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  1. Got away with one today, could easily have been 5-1 down at one point
  2. Have Peterhead given up on posting highlights of matches?
  3. Was he not missing the game anyway due to his booked holiday that preempted his departure from Cove?
  4. doesn't seem to be much interest here in this one!! Not sure if I'll manage to attend this one yet, usually a struggle of a match for the Mo at Balmoor but given the form of both teams I would hope this will result in 9 points from 9 for us
  5. decent chance to progress, can see the likes of Lennox, Callaghan, Rennie etc starting in this game
  6. Couldn’t agree more about Kerr Waddell. He’s been solid so far the season and getting goals to boot now as well. Should have been MOTM last week had it not been for Matty Allan’s partner being at the woman’s day hospitality game was by no means a classic, 2 brilliant saves from Sinclair protected the clean sheet. Not sure what happened with Rory’s goal, I thought he may have been offside and perhaps the Kelty defence and keeper expected the same? Very surprised to see Martin Rennie in the squad but good to see him score. Decent finish as well, maybe a bit of confidence and a few games will see his contract extended after January, extra attacking options wouldn’t be a bad thing
  7. No Lyons today, Gardyne back but on the bench, along with Martin Rennie, back from loan already?
  8. Confidence should be high, decent win last week and not too bad a start to the season given a difficult 3 game start to the season would like some revenge for the cup defeat last season
  9. Did I see Paul Watson on crutches at half time today?
  10. Great to finally get 3 points under our belts and Rory get off the mark. Not at our best but every player put a shift in. Kerr Waddell was immense, nothing got past him and also netted his first goal to boot. Disappointed to lose the goal pretty much from our own corner and felt we should have pulled the trigger more, often an extra pass that wasn’t required. Clyde could, and probably should have nicked a draw at the end which may have meant a slightly undeserved point.
  11. £2 or £2.50 i think. I'm sure it's cash only, the staff there struggle enough with that without giving them technology!
  12. I know, but I still usually expect the 3 points from Clyde, it just doesn't always happen.......
  13. This is a game where i'd usually reckon getting all 3 points would be fairly straightforward, but Clyde sitting pretty in second spot and we've yet to score. Hopefully CJ back to play alongside McAllister and help him off the mark. Defence has been playing well so far in the league so hopefully that continues and we can get another clean sheet
  14. We stumbled across Fish Book as we couldn’t immediately head back the way we came with the police closing the road after the final whistle. Really good large fish supper consumed
  15. Injured in the first half, hopefully nothing too serious
  16. off the top of my head I can't think of any, although one or two of the fans are 'local celebrities''!
  17. I wouldn't say he never got the service, it just happened that most of the service was a long punt up toward him. Ideal if CJ or someone is playing off him, but pointless when he's there on his own. Agree that Gardyne will help with the service, Webby too, as long as he's not featuring as a right back
  18. Red kit was initially a one off as there were delays in the awful pink number being produced. never realised it was being kept as a 3rd kit, not a huge fan of it either
  19. Would have liked to have seen Mochrie coming back to Montrose for another loan spell, sure he’ll do well for the Pars
  20. I wonder if he’s like this during all games or saves being an utter p***k for visits to links park?
  21. Where were CJ, Masson and Gardyne today? All injured?
  22. Golf Inn does really good food up to 2pm if you are there early enough, good pint in there as well and any live games will be shown on the telly. Only a 5 minute stumble to the ground from there
  23. but don't hold your breath, he's been murder for us for at least 2 seasons and did nothing at St.Pats either. Maybe a stint in the Lowland League and some goals will give him confidence that he's been sorely lacking
  24. are the highlights ever going to make an appearance?
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