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  1. He's better than all the rest of this season's loanees put together. He puts in a shift every week and always looks to get involved. Dundee will get the benefit of him playing every week.
  2. I think you are missing the biggest moron on here - you.
  3. Just been reading David Cox's newspaper article about the abuse he gets about his mental health. Very interesting, especially the bit about the abuse he gets about it from Cowdenbeath fans.
  4. I always thought football was real life . I would suggest that your man Cox is a total waster off the field as well as on it and that has contributed to his supposed mental health issues. I can assure you I am no idiot but no doubt you call anybody who disagrees with you an idiot.
  5. Physical - he is an animal. What the ref was thinking about not giving him a red card God only knows. A bit rich from a club who have their chairman filmed being a total bigot as well as a dick.
  6. Anybody trying to defend him is as bad as he is. He is a total waster.
  7. First clean sheet since 21 September. No Andy Munro. Coincidence?
  8. Good news that McBrearty is back. Even better news that Dykes and Scullion have gone.
  9. I was thinking more of playing for a penalty shootout and hoping the opposition had a Jay Stein in their team.
  10. Terrible performance from beginning to end. Cowdenbeath were not much better but they took their chances. We can't defend and missed a few good chances. No Smith,Munro and Hopkirk and it showed. There will have to be wholesale changes in January starting with all 4 loanees who are all as weak as water but they are not alone. In a perfect world we could do with about 8 new players. The manager will have to come up with something special to get us up the league. The only consolation is that apart from the top 2 the rest of the teams are nothing special.
  11. Don't know about Smith but Munro is suspended for one game for his collection of yellow cards.
  12. If your son doesn't work a bit harder you could get him back in January. He does have some ability, he just needs to use it.
  13. With Gibbons gone will we be bringing someone in to replace him or are we hoping Brandon Luke emerges from the undergrowth and become our saviour.
  14. As you say there aren't many options off the bench but I would start with Hopkirk instead of Anderson. Hopkirk provides some movement and will track back but Anderson just wants to stand and wait for the ball to land at his feet so that he can have a swing at it.
  15. Halleran is decent on the ball but the manager seems to want him to sit on the bench. Dylan Dykes is 6'2" but plays like he is 3'2" and is mostly anonymous.
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