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  1. Hello all!

    I've never been on a cruise before - I've generally thought of it as something my grandparents (and in recent years, my parents) do.

    It may well be me becoming an old person myself, but we're looking around at different holiday options and I keep coming back and looking at some of the cruise options - I like the idea of seeing lots of different places and having all the food/drink/entertainment options right on hand.

    We have two kids (9 and 6 just now) - I've looked around a bit but I'm hoping P&B's cruise experts might have some answers about taking kids on board? Basically, what can you expect from the accommodation? Is it a case generally of bunk beds/pull out beds in beside a double bed? And in terms of kids activities/clubs etc it looks like there is a lot to do for the wee ones on most of these ships - what's the set up if, say, we wanted to go to see a show in the evening or go on an excursion during the day - are they set up to be open all day and you can go off to do whatever you want?

    Not that I'm necessarily suggesting we'd abandon our kids for a week, but it is an option I'm willing to explore 😂


  2. On 27/03/2023 at 11:16, PauloPerth said:

    I was in the lower tier for Hearts v Saints at Murrayfield 5 years ago or so when Tynecastle’s Main Stand being built.

    As someone who’d previously felt Murrayfield would be ideal for big Scotland football internationals with it being square behind the goals etc, I was shocked at how poor an experience it was.  You are miles back behind the goals with a dreadful view of the far end and the facilities in the ground are very limited.

    Its location near a major rail station and near lots of bars and restaurants is better, put purely on stadium alone it offers little improvement over Hampden.

    Was there not a bit of an issue with Hearts using Murrayfield in that they marked the pitch the same size as the Tynecastle pitch, which is obviously quite a bit smaller than they actually could have done? In any event, it will always be closer there than Hampden is from behind the goal.

    I like Murrayfield as an experience - in general the views are better than Hampden from almost everywhere and all round the facilities are better in terms of catering etc. It is obviously geared up for a different type of event than Scotland football games/Scottish Cup finals etc but I think there are things there that are positive that we could learn from if we were redoing Hampden.

    That said, many of the issues people complain about re: Hampden can easily be avoided by just actually planning ahead a little bit. "It takes too long to get away in the car"... Well park somewhere sensible and plan your route away from the ground - don't just join the queue pointing at the M74. There are plenty stations nearby other than Mount Florida if you don't want to stand in a monumental queue for a train. Its not like there are no queues at other big stadiums' nearby stations before/after games. That's just a fact of life if you've got tens of thousands of people entering/leaving the same place at the same time.

    There are obviously some issues with turnstiles - though a lot of that is caused by people a) not leaving the pub til 1.30pm at the earliest and b) not being to operate their QR codes for whatever reason - but how much of that would be fixed at another stadium in reality if people are still turning up half cut 20 minutes before kick off without having downloaded their tickets yet or pitching up at the wrong gate?

  3. 3 hours ago, Bairnardo said:

    I had a good round the other day aswell. What a difference it makes to your enjoyment and confidence. I was playing in a fourball, team matchplay so didn't really keep my score but I was driving the ball well and crucially getting good length on my longer irons which is unusual for me. 

    Putting was calamitous mostly but drained a 10 footer for a par on the last to half the match. That's real pressure. Rory wouldn't manage that IMO

    My one real bad tee shot of the day was on the third when I caught up with a group of seven lads playing a scramble on a guy’s stag. Far too big an audience watching, way too much pressure and I topped it into a bunker 😂

    Just looked at my scorecard and I played the last 12 holes in +1, which is just ridiculous.

  4. Played my best golf ever, by quite a distance, this afternoon. Course on winter tees so playing a bit short - but only really turning one of the par fives into a long par four and everything else just 5-20 yards shorter than usual at the most.

    My handicap at the end of last season was 22.4, albeit I hadn’t put a card in since about July.

    Round the par 71 course today in 79. 56% GIR and I think I missed one fairway with the driver the whole round. Aim for this season is to get the handicap down to between 15 and 18.

    Forget Rory’s driver, this was the result of my 177 yard hybrid on the 7th 😂7D075672-3BB2-4599-B033-EB816CDE8559.thumb.jpeg.f69c28f2397f115197c4fff9f56caa96.jpeg

  5. On 12/03/2023 at 16:19, Stu said:

    Which car park would folk recommend using at Edinburgh? Think the last time we used the official one but I see you now have to walk rather than get a bus.

    Have had a Google but some of the reviews for NCP etc (shite access roads, no space to park despite booking) have me a bit worried.

    If you're booking far enough in advance you get some great deals through the Edinburgh Airport official website. We're away in July and got the FastPark option for a week (the one where you basically drive up to the front door, dump it and they park it for you) for less than we'd have paid for an off site car park. If you can't get that the Mid Stay car park is usually pretty good price wise and just a short walk to the front door.

  6. 7 hours ago, Honest_Man#1 said:

    If you’d been on a 10 year fixed deal from 2010, you’d presumably have paid off a significant chunk of the mortgage, and very likely be able to remortgage to at least be paying the same. Quite unlikely you’d be remortgaging at £250 a month more than before.

    That would only work if you extended the term of the mortgage. If you had fixed for ten years over a 30 year term and interest rates were markedly higher at the end your payments could go up a huge amount. My fixed deal ended last summer just as things took off and - despite having paid a significant chunk off - my payments went up over £150 a month for the same borrowing amount over the same term.

  7. Some of the fuckwitted replies I’ve had on Twitter are incredible. Just total drivel and all obtuse as you like, completely missing the point. So Saints were shit 40-50 years ago and Dunfermline and Falkirk are shite now, so you should be happy to be wildly underperforming. Just crazy.

    I don’t trust the manager’s eye for a player and the big concern is we start another season with him, the quality in the squad degrades even further and we end up at best in the playoffs next season. That is absolutely not an inevitability and fatalism about what the story was the best part of a half century ago shouldn’t mean we just drift into that position.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Lurkst said:



    That was obviously a nonsense of a decision - it isn't even a foul, never mind a booking for Watson.

    I do like the guy in the replies suggesting it should be a straight red for Mitchell though. For what exactly? Mitchell plays a bouncing ball and the players collide after the ball is gone. No foul by either. The ref completely lost the plot towards the end of the game yesterday.

    Agree with every word Radford said about VAR as well - crap system operated by idiots which is ruining the matchday experience for match going fans, who will have to foot the bill. 

  9. If we get to 2pm on Saturday April 1 and the team lines come out with Carey in the midfield and/or Brown at LWB I may well just not go to the game. I’ve never felt like that before - but I genuinely have no interest in watching Davidson set us up to lose.

    I have nothing at all against James Brown. I think he could do fairly well as an orthodox right back in a back four with a player like Drey Wright ahead of him. Indeed, in the brief period where we tried that he looked absolutely fine. But he is hung out to dry playing anywhere else and I thought subbing him off yesterday to bring on a fucking right footed attacker was an abomination and final confirmation that Davidson really doesn’t know what he’s doing. That was an insane substitution. We have three LWBs on our books, one was on the bench yesterday. Why didn’t Gallacher go out on loan if he doesn’t even come on in that situation? As it turned out McLennan did little to help us push on.

    Carey on the other hand is just no good. Tactically doesn’t help us and I’ve yet to see any evidence of this magical left foot we heard about. He has one assist this season - in a 4-1 defeat to Celtic. He mostly gets bypassed by his opponents then commits petulant fouls. Despite this he is repeatedly thrown into the team.

    Bair, again, is a guy I want to be good. He has the physical attributes and I think his first touch is decent. But that has not at all translated into anything like looking like a Premiership player.

    How those three come to start a game like that when you have Gallacher, Wotherspoon and Rudden on the bench is beyond me. Unsurprisingly when the latter two came on we were much better. Rudden makes decent runs and gets involved in far better positions than Bair can. Wotherspoon is just a good player, remains miles better than Carey and impacted the game more in half an hour than Carey has in half a season. What the f**k is going on behind the scenes that has left Spoony on the bench for months on end? Nothing makes sense here.

    We are lucky we weren’t at least three down at half time yesterday. VAR saved us, make absolutely no bones about it. As far as I’m concerned the disallowed goal was a nonsense and Killie should have had a penalty in the second half.

    Someone at the club higher up must see the pattern here. Killie away earlier in the season. Hibs away where we somehow won 2-1. Livi and Dundee United at home. Aberdeen away. All games where we didn’t turn up. All down to the manager’s personnel and tactical choices. We will not progress at all under Davidson. We are almost three years in to this and we’re still playing the same shape and system, just without the players (McCann and Kerr primarily) that actually made it work for a few glorious months.

  10. Just now, RandomGuy. said:

    Shame he decided to sub off our only right back 5 minutes beforehand, because he was struggling at playing left wing back while we have a left back on the bench.

    The correct change would be to remove perhaps Gordon, Carey and Bair and replace them with Rudden, Gallacher and Wotherspoon/Murphy then go:


    Brown Mitchell Considine Gallacher

    Wright Hallberg MacPherson Wotherspoon/Murphy

    May Rudden

    Then you've got a team all playing in the right positions at the very least.

  11. So to sum it up, we've started an XI that has obvious, gaping holes in it, players out of position, players who could play those positions on the bench and guys who are in abject form starting in a system that has been repeatedly proven not to work.

    As a result we have been awful - absolutely, criminally awful - but the manager's reaction is to take off one of the guys who he has thrown in out of position, and replace him with another guy playing out of position in the same system. We now have a right footed attacking midfielder/forward playing LWB while a perfectly serviceable LWB sits on the bench.

    Carey is contributing nothing - shock horror - and it is abundantly clear that this strike partnership will produce nothing.

    A good manager would make at least two changes at half time and go to a four at the back. We will keep ploughing the same furrow and probably lose 2 or 3 nil.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Widge said:

    I guess we can say that Gallacher is never making it with us and will be on the way out in the summer with the current management regime. 

    There's no chance in any version of reality where he is a worse option than Brown at LWB. None at all.

    Carey needs fired into the sun, not a start in our midfield. I'm unclear what Bair has done to merit a start but it certainly isn't look like scoring at all in the last few months.

    I really hope the above is the precursor to me being proved wrong on every level but I can't see it.

  13. 36 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Has to be, probably unfair and just a now biased memory of him, but it's likely one of the few he actually scored from outside the box.

    Our last away game, a 3-0 loss to Hearts where we chucked it after an hour + had the manager both freeze then just launch every attacker on the park for 15 mins, was a "great performance" and "one of our best" according to our manager, so looking forward to seeing what a worse performance results in.

    Really don’t like Clark and Considine being out. It either means Brown shoehorned in somewhere silly in a back three or a half fit McGowan playing at the back. If he’s not there McGowan is likely in the middle covering Phillips’ absence. Rudden probably needs to be the starter with Clark out but I have a suspicion it’ll be the ineffectual McLennan again. Concerning.

  14. 1 hour ago, Nelly78 said:

    Heard the same thing yesterday from a DAB. He's supposedly signed a pre-contract with us.

    Liam Smith is a player who can't get a game in an absolute clown car outfit of a defence this season. He isn't a young player with lots of development ahead of him, he's a guy who another team - with an absolutely appalling defence - have decided isn't good enough for them. File him in the same place a Cammy Kerr in terms of possible transfers - he's a player who absolutely will not take us forward. At all.

  15. 1 hour ago, perthsaint1977 said:

    Can confidently predict we will be no where near a nil nil at Killie next weekend. Another defeat incoming. We are in big trouble this season IMO. Can see another play off coming down the track pretty rapidly 

    This is low key a huge match for us. We have Aberdeen, County, Livi and Hibs after this. Aberdeen and Hibs are now on the up, Livi will never be an easy game and that leaves County at home as an absolute must win.

    Failure next Saturday drags us far too close to the bottom two for comfort.

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