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  1. I think when you partner up with an agent (which is/has been the suggestion), the model is very much to put the players said agent puts your way in the shop window for them to ultimately move on. Hopefully that results in the club benefitting on the park and also through getting a cut in terms of transfer fees. For instance if Robert has a great few months and think it’s more likely he’s sold on than signing a contract extension as someone else suggested. However the agent then hopefully has a replacement they can bring in. So agent maybe makes some money, club might hopefully make some money and club benefits by getting better players than we might have been able to get (and if via loans paying reduced wages) I presume is the hope. *edited to add that’s just my thoughts/take
  2. Late 90s (98 I think). Came off the bench in his one game as a trialist v St Mirren and scored... never to be seen again.
  3. Good post but not sure you can say Thistle would likely have got relegated. We can all say both them and Hearts were absolutely awful (they were) but so were eg Queen of the South who were only one point ahead having played a game more and having lost a game more. I know you know this but suggesting they were likely to go down anyway misses the point of their argument.
  4. Wedderburn is no loss but I’m a little surprised by Millar. Having said that, Murray needs to find a way for the team to improve (personally I don’t think we were going to challenge for the title) and has obviously targeted the midfield to achieve that. As for the rest it’s probably a reflection on where we are. No money coming in and no games imminently so it must be difficult to balance the books. With a smaller squad (but reasonably settled given the re-signings) and a reduced amount of league games, if we can get off to a good start who knows what might happen.
  5. Thankfully for Hearts sake Deans appears to only give his expert legal opinion to the jambo kickback site (via a third party) these days. The third party spectacularly called the reconstruction ‘vote’ wrong but continues to post messages (then apologies) for Deans. It’s a strange site, those who don’t stick to the narrative that the court case is a slam dunk are shouted down and/or accused of being Hibs supporters.
  6. The way he was begging for the leagues to end, and that promotion should be given out, it’s all about the money. No need to go further. Needs/wants the money.
  7. I can’t see them succeeding by any stretch of the imagination but the damage it would do to the spfl if somehow they did would be irreparable. I guess everyone involved will get to pay a lot of money to find out.
  8. I don’t think anyone is saying that Raith aren’t champions are they? Even Hearts and Thistle are just out to halt your promotion.
  9. Great signing. Wasn’t fit when he came back to us last season but should score goals for fun at that level (with the right service).
  10. I couldn’t care less mate (well, aside from the hypocrisy on show by some). Just enjoying the show. But to be clear, you didn’t win anything at the end of that match. It was weeks after, after an email vote or zoom call or whatever non pitch related thing it was when they decided to hand the title out.
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