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  1. Has anyone managed to state at any point just how Livi are sustaining full-time football on the money they are bringing in? Has this been accounted for at any point? Its hard to find real info among the bitching.
  2. Doing my first race on Sunday - 10k at Scone Palace - any preparation tips?
  3. Nike+ should do you mate, if you have an iPod Nano. If, like me, you don't have such a device, you could map out a route on www.walkjogrun.net - that will tell you the distance.
  4. I've just entered the Scone Palace 10k race. Its two weeks on Sunday. My first ever race so I'll need to step up the training to ensure I don't finish dead last! I did a 5.5k run last night, so will try to add a kilometre every couple of days until I get to the distance...
  5. Thinking about doing the Scone Palace 10k next month. Been out of the running a bit lately but playing a lot more football and squash to compensate. Interested in the interval stuff - will need to work out a progamme of some kind.
  6. Some of the stuff on Livi Lions is incredible. Head in sands doesn't begin to describe it.
  7. I'd echo everything NorthBank has said. Several years ago Geoff Brown said, effectively, that Livingston were heading for trouble. He said the same about Gretna. Both times he was slated and branded as being jealous. Both times he was entirely correct. St Johnstone and St Mirren supporters are lucky to support well run clubs, and I have no doubt that in time that will pay huge dividends for both. At the very least, they'll be the two who aren't being chased to the death by the banks in the way that Killie and Clyde probably will be in the very near future.
  8. Now a set up, and has broken back to make it 5-5 in the second. Interesting if he holds serve here - pressure on Nadal!
  9. All it suggests (confirms?) to me is that Livingston FC have no liquid assets whatsoever, and are completely fucked.
  10. Doesn't really help the club though Alex? They have just shifted their debt from you to a credit card by the sounds of things!
  11. Presumably Livi owe Wilson Field a sum of money somewhere between £1 and £4999 in that case, and have defaulted on it repeatedly for it to get this far?
  12. Dunno if it is mentioned in this thread, but Livi were due in court today for a small claims matter involving insolvency specialists Wilson Field - see http://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/rolls/sheriff...081125.htm#SMCL Anyone know what this was about?
  13. When he missed those eight break points in a game I just had to give up and put the TV off - it was just too much for me! I got up half an hour later to go and get a glass of water, to find my dad sitting with the TV on. Walked in just in time for Murray to be at match point. Amazing stuff.
  14. About to buy some iPod stuff - can anyone point me towards the cheapest place to get the following online: Nike+ sports kit (I think this is pretty much £20 everywhere) iPod Nano armband (tons of different ones to choose from - any recommendations?) Trainer pouch/pocket thing (again, tons to choose from) Cheers, Jamie
  15. I've been totally off running for the last month, mainly due to a house move that has taken up all my time. Been doing a lot of swimming though. Going to try a run tomorrow night - dread to think how crap I will be!
  16. Been off it for a week or so mainly because I've been working constantly. Amazing how just a week off makes it more difficult in your mind to get back out to it. Forced myself on Monday and had a nice easy two mile run. Then played football last night which was great - feel so much fitter.
  17. That's a 4.30 mile which is pretty exceptional!
  18. Trying to up my mileage now - been doing several 2-3 mile runs every week and starting to find them easy, so trying to build up. Went for a 40 minute run yesterday which was around four miles. Managed it despite fairly well, although definitely need to invest in an iPod to get some music while I run! I think a 10k in August is a distinct possibility.
  19. I was under the impression that it started at the North Inch and went round both it and the South Inch, plus a little bit more. South Inch + North Inch alone without any extra is between 6 and 7 km anyawy!
  20. I quite fancy the Perth 10k in August, simply because I think I'll just about be at that level by then. Here's hoping!
  21. I'm thinking about a 10k later in the year. Back when I started I never dreamed I could do a 5k, but here i am a couple of months later doing 5ks two or three times a week in little over half an hour!
  22. Good work all the marathon runners. Give it a couple of years and maybe I'll join you! Just back in from a short run there. 4K in something between 22 and 24 minutes, which for me is a slight improvement in speed. I'm not exactly sure on the time because I've lost my stopwatch and am simply looking at a clock without a hand pointer before I go out and when I get in, which isn't particularly accurate. Tonight was also the first time I've managed to run that kind of distance without having to stop at all. I am seeing a definite improvement in my fitness with even the small amount of running I am doing. One of my routes takes me past my gym, so I sometimes stop there for some weights and to weigh myself - and have lost half a stone in the last 2 weeks, taking me below a certain weight I haven't been below since I was 17. And its all down to this thread Who would have though P&B could help anyone!
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