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  1. Absolutely agree with this. Phillips and MacPherson have to start every game they’re available now and if it continues to work we need to build round that. Hallberg works far better in that advanced role than anywhere else and it all has a nice balance to it. Why it’s taken so long to realise some of this is beyond me.
  2. I thought Dundee United were a reasonable looking team who lacked a real cutting edge when they beat us last month. They had orders of magnitude more about them than Motherwell did last night. Aberdeen are surely too far ahead and have too many good players to be dragged into even a fight for the playoff spot. There's too many teams below them who will do well to get past 35 points. Aberdeen probably only need two wins and two draws to be safe, which they'll get easily. Especially if we have to travel to Pittodrie again. Fairly crap set of fixtures for the bottom four this weekend - if any of them manage a win that'll be massive. Hopefully none do, giving Saints a free hit at Celtic on the Sunday.
  3. Dan Phillips is going to stroll to being our player of the year having started about six games by February. He needs a new contract now. I haven’t watched a game this season where I thought Saints were streets ahead of anybody, but that wasn’t even close. Motherwell didn’t create a single worthwhile opportunity themselves in 90 minutes in a critical game. They’re in big trouble.
  4. What the absolute f**k? Two and a half games in the new formation and it looked to be doing something for us. And now an important game and we go back to the thing that absolutely did not work. FFS.
  5. Surely you look at that Aberdeen now as the prime example of what not to do. Up against a team in horrible form and we just decided not to take part in the game, didn’t attempt to win it then not surprisingly lost. Thats not an option here. Win this and we separate ourselves from the bottom spots by a wide margin. Lose and we’re right in amongst it. The only option is to go out and try to win it. Matthews Brown Mitchell Considine Montgomery Wright Phillips MacPherson Wotherspoon May Clark
  6. Even Callum can’t, surely, surely to f**k, go out and be that negative again.
  7. Multiple trophies and top six finishes for a diddy club like St Johnstone seems to cover it for most of them.
  8. That’s not a legitimate thing to do though, is it? If a ref doesn’t give an on field decision for a red card and VAR think it is a red the ref has to go and look at it, unless it’s a factual thing like whether a foul was inside/outside the box affecting whether double jeopardy comes in to play. Saints need to make a noise about this.
  9. Theoretically but there are several issues with that, mostly around the fact Collum never looked at the monitor and if he had there would be no possible way to think anything about it was reckless. You could make a reckless argument if he’d flown in at speed on the run or he’d actually connected at knee height, but he’s literally falling backwards, having taken one step from being at a standstill and doesn’t make contact at all with the leg that’s off the ground.
  10. Having seen this back on Sportscene… was it a VAR red or not? Collum doesn’t go to the monitor? So how does the red come about? Also sportscene had a far better angle than the clips posted above from pretty much straight on that shows Clark’s left leg - the one that looks high from side on - doesn’t actually connect with Jack, it’s his much lower right knee that collided with Jack’s left shin, which explains why Jack appeared to be holding the “wrong” leg as alluded to by other posters in the aftermath of the tackle. That is an absolute nonsense of a red.
  11. I’d be appealing that just to free him up for Wednesday. If he subsequently misses the Celtic game then no big deal.
  12. Having seen it back I can actually live with Jack’s challenge not being a red card. However, it is clearly a more dangerous tackle than Clark’s, so if one is a red the other has to be. Clark plays the ball, is not moving at any speed given he was static then falling backwards as he makes the tackle and is pulling out of it when the contact is made. Jack is late, running at full pelt and catches Montgomery full on the ankle at pace. It is a far worse tackle. This game is not being refereed the same way for both teams here.
  13. What angles did VAR look at? Having seen it again a) the head flick is from a range of no more than two feet and b) how high up his arm does it hit? The check was over in seconds.
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