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  1. I'm not a fan of Sean Dickson. The only decent game he had this season was against "we won the cup in 1957" and my granny would have looked good against that lot. It's very much pot luck with loan signings but apart from Paton and to a lesser extent McBrearty our loanees have been weak wee laddies who were trying to play in a league at least 2 levels above their ability. Donaldson will be a miss and I can't see Neill, Hurst or Duthie getting full time contracts, they could do a job in League 2 with us.
  2. 2 of his 12 bookings were in the League Cup so he will be ok.
  3. Thank you for your best of luck message. I am sure we will reciprocate by providing information about the League 1 sides you would meet if you reach the dizzy heights of the relegation playoffs. That would come at a price of course.
  4. We won't need that, we can just go round with a begging bowl like Falkirk are doing just now.
  5. Maybe because the board know they are receiving a fee for one of their players.... Maybe we are spending the money Falkirk FC kindly donated.
  6. He would have been another tallish man in the wall and that might have put Forbes off. He did have one free kick in the second half which nearly went in to orbit.
  7. Look on the bright side - you will have Kevin O'Hara back in January.
  8. I hope he is wearing his Falkirk kit every Saturday from January to the end of the season.
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