as well, hopefully if there are any issues, everyone is patient and understanding.
  14. I would agree but injuries have probably been the only constant at the club the last few years so it is hard to pinpoint a reason. In the last few years whilst injuries have been particularly bad, we have changed our training location, changed our home surface, multiple different managers, different sport science and different medical staff. There must be a deeper reason but other than bad luck and a few injury prone players it’s not particularly obvious.
  15. Is there any information from the Scottish Premiership teams on what the numbers for streaming have been so far? Our owner said discussions with Dundee United at our recent friendly suggested they had been very surprised, in a positive way, with uptake for their streaming service. Obviously there is the initial novelty factor which is likely to wear off as the season progresses and the lack of all other match day revenue in addition to tickets mean, of course, there will be a sizeable deficit. But it would be interesting to hear from the Premiership sides what the level of difference has been for them.
  16. Nice of you to say. I would definitely be frustrated if it was roles reversed and understandably angry regarding the reconstruction situation in particular but I would never hope another club goes bust. Andy Mill is the supporters representative on the board. He was approached by large amount of fans separately asking what they could do to raise funds for the club as soon as things were stopped. I don’t believe he approached anyone himself but facilitated these requests by providing a central point for anyone who wanted to contribute by way of a Go Fund Me page. This was obviously before the furlough scheme was put in place and this scheme removed most of the forecasted costs to the end of the season meaning not all the money raised was needed immediately. The chairman always stressed during any interviews that fans should only donate if they had the additional income to do so and that their families, obviously, must come first. Andy Mill and the club also pulled together food hampers with help from local businesses for fans that were struggling financially at the peak of the virus. I won’t take up any more of the Falkirk thread with chat regarding the Rovers but that’s the explanation, you may still have the same opinion, which is fair enough.
  17. Agree with all of this. Felt for Armstrong last season, he had a lot of niggly injuries. He had just got himself fully fit and was finally starting to show what he was capable of when things were stopped.
  18. Our owner announced at the weekend we will post over £100k profit for the last year. That is for the period before we received £150k for Bowie or started selling season tickets and kits. Unsure whether the £100k raised by the fans is included or not but our ex chairman confirmed this money hadn’t been fully spent yet (due to the furlough scheme being utilised) and would be set aside for the challenges that are likely to face all clubs in the season ahead. Our owner also confirmed we will be in a position to see out the season regardless of whether fans are allowed in at any point. Obviously no guarantees but I’d say we are far from the most vulnerable.
  19. I think that was the case with Steven Anderson and Dan Armstrong. However, the plan was always to add a striker later in the summer when better quality became available. We were lucky with circumstances to get both Baird AND Gullan but the plan was always to add the right loan player when they became available.
  20. I agree the English signings are gambles and I’m not overly confident they will pay off. Our options at centre back and up front look weak or at best unproven. However, McGlynn usually tends to keep a portion of his budget up his sleeve for when the season has started. Allowing him to pick up some loans that maybe wouldn’t have been available earlier in the market and once he has assessed the squad in competitive games to see where the weaknesses are. It happened regularly in McGlynn’s first spell but even last year is a good example. We all had doubts with the side that started the league season but before the first quarter was out we had added Steven Anderson, Dan Armstrong, Jamie Gullan and John Baird. If he doesn’t think the English lads are at the level he hoped after the friendlies and League Cup games we will hopefully use the loan market to add a couple. Some of our youngsters that aren’t quite ready may go out on loan to make room and get game time. Ideally a central defender, left winger and striker although that may be pushing it but when have we ever seen a John McGlynn side without at least a couple of loans!
  21. Did Sim say we made a profit of over £100,000 in the latest accounts!? Just want to make sure I heard that right. Excellent news if so. Obviously next year will be much more challenging and where the true effects of Covid will be felt but also encouraging to hear him say that we will survive this season even if fans aren’t allowed in.
  22. Colin Stewart Liam Smith David Armstrong David Syme Kevin McCann Paul Currie Jonny Stewart Scott Bannerman Danny Thomson Josh Watt Mark Roberts Could probably have made a team just from Gary Locke’s signings or McGlynn’s loans during his first spell. Honourable mentions to Robbie Crawford, Ludo Roy, Darren Petrie, Ryan Wallace and Niall Henderson.
  23. ‘Indications’ that arbitration costs are being awarded against Hearts/Partick also.
  24. You are correct but I can guarantee there would be Pars fans all over our thread saying the same things as some Rovers fans. The truth is, nobody knows how it will work out. There is always suspicion when foreign investors come in Scottish football, particularly the lower leagues where there have been very few success stories. However, all takeovers are the same, fans of the team being taken over see it as all sunshine and rainbows and won’t have a bad word said, everyone else is ‘jealous.’ Opposition fans come in predicting the worst and forecasting oblivion but absolutely nobody knows. It is not a Raith Rovers/Dunfermline thing, it happens with everyone.
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