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  1. There’s a remarkable amount from that season available! More from then than the early 2000s. I used to have a stack of videos downloaded from the old ScotPrem.com website years ago but unfortunately they’ve all vanished somewhere down the line.
  2. You beat me to it Ali, was just coming on to plug it! www.weareperth.co.uk for all your Saints video needs... about 150 added so far - including almost every game from the last three seasons, the Scottish cup winning run, the recent European campaigns, as well as various McDiarmid/Muirton classics and other bits and pieces. There will be a lot more to come and the plan is to have as many full seasons worth of videos as I can find and a much fuller archive of older stuff as we go forward. If anyone has old VHS or DVD footage of particularly tasty games (the 7-2 game - surely it exists somewhere?) please do get in touch!
  3. Unless there’s some kind of mass infection amongst players I’d imagine they’ll go behind closed doors and get the season finished. Take the fans out of the equation to limit the general spread and you’re left with fewer people in the stadium than work in your average supermarket at any given time. of course, if things mushroom over the next couple of weeks and large numbers of players are affected then you’ll have these issues.
  4. 3-5-2 for me. Clark, Wright, Kerr, Gordon, McCart, Booth, McCann, Butcher, Wotherspoon, Hendry, May.
  5. Expect we'll make a few changes tonight - though frankly if the same XI were fit for tonight I'd be quite happy to start with it again.
  6. Appreciate the goals/assists numbers - brought up here a few times - haven't been in Drey Wright's favour. But equally, as far as assists go, I don't think that's always been his fault. His final ball isn't always perfect but it is good enough IMO, and he gets in those positions on a very regular basis. I definitely want to see him around next season. Butcher too if there's any way of making that work. There's a lot to like about the current line up. Suddenly some strength in depth in certain positions and a good core of young players that we've developed - or brought in at a young age to develop - making the difference. Hendry deserves a special mention for that. Not starting ahead of Kane earlier in the year - possibly because it was felt he wasn't an outball or able to win enough in the air - yet yesterday he gives Celtic's towering back line a pretty hard time. I can't say enough positive about Ali McCann as well. If we can keep the core of this team together next season it's one I'm very excited to come and watch every week.
  7. Morelos would have been as well not turning up today. Kamberi made such a huge difference when he came on. May and Hendry need to basically start every game from now on. May’s goal was a much better finish than I gave it credit for at the time. Lashed it in with confidence. What a lad.
  8. The idea we sat back doesn’t really stack up with the subs we made (MOH and Hendry on) or the chances we seemed to have in the last ten minutes or so. Disappointing.
  9. Win this and I think we can safely stop looking over our shoulders as far as the bottom two are concerned - and we'll have an eight point gap on ninth. That would be one hell of a turn around from before Christmas. Clark Ralston, Kerr, McCart, Booth Wright, McCann, Holt, Wotherspoon May, Hendry
  10. Love that Liam Craig has barely played all season then comes back in and starts playing absolutely brilliant balls forward like that one. McCann is just brilliant as well.
  11. I’d absolutely be playing the same XI that started the second half on Saturday as Kyle suggests. The performance was exceptional and I don’t see any need to change things up.
  12. I sincerely hope McCann is still here this time next year but if he continues the way he’s going he’ll be gone early in the summer. If he does go it should be for a boat load of cash. Motherwell just got £1.5m for James Scott. McCann has scored the same number of goals from a similar number of games that Scott, a forward, did, as well as absolutely running the show against vastly more experienced players in several games. It’s easy to forget he’s only just turned 20. We should be beating our biggest fee if we do sell him in the summer.
  13. Great game, gutting to drop the three points. Has Clare ever struck a ball that cleanly? That was the Stevie May of old. Two goals, an assist, a bit of swagger and a ridiculous shot from distance. Between him and McCann for MOM for us. Not sure how sustainable that system is for Hearts-none of their goals came from the high press but it left them absolutely wide open at the back. We’ve not been a great attacking side this season but how many clear chances did we have in the second half?
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