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  1. 'As soon as Jock heard he went and threw him out the club'....Sean Fallon. 'It was an open secret within the club'... Billy McNeill. -------------- If you believe Fallon and McNeil a helluva lot of people knew a helluva lot. Then again they could be big bad Proddie bigots telling lies to blacken the name of big Jock the Proddie...
  2. Its nonsense. There are 3 or 4 youngsters such as Sinnamon..Gasparato..Hardie..Gallagher etc etc
  3. I am not sure Bell will be first choice.
  4. So desperate they tell lies about referees deciding to quit the game.
  5. I was joking. Absolutely no seethe here...we managed to get rid of the deadwood.
  6. Diddieness is a mindset .... we Rangers supporters will never suffer from an inferiority complex. Lol
  7. Because we already have Ryan Sinnamon. Hope fully the kid will be given a chance
  8. Just under 28,000 season tickets sold and they only went on public sale on the 8th of July. Yet again an unbelievable effort from the Rangers support. Should reach 35,000 now by the end of August and won't be far off 40,000 by the time we sell the half season tickets at Xmas.
  9. Aye but Cmon. Killie have signed Big Jig as Player / Asst Manager. I cant see Stormin' buying family season tickets anytime soon.
  10. Nah. This friend is a big bald proddie ex soldier who desperately wants to be something hes not. I can see why he chose to support the plastics.lol. He hates being reminded he swore allegiance to her Majesty. I dont remind him too often right enough...not the kind of person you fall out with lol Anyway it finished 1-0.
  11. And you ended up supporting that Mob? Your parents must be wondering where they went wrong. Never mind you married well....
  12. Cheers I was thinking that at it might be.
  13. It was the QC that accused Tedi of not being at the game as he had posted about the game. The argument had absolutely nothing to do with rep points. I remember the game as Ted was sitting just in front of me and I would have text him to come and sit with us but my teenage son was being a teenage son at the time so didn't bother.
  14. Cheers for that. I suppose I ll need to try and get a stream
  15. I actually burst out laughing waiting for Mrs 8 outside her work when I read it. Ironically enough my phone internet didn't let me reply.
  16. The one about you posting when we were at Livingpston....pretty sure it was the Albion Rovers game...was one of my favourites lol. The computer genius obviously has never posted from a phone before lol
  17. Regarding Kyle Hutton. I always preferred Ian Black to Kyle Hutton.,that's probably all that needs saying on that.
  18. I see the game has been moved. Does anybody know if it is going to be televised as I will be abroad when game is played.
  19. No i dont. I very rarely mention any celtic posters other than the QC. I couldnt even tell you why Dhen was banned. I found him annoying but rarely offensive. Then again i have had him on ignore for quite a while.
  20. The wage bill for playing staff should be down from last season and the overall wage bill for the club as a whole will fall dramatically once the gardeners are gone.
  21. And what a fantastic day that was. My auld father in law didn't know what to do...stay with the women or go and watch the Rangers with me and a couple of mates lol
  22. I didnt want to say. It really is a desperate attempt at being noticed. Again i rarely if ever reply to that sad sac.
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