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  1. I had somehow forgotten Middleton from my team. I expect he’ll play instead of E2 alongside Kane and MOH. E2 to come on and smash in a 30 yard overhead kick in injury time.
  2. Clark Brown Muller McCart Rooney Davidson Craig Devine MOH Kane E2 I wouldn’t argue against any of Wotherspoon or Crawford starting alongside Davidson tbh. Feel this is a game where we need to go and get a goal early, so let’s get right about them from the off. I’ll fee much better about the defence when we have Gordon back. I like a lot about Muller’s game but he’s inexperienced and it has shown on a couple of occasions at a huge cost.
  3. The reaction from Twitter based rangers fans pretty much shows why we’ll never be rid of this kind of crap. Apparently posting a picture suggesting that your stadium having seats wrecked and being plastered in sectarian nonsense means you are “crying” and that it’s a reaction to losing rather than seeing your ground being vandalised. Plenty on there that “stand with the banned” and basically think that kind of nonsense is not just OK but to be encouraged.
  4. I thought in real time and side on from the East Stand that Morelos had run in and smashed Craig in the face with both hands. Having seen it back tonight he is stupid and does run in with his hands up, but Craig throws himself down and Morelos doesn’t really make any kind of contact. Quite why Rooney was booked is beyond me, he was hardly involved in the whole thing. I think i was the only person in my section who thought it was a penalty. Muller slides in, doesn’t get the ball and clips Kent’s foot. It’s a penalty.
  5. He’s three to four yards off his line and on the correct side of the goal. I can’t imagine where you think he should have been that would have been better, or would have made any difference to that goal. I feel better about the rest of the season after that. The structure was still there and we managed to prevent Rangers from really playing through us at all today. Vertainen looks a confident lad - attempting a long range overhead kick with his first touch in Scottish football. Brown did well at centre back and that made a huge difference allowing Rooney to play in his best position. That Calvin Bassey character is an absolute impostor.
  6. Normally I’d post a predicted line up but I quite honestly don’t have a clue who is fit and available today. It’ll be very makeshift at the back no matter what and that’s concerning. Expect Kane and Vertainen up front. Maybe MOH alongside them or even Spoony behind them if he’s up to it? Maybe a 4-4-2 with someone like Craig sitting right on top of the defence wouldn’t hurt. Who knows.
  7. The selection took six months all in from the applications closing to being told I had the job. The application form was pretty generic - but they look for certain aptitudes/personalities rather than anything else. The first real step was a day of testing at the ATC college in Cheltenham. It was a totally brain melting day of all manner of things to see how your brain processes information, your multi tasking ability, your spatial awareness and a lot more beside that. Having got through that there was then an interview (during which they pulled out speed/distance/time calculations from nowhere and had you do them as quickly as you could - luckily that's my specialist subject), and then there was a medical after that. Then an interminable wait of about six weeks to see if I'd got it, and thankfully I did! I love the day to day job. When you're busy the day flies by and then it is all about problem solving more than anything, especially at the unit I work at where there is a mix of big jets and light training/pleasure aircraft all looking to be on the same bit of tarmac or the same exact spot in the sky at the same time.
  8. I always fancied being in aviation when I was younger - but then decided I'd rather be a journalist. Did that for 12 years after finishing uni, but always kept looking at going down the air traffic control route. Eventually decided to go for it about three years ago and went through the selection process - managed to get the job and fully qualified as a controller about four months ago. Absolutely brilliant.
  9. Gilmour has clearly been brought in at the right time and is going to win 100+ caps. As someone else has said above, he’s not really had the chance to come in any earlier than he did. Theres a big jump from his obvious ability and standing for the champions of England and a guy like Patterson who might - depending on the fitness of another player - play only a dozen or so games in the Scottish Premiership this season. I don’t personally believe he has proven that he is “demonstrably” our best right back. I don’t think at this stage he’s a better defender than SOD for a start. I don’t doubt he’s better going forward already. It is absolutely critical that he (and Ramsay) get plenty of first team experience in the immediate future. Ramsay will, Patterson might not - and that’s a real shame. Ampadu is an irrelevance here - his career to date is more akin to Gilmour than Patterson.
  10. Ramsay shouldn’t be getting bumped up to the full squad for the same reason Patterson pretty much shouldn’t be starting games for us - neither have played nearly enough first team football to merit it and/or be at the level required yet. Scotland need to do much better at getting young talent into squads earlier - but chucking in guys with a handful of professional appearances might be too far the opposite direction. I’ve never seen Ramsay so I could be completely wrong about him- but Patterson is defensively very naive and really needs a full season playing at a good level at this stage to develop his positional sense and how to defend against at good players. Even against poor Moldovan players on Saturday he made the wrong choice repeatedly. That moment in the first half where he chopped the guy down on the right edge of the box was a prime example - totally needless. Bundles of talent and good driving forward in the first half in particular but I would have been concerned about him playing against superior (to Moldova) opposition tomorrow. With a bit of luck both of the above players will get enough game time this season to make them mainstays of the team for the next decade. I’m sure Ramsay will because he won’t have as much competition for his place at Aberdeen. I’m not convinced Patterson will dislodge Tavernier this season and I really wish he’d got a loan out somewhere this season. He’s not going to develop his game sitting on Rangers bench and playing cup games. I can see him getting Sunday games after European ties if Rangers are playing relegation threatened sides but I suspect Gerrard will still want Tavernier against the better teams in the league.
  11. Shaun Rooney played in Austria for his club about three weeks ago so it would surely be a surprise if he suddenly wasn’t allowed into the country now. Dunno about Ralston’s situation but he’s also been playing European away games. Obviously it’s unlikely either would get on the park but they’d make far more sense than McGinn both in terms of recent form and potential for the future.
  12. The guy in front of me initially tried to scan his barcode by holding his phone vertically against the scanner, which was fair enough. I told him he had to put it in the slot - so he then tried to put his phone through the slot below the scanner where in the past you’d have handed your paper ticket to a person. He then realised he needed the slot on the scanner, so put his phone in the right position, but had fucked about so long that his screen was locked so nothing happened. As he got increasingly angry he finally realised, managed to scan the barcode then basically fell face first through the turnstile.
  13. Speaking of swallowing the same medicine time and again, how’s that new stadium coming along?
  14. Exactly my thoughts. He can’t get in the right position at all. First goal doesn’t go near him but he leaves space open for the guy to run into at the second and the subsequent chance comes from the same thing - Robertson being badly positioned and the guy running into the space totally free.
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