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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Just checked back over the last 2 and a half seasons to see just how bad our away form is. We have won 16 of our last 59 away games in all competitions. 2 of those wins were against highland league teams. However, we did also manage to lose to Highland League opposition this season. If we’re just calculating our results against league teams it is 14 wins from our last 56. So a win percentage of 25%, no matter how good our home form is we’re going nowhere until the away form is sorted.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I think so, he can start putting together his team for next season in January. Gives them half a season to gel so we can hit the ground running next year. Who knows, if the additions are really good, they might even be enough to win us the play offs...okay too far.
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We have been ahead in all 3 of our away defeats and lost the winning goal in the last 10 minutes. We’re just not solid enough at the back. You never get the feeling when we get our noses in front that we will see it out. We have actually been in front in every single away game this season and have only won 3 out of 8. That’s not acceptable. I’ve said before, the hallmark of McGlynns teams previously were solid defence, hard work and unbelievable fitness. However, at the moment we look frail at the back and seem to lose as many late goals as we score. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious fitness advantage over other teams. Hopefully he’s given the funds to perhaps move on a couple of players and bring in a few to really put his stamp on the team for the second half of the season. Only one McGlynn signing playing today and he scored and has been our best player the last few weeks.
  4. Montrose v Rovers

    I don’t think anyone is happy about it but who exactly do you think is to blame? We've been poor away from home again this season which is killing us. But let’s give Arbroath some credit, they are unbeaten all season, even if we were on normal league winning form we’d still be well behind them. They’ve only dropped points in 1 game since John McGlynn took over and that was against us. That form is relentless and almost impossible to match. Said earlier in this thread we needed to win both our games before Arbroath and then beat them to have any sort of chance. We’ve not managed that, definitely going to be play offs again. Hopefully we can make a few changes in January and at least half a strong second half of the season.
  5. Montrose v Rovers

    1 win in 8 in away games in Angus? We seem to hate it there.
  6. Montrose v Rovers

    Arbroath and Montrose both go 2-1 up in the same minute. Even in December 13 points is too much to overcome.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Seen it posted elsewhere but it really is as simple as this on the grass vs astroturf debate: Good grass pitch>good astroturf pitch>bad grass pitch>bad astroturf pitch Unfortuantely, due to various different issues we haven’t really had a good grass pitch for quite a while so I think the astroturf is beneficial to us in that respect. It will also hopefully help cut down postponements with a bad winter, although I acknowledge quite a few astroturf pitches suffered postponements with frost last season. Further to all of this, an astroturf pitch can allow the first team, youth teams and women’s team all the train at the same place. Fairly crucial when you’re looking to be a community club and also eliminates the cost of expensive training facilities. Once we’re in a position to rent out the use of the pitch we will then be able to generate income from the stadium 5/6 days a week as opposed to twice a month. I understand there will be costs to go along with that but from a cash flow point of view that is a big help, particularly in the summer or recently where we’ve only had 2 home games in 6 weeks. Obviously the pitch is great just now because it is new. As rightly pointed out, the true test will come when it gets a bit older. Ensuring it is replaced at the correct time and replaced properly. However, the extra investment the club put into the initial installation should stand us in good stead.
  8. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Delighted to have Flanagan signed and for 2 years too, obviously all players are going to say it’s great working for the manager but the extensions of Nesbit and Flanagan along with recent performances prove that the team are really buying into what McGlynn and Smith are doing. Was thinking the same as you mention regarding a fit team the other day. Would be nice for McGlynn to have a positive selection dilemma for a change. Would be a welcome change thinking which good players to leave out the team compared to barely scraping a team together from 11 fit players as we’ve done a few times this season. I think our best midfield and strikers would be Flanagan and Armstrong wide with Gillespie (although I’d also be happy to see him continue at RB) and Hendry in the middle. Vaughan and Nesbit would be up front. That would leave out Wedderburn, Matthews and Buchanan who have all been excellent in recent weeks and also Duggan. Would be a nice problem to have but we all know, they’ll never all be fit at once.
  9. Montrose v Rovers

    Each to their own I suppose. It appears everyone seems to injure Vaughan these days but I can’t remember the treatment being overly rough. I thought for a team with no stand out players and having just been promoted they were very good. Really well organised, defended well, looked a threat on the break. Also looked dangerous and quite inventive from every set piece. Maybe it’s just relative to my expectations before the game. I expect tough games against East Fife and Arbroath. With the greatest of respect to Montrose, I didn’t expect much from them at all. They were far better than I thought they’d be and definitely deserved the point.
  10. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Part and parcel of football unfortunately it’s fair enough tactics from Campbell. They were up against arguably the best player in the league on his day and our biggest creative force I’d expect Arbroath to do whatever they could to keep him quiet. Kicking lumps out of him is probably the most effective way to do that. If we resort to that approach against Linn in a couple of weeks and it keeps him quiet and we win then I’d be delighted.
  11. Montrose v Rovers

    This will be a really tough game, Montrose are probably the most impressive side I’ve seen this season. They were very well organised at Stark’s. Cuthbert being in charge and Nisbet playing at wing back probably didn’t help us mind you. We’re greatly improved since that game with the management change and the signings. The side has a lot more balance now. If Crane is fit I’d bring him in for Murray in a straight swap but I don’t think McGlynn will change a winning team and I have no problem with that. Any sort of win will do, can see it being extremely tight, would bite your hand off for a 1-0 right now. We really need to win both games before we play Arbroath if we are to keep up any sort of hopes of catching them.
  12. Raith v Airdrie

    Pretty much all been covered. Airdrie the better team for the first 15 minutes, once we went 2-0 up we were excellent until half time and really should of had a third. We sat back to soak up Airdrie pressure second half and we managed it relatively comfortably. Airdrie looked a decent side in spells though and I’m sure under Murray they will go from strength to strength. I would expect to see them in the play offs. Last thing, after all the criticism he has had since he joined its only fair to recognise Liam Buchanan has been much improved in recent weeks. Been really impressed with him recently and I don’t think it’s any coincidence now we are getting the ball on the deck and playing good football that we’re seeing the best of him.
  13. Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but loving the irony of Falkirk’s player of the month being sponsored by Top Class Recruitment.
  14. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    In fairness they were all crucial in getting us into the play offs in the Championship (the right ones!). We only had one defeat in our last 15 games in a league with Hibs and Rangers. If they aren’t performing i’d suggest it’s down to AJ not being able to or not knowing how to get the best out of them rather than them all suddenly becoming bad players. Would agree that Connolly is the best out of the lot, he was a joy to watch when on form for us.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Remember Alan Young coming out and saying at the end of that season he didn’t think the appointment of Gary Locke was a mistake?