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  1. And he just wouldn’t accept that this was based on current form. It was a completely nonsensical argument.
  2. Got in the car at five last two - it’s a discussion about Rangers. A few minutes later McIntyre acknowledged there are several other games today and went round the three non Rangers Premiership games for about thirty seconds each. Then straight back to a discussion about Rangers transfer policy. I got out the car again to run in to Tesco with this chat still on going. Got back in the car ten minutes later and have now driven half way across Perth and they’re still talking about Rangers. Just totally shite.
  3. Normal service resumed yesterday… 50 shots for the front nine. Almost two a hole worse than two days earlier. Back nine was far better… I’d got myself back down to being one under my handicap with some nice stuff… until the 17th. Lost a ball off the tee, then hooked another one into a really shit lie. Then twatted it into a tree, then took three shots to get out the rough under the tree. Then walked off in a huff It would be boring if it was easy all the time right enough.
  4. I haven’t played a card at my club for weeks but have been playing pretty well in bounce games myself in the interim. As such my official handicap is still 22.4. Today’s score.. Heres hoping I keep that up in my next proper round!
  5. Radford is of course entirely right. It is always incredible to me that all you get in the comments of any newspaper with a paywall on their website is "can someone copy and paste/screenshot this - why should I have to pay for that?" Because you want to read it. And it costs money - a lot of money - to produce. Same as anything else.
  6. Best round I’ve ever had today - round in 80, a net 9 under for me off those tees with my handicap Left two putts an inch short earlier in my round and thought I’d blown my chances of a good score - only to manage get up and down for birdie from a ridiculous position on the 17th then make par on the par 5 18th to finish.
  7. I thought first half was fine, with St Mirren very poor - albeit I still feel we don't move it forward nearly quickly enough. Early part of the second half we gave up trying to play football again and ceded pretty much the whole game to St Mirren - though they didn't really convert that into many clear chances at that stage. Our second goal came at a great time to really take the pressure - which was mounting - off of us. Thought Adam Montgomery was very composed to cut back at the bye line then pick out Wright making his run in. Special mention to Remi Matthews and Connor McLennan for the move that wins the penalty. That's exactly what we're needing - someone who can run at pace and commit defenders and really create something out of nothing. Whether Mclennan will be a success won't be determined today or even over the next few weeks, but that was a very positive start for him in a cameo appearance. What I hope are taken away as learning points is that we can't play that midfield pairing again and that Bair probably needs shipped out on loan, because in that 20 minutes he showed that he's clearly not going to cut it.
  8. Despite our gigantic squad we’ll field a team with multiple players out of position and little goal threat. 0-2
  9. It’s pretty mental to say but that’s also my fear.
  10. I hadn’t realised he was United’s top scorer last season - though he took all their penalties I think. Another guy we’ve paid a fee for - surely one of them will be worth something at some point?
  11. If it had been red I doubt it’s one that would have been overturned on appeal anyway. It’s such a stupid type of tackle to make these days, needless. Philips is almost a guaranteed booking every game from what we’ve seen so far.
  12. Interested to see several Hearts fans saying we should have had a penalty. I thought the defender was playing a dangerous game putting his arm into Murphy’s back but that it would have been a soft one. That said, if it was given it would presumably have been a red card? Would have been a game changer for sure. As for Philips, I felt like that tackle alone probably wasn’t worth a red. A hard tackle for sure, but he wasn’t over the ball, wasn’t particularly showing his studs (though I’m willing to be proved wrong if there are angles that show something else that weren’t on the absolutely 100% legitimate stream I was watching) and he obviously got and came away with the ball. I think the fact that Boyce somehow got himself horrendously injured at the same moment maybe colours peoples view of that one.
  13. What is there to suggest that anything will be different next week? Why let the transfer window close and presumably let this manager sign more players before it does? What is going to improve? We’re way beyond that point now.
  14. Celtic fans are all heavily into socialism until it comes to redistributing any of their own wealth.
  15. May will come on for Bair on precisely 60 minutes. I feared at the start of the season we’d be on zero points just now. I thought this game would be a write off and we’d be looking for something next week against St Mirren, after which it would be unthinkable Davidson would be able to stay if we were still winless. As it happens we already have a win in the bag - but it turns out St Mirren are actually not too bad and that is going to be a very, very tough game. Hearts are a good side - but they could well go into this after a very hard 120 minutes tonight and they’ll at least be missing Sibbick and Cochrane. I think this is a huge game for Davidson - serve up the same dross and lose and it surely, has to, be the end.
  16. I quite like the tee shots from the top of the hills (6th, 8th, 13th) but some of them are just nasty (14th - I don’t think I’ve ever put it in a good position off the tee there). Good if you’re needing a workout though - carry your bag and you’ll burn about 5000 calories going round the full 18!
  17. 2s on the 1st and 3rd there are some going… the fourth is a right fucker with the blind tee shot and the fifth is a nightmare from the back tees
  18. The actual contact wasn’t as bad as that still image makes it look. Red cards have been given for those kinds of tackles many times over the years and haven’t been overturned. See for example this one - Danny Swanson on James Forrest at 1:22 in the video - which is pretty much identical. The stuff about the Doyle-Hayes one looking worse is a load of pish too. At least the ball was somewhere in the general vicinity for his tackle and his foot was along the ground.
  19. It is utterly pathetic that Rangers (and Celtic for that matter) can't just appeal a decision without there needing to be an investigation, or a complaint about a specific referee, or a letter raising concerns. They were the beneficiary of one highly contentious, game changing decision on Saturday. They were on the wrong end of another. There can't really be any serious complaints about the Morelos red, surely? And as far as Lundstram goes, if you don't want to risk a red card don't slide tackle someone from behind with your foot coming up to knee height when the ball is miles away. VAR may well have knocked it down to a yellow but I can see why Collum went for a red in real time. Same goes for the Rangers penalty - the contact was minimal but ultimately Bushiri had his hands on Colak and in that instant the referee has to interpret what has happened.
  20. Hi guys, We're off to Florida in a few weeks. In the past we've always just taken cash (and maybe used our Bank of Scotland credit cards for a larger purchase or two - incurring a fee). However, the way things are now as I understand it there's far more option for paying contactless and a lot of the stuff in the theme parks encourages you to mobile order via an app and an associated bank/credit card. As such I'm looking at getting a card of some description that I can just load cash into and avoid incurring overseas transaction fees that I'd get with my own BoS cards. Looking at the likes of Monzo/Revolut - just wondering if anyone has any experience of those (or similar) and has any recommendations? Cheers!
  21. As soon as Aberdeen scored they went up a level - their confidence grew and they were playing through our midfield far too easily. Insane.
  22. So much all of this. Our midfield was completely overrun yesterday. That was clear early on. It wasn’t working up front. That was clear early on. Did we change it? Not at all. Did we make the scheduled 60th minute May for Bair sub? Yes. Just shite. Does anyone genuinely sit there just now thinking we’re going to even score a goal, never mind when? It’s an intolerable situation.
  23. The thing is Davidson wasn’t reactive today. May for Bair on the hour is the same change he makes every week. The other two were mostly because they were on the cusp of getting sent off.
  24. There very little chance of us scoring with that front three - primarily because Bair has absolutely no influence at all either dropping into hold the ball up then feeding Carey/Murphy or getting in the box for them to set him up. We need a new striker desperately, and if he’s not here by next week May has to start. Our attempts at fighting back from a goal down were pathetic. It’s another game where I feel like we haven’t given up much defensively in terms of clear chances, but if you don’t create any yourself you leave yourself wide open to Lodi f the game from a moment of quality like we saw today.
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