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  1. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] exactly the same as when he was with us. Good luck with him. Clearly a Junior player masquerading in the Senior ranks
  2. QoS better organised, faster and sharper. Disappointing night and to cap it off we had Joe Cardle back as the former player at half time. Who the f**k at the club thought that was a good idea??
  3. You can see that both are clever football players but no being able to run isnae helping them. I remember watching McCord last year and he was exactly the same fitness wise
  4. Christ it will take more than 90 mins to get those two back up to fitness. Those shorts are that tight they look like Lycra
  5. What the f**k is Wee Dick feeding some of his players? Is there a plethora of decent kebab shops near Gayfield?
  6. Money was a tad tight after Xmas. Didn't go today. #foregoneconclusion
  7. And Chakrabarti again... How many times does she get a gig on Question Time????"
  8. All good things come to an end. It’s not as if he wasted millions in the transfer market[emoji6]
  9. Awww Pedro is gone. Onwards and upwards to the next chapter of the circus
  10. Gutted if Pedro gets the chop. On the bright side it will be more wasted money buying him out and appointing a new management team. Who in there right mind is going to take over with a bunch of failures in the team and a bunch of clowns in charge in the boardroom
  11. Let's take a step back from all the hilarity of the penalty incident. Does anyone have a rough figure on how many millions it's cost The Rangers to get themselves to this level?? If there was ever a case of mismanagement of a business this must be the model example.
  12. Did anyone notice the steward when the auld boy and Kev were going for it. He looked like he had no idea what to do and looked like he was going to burst oot greeting fair play to the auld boy storming in but it would have been more impressive if he had done with windmill arms as he was running in
  13. Ryan McCord.... holy sh*t.... how unfit is he... that must be one of the most overweight players ever to grace Starks Park. How he lasted 67 mins is beyond me. He was burst after 30 mins. As for the Arbroath fans, well they certainly were a feisty bunch today. To be fair most of their young team were in the Novar after the game and not a bit of bother from them.
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