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  1. Updated stats on a post I made before the Hearts game. Really is incredible the difference he makes to the team. Adds important balance to the midfield.
  2. Yeah, if we are under pressure defending our box and he just has to kick/head the ball the way he is facing, I think he can do that job pretty well as he did for the last few minutes on Saturday. However, the various flaws in his game would be exposed over 2 legs by a striker like Cummings and a midfielder like Adam finding the gaps. The only real positive of him playing if Davo doesn’t make it is that Dundee are a huge threat from set pieces. They seem to have scored from at least one set piece every time I have watched them and Nando’s main strength is his aerial ability.
  3. I’m not sure that’s true, unfortunately. The reason McGlynn has only played Mendy in a 3 recently is because his positional sense is so bad. It can be covered slightly better in a 3 (though not entirely if he just runs away from his man ala Hearts). In a two that will be (and has been) badly exposed. His starts in a two this season have been: 3-3 vs Inverness 1-0 vs Cowdenbeath 5-2 vs Alloa 0-2 vs QOS He was all over the place in all of those games, the only reason we got a clean sheet against Cowdenbeath is because they lacked the quality to take advantage of a couple of his mistakes. An average of almost 2 goals conceded per game and none of those against strikers the quality of Cummings. The only solid performances I can remember from him were in the 1-0 win at Cappielow and he played an hour in the 5-0 win against them at Starks. Your commitment to defending Mendy is admirable and I hope you are proven correct and he has a brilliant couple of games if he comes in. Unfortunately, I think Davo is far from perfect but remains miles better than Mendy and if he is not fit I’d say our chances in this tie go from slim to zero.
  4. That is a great point. After a 4-0 (going on 6/7) thumping and throwing away 2nd place to bounce back a few days later with back to back clean sheets is a fantastic reaction, especially with such a young side.
  5. I cannot believe how comfortable that was after we scored our first. Never in doubt from that point. 6 goals in his last 3 games against Dunfermline at Starks for Vaughan. Brilliant finish from Ugwu too. Bene man of the match for me, he was outstanding and Davo was good too, Wighton was kept very quiet second half. If Davo is out, there is no chance we beat Dundee over 2 legs but that’s a thought for another day.
  6. Not much in it, very cagey game which is to be expected given the importance. Think Dunfermline have edged it, can see Wighton being the difference between the sides, he’s look dangerous every time the ball has been near him. Dunfermline have been well organised and pressed well again. Hopefully they tire a bit second half and that gives us a half yard to start creating a bit more. All to play for second half but on balance of play over the tie so far, Dunfermline look the more likely.
  7. Happy with the result but, without being too negative, the performance was a bit of a worry ahead of the second leg. Dunfermline unlucky not to win. Although we did improve slightly in the second half. For all the stick Crawford has rightly taken, he got it spot on last night. He looked ridiculously out his depth at Starks, regularly changing shape and personnel with no idea how to counteract what we were doing so he is due some credit for finding the answer last night. I’d imagine both teams will approach Saturday in the same way. Dunfermline pressed well at the right times and won the ball back in good areas high up the park and looked a threat every time on the break. I don’t see any change to their approach and they’ll be hoping with a bit more cutting edge they will get the goals they deserved last night. For us, we will play exactly the same way as we always do. I think we’ll go with the same 11 but I suppose there will be an argument about a more physical presence up top to bypass the high press. Our home performances have been pretty good (Hearts games aside) but it would be naive to think just because we are at home we will win. Given both sides will have the same set ups and approach to the game, if we allow the game to follow the same pattern as last night with us only dominating possession in the areas Dunfermline are happy for us to have it and being ponderous and sloppy on the ball allowing them to counter, we will lose. However, being on our pitch should allow us to move the ball much quicker and slicker than last night which is a must if we are to win. The laboured possession played into Dunfermline’s hands and allowed them to implement their game plan. All to play for in the second leg, if we move the ball much better than last night to find the gaps when Dunfermline press (which we are capable of doing) then I’d fancy our chances. Huge McGlynn fan but I hope he was just trying to put a positive spin in the media by calling it an even game last night and behind closed doors he recognises and has identified the areas we must improve.
  8. Matthews looked to be signalling to the bench he is struggling. That would be a massive blow.
  9. I’m not sure why but I am really struggling to excited for this one. I think the fact that whoever wins this tie, I just can’t seem them going up is probably the biggest contributing factor. I’ll still buy it though. Ross Matthews being back is huge, last week I posted our stats with and without him this season and the difference is incredible. Even short of fitness, he is a massive upgrade on King. Davo is undoubtedly our best option alongside Bene for this game but he has been poor the last 3 games (not the only one of course) and is well off Musonda’s level. It’s a shame that we produced one of our best performances in years against Dunfermline at Starks and that will be the only game that 11 ever play together for the club. Tonight should hopefully be the closest we have been to that team since with Davo in for Musonda the only change. Can see the Pars winning this, 3-1 unfortunately. McManus and Wighton to share the goals. Not that either side should be lacking in motivation given what’s at stake but I think after the 5-1, the Pars will be desperate to make amends just as we were after the 4-1 at EEP.
  10. I think that weird Tazz fella’s head might explode when he gets news of our 19/20 League and Cup double...
  11. Should say, fair play to Musonda for completing the rest of the game and helping us to a clean sheet in Dumfries despite a fragment of his patellar tendon coming off. He must’ve been in quite a bit of discomfort.
  12. The much maligned partnership of Davo and Bene to lead us to the Premiership convincing McGlynn to give Davo another year IMO.
  13. Has there been any update on Ross Matthews injury and how long he is likely to be out? I seem to remember the Raith TV commentators mentioning him during the Arbroath game (I think) and suggested it wasn’t something serious and he’d be back soon but that was a couple of weeks ago now. Would be huge to have him available for Friday night. I honestly believe he is one of our most important players, we don’t have anyone else that does the job he does in midfield. Tait, Spencer and Hendry are all better technically than Matthews but the energy and dig he provides in midfield is sorely missed. Had a look at the stats to see if that showed his influence and it is pretty clear. In games Matthews has been involved this season: Played: 17 Lost: 3 Goal For: 34 Goals Against: 17 Goal Difference +17 Without Matthews: Played: 9 Lost: 4 GF: 11 GA: 15 GD: -4 It really highlights just how important he is. Without him we have lost almost half our games and have actually lost more without him than with him despite playing 8 games less. The difference in our goals scored and against is highlighted in the huge goal difference swing. I will be a lot more confident for Friday and the play offs if he is available once again.
  14. Completely forgot about our play off defeat to Alloa in 17/18. Updated my post from yesterday to include it. What a grim sight.
  15. Huge game for us. I would have Dundee favourites for 2nd place now. Can’t see them not winning against QOS and if Hearts turn up and play to their best they will win. Looking more positively, we have seen this season there is no guarantee which Hearts side will turn up. Hopefully they give some younger players a game and are in a bit of holiday mode. We should also take a bit of encouragement from Hearts recent away form. Since they beat us at Starks they have only won 1 of their 7 in all competitions away from home and haven’t won away in their last 6. Unfortunately most of those are draws and I don’t think a draw will be enough for us. The usual weekly statement on injuries. Hopefully we can get Musonda and Matthews back and we can line up the same way as the Pars win. If Matthews is still out that means King will have to come in for Tait and we still haven’t seen nearly enough from him. Should also add on a positive note, we haven’t lost back to back league games under McGlynn since he came back. If we can get everyone back fit, I will predict a 1-1 draw with all eyes on Dumfries for a favour.
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