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  1. Forfar have some nugget fans! Job done and name in the hat for the next round
  2. 0-3 Motherwell Not hopeful for this one
  3. Still nothing official from the club on the new sponsor.
  4. fully agree with this. Quite a few people who are fans but now work for the club on Livi fans forum on facebook. Fans a fickle and say crazy things at times doesn't mean they don't appreciate things or the club. Find it hard if you work for the club and you have greater information of things happening behind the scenes how you can post like a fickle fan. Moving between the 2 is dangerous I think anyway
  5. He cuts many a “deal” at LFC these days not always popular ones mind you 😉
  6. He was a great signing ps Shocking strip. Club should be ashamed with that choice.
  7. Anything can happen at Livingston. Nothing surprises me.
  8. I heard it was Martindale’s decision on the kit. He was doing the “deal” with the supplier. Why is it rediculous?
  9. I heard it was Martindale’s decision. Pi$$ poor if you ask me. In this area the club is a laughing stock. When you don't have a vocal support the club can almost do anything they want to .
  10. Not sure Holt is allowed to make those kind of decisions
  11. I'm dreading the kit reveal to be honest. Think we’re all dreading it. White seriously?
  12. Still no mention from Livi today on the new Main Sponsor at Almondvale?
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