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  1. We absolutely must sign a halfway decent striker this week.
  2. We will do very well to keep Mitchell for the season. Agree wholeheartedly about the young lads. Give them a game when we’re 3/4 down at Ibrox. Crawford is a waste of time at the best of times. Philips looked promising too. Strong, wanted the ball and generally managed to get turned and move it on. I’d like to see him start next week, but I wonder how we accommodate him, MacPherson and Hallberg at the same time? 3-5-2 with a front pair of who exactly? A striker this week is critical.
  3. Wright made a colossal arse of that. Bair offered nothing at all there, not sure what he’s going to bring to the table at all that May doesn’t.
  4. Someone above mentioned energy is going up 100%. Just bear in mind it’s actually almost a 400% increase in the price cap in about 3/4 years. My direct debit in August 2018 was £103.09 a month for gas and electric combined. It is currently £280 a month. They’ll likely ask for over £400 a month very soon. Absolutely wild stuff.
  5. I guess the positives we can take into this are that in two games so far we’ve restricted our opposition to very, very few chances and the two goals we’ve conceded have both been silly own goals from corners rather than being cut open at any point. Obviously this will be a huge step up in class of opposition, but it probably suits us to not actually be expected to attack at any stage…
  6. I’d be inclined to say worse but that team included Denny Johnstone so it could be closer than you think…
  7. Great round today - a net 8 under par… if only I’d been playing with someone I’d be on for a nice cut. Six GIR on the back nine - and one of the misses was a ridiculous pitching wedge that I somehow spooned into the water on 16. Despite that I managed to get up and down for a bogey. Annoyingly I missed a birdie putt on the par 5 18th, with it lipping out and running six feet down the slope, leaving me another tricky one that I missed. So a three putt bogey. Irritating.
  8. I think the fact I got them properly fitted made a big difference too. I also got a new driver (PXG 0211 - quite a lot cheaper than your Taylormades/Callaways etc) and the difference in the numbers when I got the right shaft etc in it was pretty huge. No coincidence that I went out on the course the other day and hit every single driver 240 yards plus - including one that bounced out to 275 - when in the past I was maybe getting 200-210 yards, with the ball generally spinning off in all directions. Wandering up to that 275 yard drive - leaving myself a gap wedge into a green that I used to always need a hybrid into - was extremely pleasing.
  9. I changed from an old package set that cost me £300 in 2010 to a set of Taylormade Stealth irons earlier this year. Not cheap, obviously, but the difference is massive. Basically it has allowed me to club down by two on every single shot - so for example my 7 iron would go 130ish previously, the new ones go about 150. But the big thing is that the ball flight is so much more consistent. Unless I absolutely shank it (which does still happen far too frequently...) it generally comes out really nicely. Far more forgiving overall.
  10. So Davidson has looked at last week, thought “this was fine” and just chucked an empty jersey in to replace the suspended Davidson, otherwise it’s as you were. We’ll be lucky to get nil.
  11. To win a game you have to score a goal and to do that you generally have to get somewhere near the opposition’s penalty area. We don’t really look capable of that just now so it’s really just a case of whether Motherwell score or not.
  12. Some guy on BBC Breakfast this morning pontificating about whether households would prefer to cover the costs of failed energy companies via their energy bills before Christmas or after. Im still unclear as to why that falls on households through energy bills rather than on, say, shareholders, directors or government for lax regulation. Inevitably via government it would still fall on the public purse but the idea that i should pay for the failure of some company I’ve never done business with is ridiculous.
  13. Livi fans are bizarrely touchy about this over a game last season in which one Saints player sustained an horrific leg break - from which he is still out - and another sustained a huge gash in his foot, both obviously requiring subbed off and missing subsequent games and neither of which tackles resulted in any punishment. The one on Cleary in particular was an obvious red card. But it was Saints cheating obviously…
  14. Its interesting to see so many posts with similar feeling to me - I expect us to wait until the September break to make a move, if we indeed do, to remove Davidson - but that will leave the successor with the squad he has constructed. I'd far rather someone else came in and at least make the key remaining signings that we need themselves. This team has not a shred of excitement or creativity or pace in it. Something has to give.
  15. Just to say that @steviemay17’s post was excellent and summed it up for me. The issues have been apparent for months. The lack of attacking impetus has been obvious for the entirety of last season. Nothing has changed in terms of formation and personnel. It has to now.
  16. A relegation will cost more than a worthwhile striker. That issue has been abundantly clear for a long time and yet here we are, starting the season pinning our hopes on Chris Kane being fit soon. Hibs were the better team yesterday without any doubt, but didn’t pose a huge threat. They had Bushiri and Porteous at centre back. That’s a combination crying out to be tested. We absolutely failed to do anything - anything - in the hour it was 11v11. Motherwell next week is huge. It is not beyond possibility that we go into the game against St Mirren on September 3 with zero points given the run of fixtures after that.
  17. Yeah I was confused by that post - are we meant to look at that and think Madden has done something wrong? Tomlin is at it there, looks like he wants sent off.
  18. Our attacking issues are so blindingly obvious and have been for a long, long time. Bair doesn’t look up to it and the system doesn’t create chances in any event.
  19. That final point is not a new one in Saints games in Davidson’s tenure. Very rarely do we look like we’re going out to win a game.
  20. I’m not sure I agree with that tbh - Hibs we’re miles better than Saints but I was very surprised by their lack of cutting edge in the final third. I can only think of one real chance in the first half - the volley that went miles wide - and it was much the same in the second. It has been obvious for more than that we are lacking pace up front and lacking a striker who has presence/is a goal threat. That was abundantly clear today more than ever. How exactly do we intend to score a goal, ever? It doesn’t look likely to happen with Bair up there anyway. Havent seen the red card back but it looked like a totally pointless challenge to make, albeit not one that merited a straight red. I don’t think the ref thought so either until the fourth official stuck his oar in. I think it does without saying that if you send off Davidson then you have to send off the Hibs guy later. I thought Lee Johnson summed it up very well at the end on the radio in terms of those decisions. The worst call of the day has to go to the foul against and booking for McPherson that led to the corner for the goal. That was an absolutely nonsensical decision.
  21. If there’s no taxis the number 1 & 2 buses run every ten minutes from directly outside the Foundry and will deposit you directly outside the stadium about ten minutes after you get on it. I mean you can walk if you’re really stuck, there’s just no need to be stuck!
  22. Do we have to? Its genuinely appalling that we’re starting the first league game (as it stands) without having signed a striker or a goalkeeper.
  23. The biggest problem with McGowan isn’t that he is in his 30s, It’s that last time he played in Scotland he wasn’t very good in a team that got relegated.
  24. Parish didn’t dive at that free kick and Mahon has finally done what he’s threatened to do all night and chucked one in.
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