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  1. East Fife or Forfar to come through with a late burst and take the title. No wins in the 4 league games against East Fife as they storm through to take the title? That would be a new level in the recent Raith Rovers banter years. Can’t rule it out.
  2. Both teams with 2 wins in 6 games now. Strange to see a 1st vs 2nd game where both sides are in such unconvincing form.
  3. Indeed, Ro Sham Bo was actually one of the few skeptics when McGlynn was appointed. Some amount of bites he has raked in with that comment now. On to the game, meh. The last time we played Arbroath we had some slight hope. We knew a win could knock them off their stride and there was enough time left to gain the points necessary if we could put a run together. However, whilst Arbroath’s form has been patchy since then we have regressed and don’t look capable of putting any sort of run together. We’ve won 1 league game since then, if we’d been able to put a run of wins together since that game we could have been 2 points behind right now. Arbroath have given us opportunities. But you can’t win leagues when in February you still haven’t managed more than 2 wins in a row. Hopefully we get the win on Saturday to start some sort of momentum in the league heading to the play offs but it won’t change anything. Arbroath won the league with their first half of the season, no other team in the league is capable of matching the level of consistency they showed over that time and they’ll be worthy winners for that reason.
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Anyone go to watch the reserves play? How has McKay been playing? The results don’t suggest he is knocking down the door for a first team place but I obviously don’t know what standard the rest of the back 4 or team are. He may still be standing out.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Because your back 4 should be compact and only be covering predominantly one side of the pitch when defending a long punt goal kick. In this instance it was the left hand side. Your right back doesn’t stay on the right touchline in that defensive situation. I’m not a big fan of Crane so far but he’s in entirely the correct position. That’s not the left backs area for him to cover he’d need to totally vacate the left back area and also cross the two centre backs. For Murray to cover he’d just be tucked in to where you’d expect when defending that type of goal kick. There’s about 20 yards between him and the centre backs when Bene goes for the header which at 1-0 with 5 minutes to go from defending a goal kick is criminal. As highlighted above Murray is unsure whether to watch the winger out wide or tuck in to a more natural position. I think there is uncertainty due to us playing the diamond in midfield and Forfar pushing their wingers and full backs on late in the game. It’s a very minor detail and I’m not saying in anyway he is the man at fault for the goal as you say it’s clearly Bene/Davo. If either of them don’t make simple mistakes Murray positioning is irrelevant. I just think there’s a slight shape issue which will hopefully be worked if we stick with the new formation. I don’t expect everyone(anyone) to agree. I was always a centre back when I used to play football so I guess I always look to pass some share of the blame elsewhere!
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Would agree regarding the shape of the team, would like to see us stick with that for a few of games. We looked a lot more solid defensively but no formation can account for individual errors like the goal. I think both centre backs half to take their share of the blame for the goal both make mistakes and don’t cover themselves in glory. I would also, perhaps harshly, question Murray’s positioning. From a goal kick coming down the left hand side of the pitch I think he should be tucked in much further. He should drop off and tuck in with the rest of the back 4 when Bene goes for the header. However, he seems to expect Bene to win it and as a result is caught too far across and high up the pitch and as a result is unable to cover the space left by Bene. Look at the positioning of Crane throughout that move if Murray had taken that sort of position on the other side he could have helped clear. That may seem very harsh given the main blame in clearly with the centre backs but I think an experienced natural right back helps out there.
  7. RRFC vs. Forfar

    I actually thought we played pretty well. Created plenty of chances and Lyness barely had anything to do. As soon as Nisbet went off we started to fade but Forfar still didn’t really trouble us. However, it was obvious when we continued to waste chances we’d get hit with a sucker punch and even more obvious it would come from Baird. Great finish by him. Dreadful defending for the goal we really need to make a change in there ASAP.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    The width of a post thing annoys me. Yes, if it went the other side we’d be champions but that game wasn’t some hard luck story nor was our season. We played our usual punt after punt and I can’t remember thinking at any point that a goal was coming. The bigger factor in us missing out on the league was our inability to take more than 2 points from a possible 12 away to a very poor Forfar (at the time) and Albion Rovers. Add that to the fact we only won 1 out of 4 against Ayr (including 2 drubbings).
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Falkirk/Partick/Morton/Dunfermline coming down would be a bit of a disaster for us assuming as you say we do our usual in the play offs. However, there’s no guarantee we’ll be facing at least 1 other full time side next year. It’s still entirely possible, although looking unlikely at the moment, that Alloa are the ones relegated automatically.
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Yeah, I would agree with all of that. I’m still 100% behind McGlynn and think given time he will sort the problems and get us where we want to go. It’s just a shame he didn’t have last summer to build the team he wanted. Smith building his team and then leaving 5 games in has really hampered us. Totally agree also regarding the balance, I think a James Craigen type wide midfielder who can tuck inside when defending would really help with that rather than two out and out wingers. I’d give Lyness a shot on Saturday and I’d be tempted to try Wedderburn at CB in place of Davo. Forfar is the only home game I’ve missed but by all accounts he was solid there for that game. Would then put Matthews in midfield to replace Nat which would give us a bit more energy and pace in there. Would also replace Flanagan with McGuffie. JM has tended to change personnel after a defeat and get a positive immediate response but then the same failures repeat themselves not too far down the line. I think a more fundamental change in terms of our set up is required to sustain any kind of turnaround in form.
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    What about the Saturday before? Barry Smith masterminded a 3-0 defeat to Peterhead, and 2-0 defeats against Cove Rangers and Cowdenbeath as well as a couple of 3-0 demolitions at Somerset. I’ve not seen anything nearly that bad from JM yet. The Barry Smith revisionism is hilarious. Last season has been done to death but even this season we lost to Cove, Cowdenbeath and failed to beat East Fife and Stranraer. We were incredibly lucky to draw with East Fife and even luckier to win at Airdrie where any other day we’d have suffered the 3-1 defeat we deserved. And that was all before he left at the start of September! Barry Smith left when he did because he knew he couldn’t keep that team near the top so got out while his stock was at its highest. The football under him was horrendous. The results haven’t been what we hoped or expected for under McGlynn but I certainly enjoy watching us at Stark’s a lot more now. Should McGlynn be doing better? Probably. Would Smith be doing better? No chance.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Agree with all of this regarding Smith and last season. However, this McGlynn side is totally different to the sides you played against previously. When we are on form we are very easy on the eye and we have played some good attacking football this season. However, this has meant we can be extremely open at times particularly away from home. We don’t have that gritty, ruthless streak that used to be JM’s signature. We are incredibly soft centred. We need to try and find the right balance quickly but we don’t have the personnel to play the McGlynn Mark 1 way currently.
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    People also said Reece Donaldson, Lee Bryce and Colin Wilson should be getting more game time and look where they are now. You assume playing a young player every week will automatically make them better, that is not the case. Exposing players to a level they’re clearly not ready for does absolutely nothing for their development. Watson would benefit greatly from a spell away on loan at a lower level where he can get regular games and develop at a level he is ready for. Hopefully if we get a right back in he is allowed to do that. In saying that and going against popular opinion, I actually think Murray has been fine at right back in recent weeks. He’s clearly not the long term solution but I think he has actually been the better of our two full backs recently. Crane has been nowhere near as good as I was expecting.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Watson has been given plenty chances this season and he’s shown he’s clearly not ready. Would agree on McKay though.
  15. Brechin v Raith

    Indeed. We’ve won 2 out of our last 11 in Angus and both of those were against Arbroath.