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  1. McGlynn hasn’t lost a game in the Challenge Cup since August 2011…
  2. Not lost a game in this cup for over 4 years now! A win would be nice to build on Saturday especially with 5 of our next 6 away from home, every bit of confidence and momentum will help. However, any injuries to our paper thin squad would be a disaster, we don’t have a lot of scope to switch things up at this stage but hopefully see the likes of Ngwenya, Spencer, McBride, Thomson get a run out. Would have given Mitchell a start as well but after Connell’s performance on Saturday I would be starting him again to see if he can continue from there and get himself into a good run of form.
  3. Got sent a screenshot from one of my mates, looked like something the man himself had posted online.
  4. He had surgery to remove it in February 2021 and was given the all clear to return to normal in March 2021. He then made his debut for the Faroes in September 2021.
  5. Like I said, I agree with you but it’s not what Murray has said in interviews when talking about signing targets the last few weeks. Just have to wait and see though, I actually do think we could do with another winger but it would be third in the priority list behind striker and then centre back.
  6. I agree we could do with another, more experienced, centre half. Joe Shaughnessy is one who I thought would be out our league but has been linked with a move to Hamilton today, would’ve been an excellent signing. However, I’d be surprised if the two signings weren’t a winger and a striker. Murray has said for weeks those are the two positions he has been looking at. That was before Zanatta left too, so with his departure, I can’t see Murray deviating from his original plan.
  7. Week 1: Stenhousemuir Week 2: Rangers Week 3: Falkirk Week 4: Montrose Week 5: Partick Thistle Week 6: Airdrie
  8. Week 1: Stenhousemuir Week 2: Rangers Week 3: Falkirk Week 4: Montrose Week 5: Partick Thistle
  9. Feel like Gullan has been much improved in recent weeks. Played well against Dundee and Morton and sounds like he has continued that today. Glad he’s been rewarded with a goal. Still definitely need another, more natural striker but Gullan definitely has his uses in this side.
  10. I remember this yesterday but I think, in fairness to Easton, it was actually Connolly he was having a go at. Connolly was alongside O’Riordan but stood and watched O’Riordan go up and not reach the ball and then it bounced out of play. I think Easton was making the point if Connolly had gambled and ran beyond when O’Riordan went up for the header, he would have managed to get on the end of it and kept it in play given it was well inside the pitch when it bounced before it went out. Obviously it would have been better if Easton just hadn’t overhit the free kick and that was the main issue but he was right to make the point to Connolly in terms of his anticipation in case there was a similar situation later. I have noticed Ethan Ross and Gullan arguing with Easton in recent weeks as well so he does seem a bit of a moaner but I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing (see John Baird). We have a squad of players that seem very nice. Having someone dig people out and let them know when they have messed up is no bad thing, it can make the rest of the team put demands on themselves and others too. Needs to make sure it is fair though and not just blaming others for his own mistakes but I don’t mind it.
  11. I’m not sure where the idea that Murray will take 3 seasons to get things right either. It seems to be suggested by Airdrie fans who say he ultimately failed in his target to get them up and it took until last season to have a proper go at the title. However, would anyone have predicted Airdrie to win the title at any point Murray was in charge? There have been teams with bigger budgets every season who would have been expected to finish above Airdrie and it would have been a big shock and huge achievement if he’d won the league at any point with them. Since Airdrie were relegated to League One their record before and after Murray is as follows: Before Murray 6th 5th 5th 3rd 7th After Murray 5th (Appointed after 9 games) 3rd 2nd 2nd So his 3 full seasons in charge were better we’re better than anything they had managed in the 5 seasons before he took charge. Gradual improvement every season obviously but he pretty much overperformed the pre season expectation every season. It’s not like he took over play off regulars tasked with going to the extra step to win the league, they were nowhere near promotion till he took over. Airdrie have started this season well and good luck to them, would prefer to see them win the league over Falkirk or the Pars. But the new manager has inherited a much better and confident squad than Murray did and they are two games in, we will see if they sustain it over the course of the season. It certainly doesn’t take anything away from what Murray did there. Wild for anyone to be calling for Murray’s head after 2 games, I can only assume those doing so are at the wind up. We haven’t won at home since December and won 1 out of 16 league games without Brad Spencer under McGlynn last season. We then lost our manager to a team who have been the laughing stock of Scottish football for the last few seasons which doesn’t say a lot for the faith he had in the project at the Rovers. It was naive for anyone to think that with the bulk of the squad remaining the same, we would hit the ground running from the start of the season. This is a squad of players than has been in the habit of not winning games. We were in relegation form the second half of last season. Now it’s not just bad luck responsible for that, there are deficiencies in the squad which Murray has to address. And he has made some mistakes with recruitment IMO, we were never going to get better than Tumilty but Millen looks a poor signing and Nolan needs a run of games to be judged fully but I’m not convinced he’ll be better than anything we had last season, although I believe some of those departing were finance related rather than ability. I think Brown looks decent in midfield and his versatility and leadership means I don’t get the criticism for his signing. Despite being well stocked in midfield he is a different type of player to what we had in there and it was needed. Likewise I think Easton has plenty to offer, looked sharp off the bench yesterday and also our brightest player off the bench at Pittodrie so it’s not a question of ability at a higher level, just needs to develop consistency which will come with games and I still think he can be a big asset for us. If we can get the right striker addition (big IF obviously) and some key players returning from injury we will be in a much better place soon. We’ve not been played off the park at any point this season, it’s small margins, with a settled back 4 gelling together, more cutting edge upfront we will hopefully get a much needed win soon and use the momentum to kick on. I think there are too many weaknesses in the squad for challenge for the top 4 but a 5th/6th place isn’t out the question and would be fine for what is a transitional season. If we are showing Dunfermline under Peter Grant form in terms of performances and results at the end of the first quarter then of course Murray should be under serious pressure but we are a long way from that at the moment and I saw enough yesterday to take some encouragement going into the next couple of games. Tl;dr - Murray has proven himself to be decent manager, he’s made some mistakes so far but needs to be given a fair crack of the whip and I think we’ll be okay.
  12. Haven’t listened to the interview on the website yet but an interview in the courier just gone up where he says he hopes to have a centre half in for the Dundee game (presumably O’Riordan) and another striker and a winger although the winger is down the list of priorities at the moment.
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