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  1. With the greatest respect could you all, please, f**k off.
  2. If we sign him I will send my season ticket back. He is fucking humpty.
  3. Hmm. Considine I can live with if he’s the backup to Cleary/Mahon/Gordon and another new left sided centre back. Wright I always liked well enough when he was playing in front of Foster at the start of his first stint at Saints. Since then not much of anything has worked for him. Maybe playing RWB will suit him in this system, but he has an awful lot to do to make this work. Neither signing scream imagination and/or a change of tack from last season.
  4. I don't think I'll ever forgive the repeated "avoiding the drop was bigger than the cup double" comments. One was an unprecedented achievement in our history and probably the best achievement ever by a small club in Scotland. The other was simply the minimum expectation level for any given season.
  5. When he came into the team last season he was woeful. He is not the required standard even as a backup in the Premiership. He’s worth a goal a game to our opponents.
  6. This whole LIV thing is just nonsensical. Best ignored. On to the real golf - carried on my regular thing now of playing my best golf when I'm out just having a casual knock myself. Net 60 today, eight under, with no score worse than a double bogey and not a single three putt on the card. 17 - SEVENTEEN - shots better than the last summer league card I put in...
  7. I’m also in credit. My usage last month was £70 less than my direct debit. My usage has been even less this month. And that’s after I argued them down by £30 a month. The big question is when will these companies let you drop your direct debit to reflect the government support that’s coming? The cost of living won’t actually ease until you don’t have to pay as much out every month as you currently have to.
  8. Yesterday - net 77 (nine over). Today - net 61 (seven under). Same course, same blustery conditions. You’ve got to love golf.
  9. New irons arrived today, very excited to get out and hit these
  10. MacPherson is absolutely garbage. Criminally bad. Don't let a deflected goal and a moderately decent second half against an exhausted Championship side who have just suffered a 1-2 sucker punch fool you. He got booked after five minutes last night and spent the rest of the first half avoiding going anywhere near an opponent and shelling the ball out of the park. A few nice touches, yes, but an awful lot of wasted possession which is absolutely in keeping with what we've seen from him all season. If he plays 20+ games next season we will be at the bottom end of the table again.
  11. If Rooney and Hendry end up at Kilmarnock next season something has gone badly wrong, both at Saints for not managing to retain them and for the players not managing to negotiate a move to a higher level on far more money. Agree entirely with what Radford has said. I prefer a new broom, someone coming in and cleaning out the nonsense in the squad and starting afresh but I can’t see it.
  12. We need to get business done early. There’s no way we’re keeping Clark - he’ll go to Aberdeen or an English Championship side or something and be looking to stake a claim for regular Scotland caps after the World Cup. But we should be throwing big contract offers at Hendry and Rooney for sure. I’d also like to keep Hallberg. If Davidson is staying he’s got this window and a few weeks of the new season to get it right. We can’t go into next season starting MacPherson and/or Crawford in the middle and expect to improve. We need to get in the market early, sign well and go into next season with new ideas
  13. In the hour since I posted about there being 75 tickets or so left that aren’t singles, it’s now down to about 15 with only two left together in the East. Need to get the Ormond opened. North Stand holds about 1800 though that’s probably only 1500 if the first three rows are not available. The section of the Main Stand you have is about 900.
  14. Seems weird to me that the Ormond stand is shut tonight given how few tickets there are left. Having looked just now there’s only about 75 tickets left that aren’t single seats, and they’re all at the front in the southern corners of the East/West stands. Surely worth opening it up as a last minute pay at the gate option? Think it’s fairly simple for us tonight - start the same XI as we did in Inverness and open up with the same intensity and attacking intent. Critical that we score the first goal.
  15. I only saw the first 15 minutes of the second half last night because I was away out and that’s the only part I caught in the pub - we were 2-0 up and in that short period it looked like we were going to run up a score. ICT couldn’t get out of their own defensive third, Middleton was having a field day and even James Brown was skipping past people as if he was a genuine attacking threat. The turn around after those subs must have been massive.
  16. I think the big thing since Hendry has returned is a level of maturity and control that he didn’t have before. He still plays aggressively but he’s cut out the lunging in and constant danger of being sent off. It’s just a shame he had to go away for half the season to get that.
  17. There’s no question at all in my mind that we should be starting the same XI that started against Aberdeen. The only possible change would be May for Middleton but I think this is a game that could well suit the latter and we need someone in the side that can make direct runs at the opposition. Hallberg has to start in that more advanced role and Davidson/Butters sitting in front of the defence suits us fine. Ill despair and expect to lose if I see Crawford or, especially, MacPherson in the line up.
  18. Ah that's helpful. Also explains why it was 21.4 and not something like 26 or 27 when you average out the three scores! I knew it was flattened out somewhat and that my 11 on a par five would be expunged from the record For the most part my rounds have been quite decent this year with just the odd disaster hole or two thrown in. Knock out those and I'm pretty confident 15-18 range is easily attainable in the next couple of months.
  19. Received my first official handicap this week - 21.4. Unfortunately two of my three cards that I put in were the worst I've scored in the last year - including a 99 gross on a round that I started par bogey par... I'm generally shooting in the mid 80s the rest of the time! Striking my irons better than I ever have just now and putting well too. New irons, three wood and driver all on order so hoping I can get myself well down into the mid teens handicap wise this year.
  20. Particularly when they’re shoved into the sections that are least visible on tv for a TV game. Not sure why saints felt the need to do that the other night for the Aberdeen fans - but Ross County do it every time and I’ve noticed it in some championship games that have been on tv as well bizarrely. It should be a requirement that clubs try to show their stadium to be as full as possible. I’m all for Saints moving everyone in the non-padded seats in the Main Stand over to the East.
  21. Ideally we’d get everyone who is likely to start against ICT out of the team here, maybe with the exception of giving Brown another run on the left to get him up to speed as best we can in that position? Sinclair Sang Mahon Cleary Brown Crawford Gilmour McPherson Craig May Bair
  22. For the love of God, Callum, learn from your mistakes. I’d probably start the XI that started against Aberdeen. Keep Crawford, MacPherson and Ciftci as far away as possible. Maybe May for Middleton but that’s it. Get Hallberg up supporting the strikers and let Butterfield and Davidson take care of things further back.
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