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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    He’s contracted to Hibs till 2022 so we can’t offer him a contract. I liked him, he looked promising and did well in spells. I think he can go on to have a good career. It’s definitely stretching it to say he was a great player for us though.
  2. Congrats to Queens, thoroughly deserved to go through. Thought they were very professional yesterday and looked comfortable throughout. Kept us at arms length all day, we were never able to build any pressure and Queens were always more likely to score, particularly second half. For us, I don’t think you can blame tactics or effort, we were just found wanting in quality. Hardly surprising given the season we have had. We couldn’t finish above Forfar and Arbroath over 36 games and in the 14 games we played against the top 4 in League One we only managed 4 wins. A two legged tie against a Championship side was always likely to be a step too far for this squad. I am confident the board and management will have prepared for either outcome from the play offs so hopefully we will have an announcement shortly on how we move forward regarding full time/part time. We are a couple of weeks behind some teams in starting our preparations for next season so hope we move fast to confirm plans and JM can start talking to players. Finally, I thought the support were excellent yesterday. Never stopped singing all day even though there wasn’t much happening on the park to give them encouragement.
  3. Absolutely this. I think it’s time Davo moved on, he’s been carrying injuries all season and it’s showed at times. He’s been nowhere near as bad as made out though. He’s been far from our worst player this season. Can’t be easy playing as a centre back with terrible/non existent full backs. I definitely don’t buy into this ‘Davo can f**k off’ type chat you hear from some. He has been a fantastic servant to us over the years. He has made well over 400 appearances for the club and always gives his all. Yeah, he comes across as an arse for berating players (particularly when it’s to cover up a mistake from him) but he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t care. I do think he should move on at the end of the season, he certainly shouldn’t be signed with the expectation to play every week. However, when/if he moves on there should be acknowledgement and appreciation of the service he has given the club rather than people celebrating the fact he’s ‘fucked off.’
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It would be infuriating if the likes of Nisbet and Vaughan were able to walk away for nothing. However, would they have even signed the contracts in the first place if there weren’t these clauses? Nobody would be blaming the board if Nisbet/Vaughan had turned down their contract offer and decided to try their luck elsewhere at the end of the season. I assume this clause was the only way they could get them to agree the new deals.
  5. This. We probably won’t come back but imagine if we do? You don’t get too many high points supporting the Rovers, that’s one you’d always regret not being there for.
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Is Gregory Tade still a free agent? I’d happily fill the team with part time jobbers/people from the crowd to watch a front 3 of him, Nisbet and Vaughan.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I would agree with that. For most of the season we have had a lot of players that turn up when they want to, shown most clearly by our form away from home where we’ve been regularly out worked and out fought. After the last few years a return to the McGlynn teams that fought for everything and gave 100% every week would be a welcome change. Obviously you don’t want to empty the squad of quality just to fill it with workers, you need the right balance and players that can do both. Nathan Flanagan is almost the epitome of our squad. He clearly has a bit of ability and when he is at his best can be very good but he has a heart the size of a pea. Can’t rely on him consistently throughout a long season. In saying that, can’t fault the players for effort last night, it was a lack of quality in both boxes which undone us. Absolute scenes if we line up for our first game next season with proper full backs and a competent keeper. There’s still a game to go so I won’t do a full list just now but I’d genuinely only be disappointed to lose Vaughan and Nisbet from the current squad. There are other players I’d keep but if they left I wouldn’t be too downhearted.
  8. Congrats to QOTS, tie over now. We needed that 2nd goal to stand a chance going into Saturday. We’re definitely capable of scoring a couple in Dumfries but there is no chance we can keep a clean sheet. Not unexpected, we are not good enough as shown through the season. I genuinely think if McGlynn had got this lot promoted it would be up there with anything he has achieved as a Rovers manager. Only 3 or 4 players I’d be really disappointed to lose. Didn’t think there was much in the game in overall play but Queens took their chances and deserved to win because of that. Dobbie is a class act but I actually thought Dykes was even better tonight, he bullied our defence all night and pulled them all over the place. Thought Duggan was excellent when he came on, would like to see him start on Saturday. I’ll still be heading to Dumfries, we won’t come back but on the 0.00001% chance we did, I’d never forgive myself for not going.
  9. The big man strolled it today, nae luck.
  10. It’s like a shortlist for ‘Who is Frank conner?’
  11. I would agree with this. Watching the game I didn’t think the formation was working and I actually thought we played better against Forfar in the 1-1 draw at Starks earlier this season. However, as you say, we did limit Forfar and they didn’t really have any clear cut chances until the last 5 minutes and we obviously got the win so a strong argument could be made that it did actually work. Given McGlynn’s unwilling to change a winning team I would assume it’ll be the same again on Saturday. It certainly got the best out of Crane, his two best games for us have been when he’s not playing left back.
  12. Was going to write something on the game but this pretty much matches my thoughts. Not much between the teams, definitely all to play for on Saturday.
  13. Hasn’t thought of that, good shout. Probably had his best game for us there.
  14. Big fan of JM but he’ll take a bit of stick if things don’t work out with that team. Seems a strange choice, looks like 3 at the back?