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  1. Good draw for the Mo. Should be a cracking tie. Looking forward to it.
  2. Nothing wrong with the pitch... just sour grapes and was so predictable. Lol
  3. SP won't be staying too long in Div 2. I can see why the Pars would want him though... Pars legend isn't he? All I know is he must be a magician in the dressing room. Respect, Mr P.
  4. Just shows how we've been so used to being at the bottom of the league... so difficult to be an optimist! Come on guys... no more negative waves eh!
  5. Answered my own question... we've been doing it since 12 August. Edinburgh City game the week before was last time we didn't. Must get to more games lol. Names on shirts next??
  6. Noticed that we were using squad numbers on Saturday. Great idea because it helps identify the players more easily. Are we the only league 2 team to do this?
  7. Good luck to the Mo tonight in the Challenge Cup. Can't be there in person so spirit will have to suffice... whisky that is.
  8. Clyde 2 Annan 0 Cowdenbeath 3 Edinburgh 0 Montrose 2 Stenhousemuir 1 Peterhead 2 Elgin 2 Stirling 0 Berwick 1
  9. The result yesterday was great... a win against Stenny would be brilliant too. I still say we should be going for the league this season. We need to aim high and believe we can do it. Play offs would be a consolation prize.
  10. Not the best way to start off the season but there are always some injuries to contend with. I agree that Cammy would be a brilliant loan signing again but I saw him against us for DU and I didn't get the impression he wasn't fitting in there! Bolo is a big miss for us in my opinion and we need him back pronto.
  11. Our original thread is now so long you could make a quilt out of it so here's a new one... Good start to the league season for the Mo with a fine away win against Edinburgh. Main worry is the injury list though - already! Anybody got any insight into who's still crocked and who will soon be back?
  12. I think the Brechin game will be a good indicator of where we are. They're at the level that we should be aspiring to so we'll see how far we still have to go.
  13. Well done to Arbroath. Hope to see you all again at Links Park next season! Still lots of work to do first but chuffed we made the play offs... at the right end for a change!
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