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  1. Congrats to Queens on an excellent win for them. They look a better side than last season and I thought the first half in particular was a good competitive game against two decent sides. I am not sure if our biggest issue is creativity or lack of a goal scorer. We had more possession, more shots and more corners yesterday than we did in the 5-2 game at Palmerston last year. Unfortunately, that clinical trait we had at the start of last season has left us. Another problem without Vaughan is that Zanatta is our only real creative spark which makes it easy for teams to just double up on him as we saw second half. However, despite not being at our best, I still felt we had enough opportunities to get a goal. Easy to write it off as ‘not our day, these things happen’ but it is already a recurring theme in our season. We have had 78 shots in our games against Cowdenbeath, Alloa, Inverness, Forfar and QOS and managed 2 goals. When it happens so often, it’s not bad luck, it’s poor finishing. Even when we scored 4 against Hamilton we missed at least 3 glaring opportunities which proved crucial. Big John McGlynn fan but he didn’t have a good day yesterday. Each substitution made us worse. We finished the first half strongly and if we’d continued playing that way, I think a goal was coming but I felt we panicked. I don’t think Poplatnik and Varian work as a partnership. McKay on for Fotheringham was strange. I think Fotheringham had to come off but we know McKay isn’t an attacking full back and pushing Tumilty forward meant he always had to beat a man to get a delivery in rather than using his strengths of the overlap run. Keatings for Varian was fair enough but by that point we were just launching long balls, if you’re doing that you’re just as well keeping on the guy that is 6 foot plus, it really doesn’t suit Keatings. Also felt we panicked and went direct too soon and lost all shape and composure. Eerily similar to the last 20 minutes of the 2-0 vs QOS last year although we at least managed to trouble the keeper this time. Overall it wasn’t the worst performance in the world. This league is very tight and everyone is capable of beating each other. I’m confident we have enough about us to keep our heads above water but if we want to do anything better than 6th/7th we need someone to regularly take chances for us and another creative player. I’ve heard we are trying to get someone on loan from Celtic so hopefully it’s a player who can make a difference in the final third, if it comes off.
  2. Plenty time for Zanatta to turn to shit, given his past I think most Rovers fans will continue to add that caveat for quite a while but he has been fantastic so far. McGlynn and Dario have both acknowledged he lost his way a bit the last 2 seasons and I think McGlynn is arguably the best at this level in terms developing players and getting something out of them others couldn’t (probably alongside McCall). I missed the Inverness and Livingston games but you could make a case for him being man of the match in pretty much every game I’ve watched this season. As others have said, given the style of play Zanatta would never fit in with ‘Hoppyball’ and the fact that Bruce Anderson, Innes Cameron and Zanatta were all duds for Ayr last season says more about Mark Kerr’s managerial ability than it does about the quality of the players. Completely understand Ayr’s views on Zanatta though and don’t expect them to change no matter what. Jordan Thompson has went on to play over 50 times for Stoke City and is a regular for Northern Ireland but I still wouldn’t ever want to see him in a Rovers shirt again after his performances during our relegation season.
  3. League table looks a bit better after that. Add in the League Cup quarter final and we can be pretty satisfied. Aside from a 20 minutes clusterfuck against Hamilton, Bene and Berra have been very, very good together. 6 clean sheets in 9 games. Even the goals lost against Inverness and Aberdeen were quality strikes that were difficult to defend. Still very early days but credit McGlynn for the performances of Berra and Zanatta at the moment. Most of us were critical or at best, unsure of the signings. However, the two of them have been excellent so far.
  4. We’ve not played in 20 days, we were always going to play as close to our strongest side as possible today. In saying that, I would have liked Keatings in ahead of BRS today. A lot of people seem to have written Keatings off already but his opportunities have been extremely limited.
  5. Yeah I’ve no problem with the club selling him, he’s a good young prospect and we knew when he signed a contract he would be gone before the end of it. No idea why we are panicking to sell him to the first bidder for £100k though, seems like dreadful business. I would tell Hibs £150k, loan back and Gullan permanent as a minimum. If not, there will be more teams than Hibs watching him and it’s open to a bidding war in January. The club has not had a great summer off the pitch, this would compound it. All the talk of ‘ambition’ over the summer looks to have been just that, talk. Nothing we have done this summer looks to be moves of a club aiming for the Premier League. Also, didn’t Sim say in an interview with hindsight he made a mistake selling Callachan when he did and he wouldn’t do it again? Let’s see…
  6. A real shame that was the one and only game that 11 ever played together due to injuries.
  7. Is there any chance he is just bluffing in the media? Let John McGlynn think the formation will be the same and prepare us to try and exploit the 3-4-3 when Grant is actually going to switch things up and start with a back 4. Or am I giving him too much credit? Given the last time I checked Dunfermline had 7 players capable of playing centre back in a back 3, he has possibly painted himself into a corner with regards to the formation.
  8. Yeah, the two biggest success stories from the academy were Kieron Bowie and Dylan Tait. Pretty sure Tait was released by Partick Thistle a year before signing with us from the Fife academy and Bowie was playing boys club football a year before signing for us. So I understand the clubs logic instead of spending money we don’t have on a full academy, link up with local boys clubs and keeping an eye on youngsters released from other senior clubs should still bear fruit. In theory, by doing this we could still have picked up Bowie and Tait even without FEFA. As said, McGlynn’s knowledge of youth football and player development is second to none at this level so I’m quite comfortable with him having a big say in the best way for the club to progress. He put the foundations of the old academy in place which helped produce the likes of Laidlaw, Mackie, Bates, Matthews, Callachan and Vaughan as well as making us the side to benefit most from FEFA. I feel he’ll make whatever solution we put in place work. If the 400k a year costs of running an academy are true, I’m surprised Dunfermline think that is a viable option for them but if the Germans are happy to pick up the tab, fair play to them.
  9. I can’t remember many cup victories over Premier League opposition at Starks Park in the last 25 years. I can think of a couple of wins over Hamilton and that’s it. Obviously the Pars were the league above us in the 3-0 Scottish Cup game but weren’t a Premier League side. Am I missing anything obvious? Most of our recent cup ‘shocks’ seem to have come away from home strangely enough.
  10. On the game itself I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I have probably been one of the more optimistic fans pre season but given the injuries to Spencer and Vaughan, I didn’t give us any chance of a win. I realise that Aberdeen didn’t really carve us open but I thought we were quite poor first half. Let them control the game and gave them too much respect. The whole team played 5/10 yards further up the pitch second half and it helped immensely. We were superb after half time. Normally cup shocks tend to be backs to the walls or nervy moments but on the balance of play we were deserved winners and we saw the game out comfortably which will hopefully heal some of the Hamilton scars. In terms of individuals, Zanatta was immense (again), impressed with the workrate of Tumilty and Connolly too. Berra strolled it, got his head on everything and handled JET very well overall. I actually quite liked Varian as well. I think if we are playing 1 through the middle without Vaughan in behind then he is better suited than Poplatnik. Credit to BRS as well for his second half showing. I thought he was awful first half and miles off the pace. Poor on the ball and Aberdeen were passing around him at ease. There was one incident in the first half where a simple 1-2 took him clean out the game and but for an excellent block by Berra could have led to a goal. However, he got himself into the game second half and was much better, seemed to play further forward rather than just infront of the back 4 which helped. Still major doubts and overall performance of a 6/10 but I would have subbed him at half time so he deserves credit for an improved performance. Hopefully he can kick on again from this but I do have concerns about him in there during the speed and intensity of a derby on Friday. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Huge game on Friday night. Win and it’s a pretty good start to the league campaign in and around the play off spots with a League cup quarter final. Lose and we could be bottom of the league and the panic starts all over again. I’ve already seen enough to make me think we’ll be fine this season and finish somewhere between 4th-7th but a win on Friday would be huge to kickstart our league form.
  11. Big fan of him twice running off the pitch to kick on an extra ball from the sidelines just to give him enough time to get back into position after forward runs. As you say excellent shitehouse behaviour. On that note, enjoyed Jamie MacDonald’s time wasting at the goal kick in stoppage time.
  12. I know he’s generally excellent and highly thought of but Jason Kerr has been awful tonight, tough lesson for him. Ali McCann absolutely outstanding however, easily St Johnstone’s best player and one of the standouts across both sides. Lots to be proud of over the two legs and still a decent opportunity for European group stage football.
  13. 65 minutes gone, 4-0 ahead, top of the league, playing great football, on course for our 5th consecutive clean sheet and excitement building for a successful season ahead with Spencer and Vaughan pulling the strings. 25 minutes later, we’ve conceded 4 to draw the game, lost Brad Spencer for 6 weeks due to a broken foot and Lewis Vaughan for the same period with a cartilage tear and it’s suddenly hard to see when we’ll get our next win. Football eh?
  14. Surprised to see people still slating Connolly and Zanatta, it’s like people have made their mind up on them before a ball was kicked. Yes, we are right to have concerns based on the last few years of their careers, I thought they were both poor signings. However, they should be judged on what they do for us and so far their performances have been pretty good. If they were two unknowns from down south, I think people would be saying we had made two good signings based on what we have seen so far. Understandable to still have reservations given their recent history, they could still turn out poor but to write them off as duds is just completely ignoring how they have played so far in my opinion.
  15. Riley Snow looked well off the pace in his cameo on Saturday but apparently played well against Livingston. Some players struggle to get up to the pace of a game from the bench. I’d give him another go at Inverness. He’s only on a 6 month contract so if we can’t trust him to play for the next few weeks when we are down to the barebones in midfield, as the only natural replacement, you would have to question why he was signed at all. I think McGlynn’s seen enough in training to not write him off after one, admittedly bad, 10 minute sub appearance. If the Livingston version turns up he should be absolutely fine alongside Tait, particularly in a 3-4-3 to cover his lack of mobility IMO. If the Hamilton performance from him is the norm we are in huge trouble until Matthews/Spencer return but I’ll keep the faith for now.
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