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  1. I take it they ground shared for 8 years?
  2. I honestly don't know. I only saw Alloa play once there, just before they moved to Cumbernauld.
  3. Bumping this great thread with this oldie. Shawfield 1986. Clyde v Alloa
  4. Ta, I'm not on twitter. Might need to register.
  5. Where is everyone getting the signing info from? nothing on the OS
  6. I think they would have had to have left Uganda in the 70's to be classified as refugees.
  7. Just listened to the interview, she body-swerved the question like all politicians do!
  8. I wonder if Priti Patel has ever stopped to think that the points system she's so desperate to implement, would have prevented her parents from entering the UK had it been around in the 1960's
  9. Used to be part of Perthshire but now Clacks
  10. Stoneybridge is twinned with Yetts O' Muckhart maybe that's what you're thinking about.
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