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  1. That was nonsense. It’s a good flat delivery and if Zander comes for it he’s got as much chance of bouncing off his own man as getting to the ball.
  2. Does this work involve the seated areas though? If the games going to be played there anyway is it really beyond the wit of the SFA to get the stands behind either goal available for a couple of thousand fans per team for one afternoon? Can appreciate UEFA have standards of what they want for hosting the tournament games but does that also involve upgrades to the spectator areas that mean they’re completely out of action even to a small crowd for one day?
  3. If Rangers beat Livingston there's no difference between a draw and a defeat for us at Celtic Park in terms of it being in our own hands because we're ahead on goal difference, unless we take an absolute pumping at Celtic Park. For example, if Livingston were to lose 1-0 to Rangers we'd have to lose at least 4-0 for Livingston to have the advantage going in to the weekend. In that scenario a draw at McDiarmid would give Livingston fifth. My inclination would be to make a few changes at Celtic, but equally - if we sneak the three points we virtually seal fifth barring a late season resurgence for Livingston. What kind of line up will Celtic play and what motivation will they have going into this? Who knows. It won't be easy no matter what happens. That said, even rotating things we'll likely start with Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Booth and McCann no matter what happens. If Davidson, Craig, May and Parish are still isolating then that limits the scope for mixing it up even more. Even if he is available, I'd probably prefer Craig to be available for the final ahead of Bryson so I'd likely start Bryson with McCann on Wednesday. Middleton has probably earned himself a start. If May isn't back Kane will definitely play. So we're maybe looking at the only changes being Middleton and maybe MOH for Melamed and Wotherspoon?
  4. A word on Chris Kane. After today he’s scored the same number of goals as Lawrence Shankland this season - but has only played just over 2/3rds the number of minutes that the Dundee Utd player has. His goals have been crucial too - strikes at Celtic Park, Ibrox and today at Hampden amongst them. His numbers work out at a goal roughly every 2.75 90 minutes. For a guy who’s game is so much more than a goal scorer that’s not bad at all. His development this season has been phenomenal. Fair play to him.
  5. Best we could hope for in the circumstances - bench is a bit thin though...
  6. @Radford has pretty much summed it up for me. Apprehensive because we’re St Johnstone - it has to go wrong at some point. I really hope that’s not today but this is a game that will most likely be tight and could go either way. I rewatched the highlights of our two home games against St Mirren last night. Those were probably two of our most dominant performances of the season - particularly the first one - but we only managed a single goal victory in both games. We know what our team, playing at its best, can do against today’s opposition. But equally, I can’t see St Mirren being nearly as passive as in either of those earlier matches. Big performances required. We know we have it in us - let’s see it again this afternoon.
  7. Don’t think we’re required to take our own referee to the tournament.
  8. Crucial that we play with the intensity and effort level we have the last few games. Press St Mirren high and try to force errors. Limit their chances and make sure we take ours when they come. Really the same game plan as we’ve deployed since the turn of the year. If the missing quartet is as advised we’ll surely go: Clark Kerr Gordon McCart Rooney McCann Bryson Booth Melamed Kane Wotherspoon
  9. Happy to wreck that for you. I’ll even give you my justifications at the bottom. GK: Marshall, Gordon McLaughlin Defenders: Robertson, Tierney, Hanley, McKenna, Cooper, Kerr, Hendry, O’Donnell, Rooney Midfield: McGregor, Christie, McTominay, McGinn, Forrest, Fraser, McLean, Turnbull, Armstrong, Gilmour, Gauld Strikers: Adams, Dykes, Nisbet I’m justifying my home team picks on the basis that a) for me Jason Kerr has been the best Scottish centre back in the Premiership this season and has captained his team to what could be the best season a diddy team has ever had. He also plays in the problem RCB position in a similar shape to what Scotland play. He’s more than worth a go. And b) Liam Palmer needs heaved from the squad. He doesn’t even play right back most of the time for Sheffield Wednesday - an absolutely rotten side who are in the next few minutes going to be relegated from the English Championship, possibly as the bottom side. He’s played RB five times in 2021, with no appearances in that position since March 3. In the current game he’s barely touched the ball - and I don’t see any suggestion he’s likely to get any better going forward. On the flip side Rooney has had a sensational season and his energy, running, power and aerial ability would make him a good back up option to O’Donnell, the likely starter. If you can have SOD - who’s had a mixed season at best - you can have Rooney, a big sexy b*****d who will almost certainly make things entertaining if nothing else. As for the rest of it I think most of the places are pretty well nailed on. The extended squad lets us take the likes of Gilmour, Gayle and Turnbull who you’d expect to be at the heart of things going forward. We really need some new goalkeepers though - McLaughlin and Gordon shouldn’t really be anywhere near it at this stage.
  10. England’s travel green list revealed: Portugal, Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Brunei, the Falkland Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Ascension Islands, Tristan da Cunha and St Helena, along with South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Id imagine that most of that list won’t let you in in any event - hard to see there being a big opening up of the travel industry in May.
  11. From where I’m currently standing in Dundee city centre I think that’s already happened.
  12. Porteous is a definite contender for St Johnstone's POTY.
  13. That was bizarre. It was as if he’d been told to calm the f**k down for 90 minutes and he was exceptionally good. Not even one of those performances where you don’t notice the ref - you actively saw him taking his time and making the right decisions throughout. Think he was back to his usual the next week though...
  14. Oktoberfest’s biggest issue is they have to start constructing the festival site in June, which I assume means spending a large sum of money right now to get that process moving. They will only put on the festival if they can do it properly - ie 10k people packed in shoulder to shoulder in the tents with no distancing and masks. Can they realistically spend all that money now with no guarantee those regulations will be totally gone by mid September when the festival starts? It is huge for international tourism - can they guarantee people will be able to come? I don’t think they can on either count, even though I think it’s likely not to be an issue by then. I was meant to be going to it this year and easyJet cancelled our flights last week so I’m glad I’m not going to be missing out in the event!
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