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  1. We paid over £100k for Anderson in January I'd say if Levein believe their was sell on value and potential in Bain we would pay £400k, make him first choice for 2 years then sell on for £1million by which time Hamilton would be make or break 1st choice
  2. Feel free to tell me why I am wrong. Bain is a good keeper who could become an exceptional keeper but as it stands he's worth less than 500k and your tin pot club wouldn't turn down a bid of that sort.
  3. Dundee wouldn't get any more than £400k for Bain and they would take it.
  4. Bain is the man, makes perfect sense, could get him for 200k and sell on value and long term no1 until then. Have to agree Alexander is reaching the use by date and not sure if Hamilton is the sucessor on that timescale
  5. No but for the multiple drink driving would have been a start and for being an attention seeking c**t the media could ignore him into the poverty and lack of attention he deserves
  6. Guarenteed that within 2-3 days Carlisle will somehow be making this story into a media scrum about him, his inner strength and so on and him fighting his demons. He is ultimately responsible for this mans death and I'll bet no matter what he comes out and says in the media if anyone asks the question about how many times Carlisle has spoken or apologised to this man the answer will show him up as the scumbag he is.
  7. Outside the dirty firm no one is going to come close to Beslija - £875k for a guy who played less than 10 games and was rumoured to be on 10k a week. The wages flying around Hearts under romanov were obscene with rumours guys were on 5-15k a week across the squad. Sure it was even suggested Gordon was getting nearly 20k a week not long before his move.
  8. £900k when he has 12 months on his contract is a more than reasonable fee. Think Utd might end up regretting turning that down. As soon as the season starts he is basically worthless and in Scotland does 1 good season equal £900k. I'm not sure. If they can get more fair play to them but I'd personally have taken it.
  9. Charlie Telfer £170k plus VAT - 1 first team appointment and 0 u21 caps Jason Holt - 81 first team appearances plus 9 u21 caps....... Odds on us getting less than £100k?
  10. It's not really a glamour friendly though. Pre-season friendlies are generally shite and a rip off at nearly £20 I'd struggle to justify £20 for Barca or Real Madrid never mind a mix of everton reserves/first team barely trying.
  11. How many SPFL games were postponed last season? I'm going to guess it would be 10-15 maximum.
  12. Signing Hearts rejects Unfortunately you need a master tactician like Robbieinho to get the best out of them so chances are Eckersley will be the new Kujabi and Keatings will score 3 goals all season as Handling hits 20 for QOTS or St Mirren as they go up
  13. Keating's won't be going to hibs to warm a bench and Cumming's surely will want to play every week which surely means El-allgui, Mamongo and dejede dejede will be offski as doubt any will fancy the bench.
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