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  1. Simon Murray rumoured to be going to Queens Park. Think he'd have been a useful signing for the Mo, although we have CJ, Rossco, Hawke and Rusty, perhaps a striker isn't top priority
  2. Getting drawn in the same group as Ross County is becoming a yearly event
  3. I think I read somewhere that 5 loans are allowed this season, is that right? I'm pretty sure SP will have already identified potential loan signings. Would like to see Cammy F return, be interesting to see who, if anyone, can replace Blair Lyons
  4. Agree. Be really difficult to replace Lyons but hopefully pick up another gem from the lower leagues again. Ideally a striker who can hit 15+ goals a season but they are like not easy to pick up either. Luckily we spread the goals through the team so it's never been too much of an issue
  5. No takers? It’s bugging me, put me out my misery
  6. Would like to commend the Stair Park pie shop. Best in the league!
  7. Good performance on a tricky pitch. Thought it may end up a 0-0 before Rusty’s strike. Missed a couple of chances afterwards to seal the victory but thankfully Stranraer never really put Seagull under any threat with any of their attacks. Well done to the back 4 for helping with that. Good use of the subs by SP, showed a real attacking intent as we finished the game with 3 strikers on the pitch. Rossco and Cammy F Ballantyne helped change the game when they came on and Lewis Hawke did well, a couple of tidy touches setting up chances. Into top 4 now and huge game against East Fife on Saturday. Sitting just 6 points off the top, imagine if we had a prolific striker and took more than 1 point from the opening 7 games?!?!
  8. Agreed. Referees seem all too keen to make the games all about themselves at this level. Handballs right in front of him missed, clear fouls missed and soft decisions given! 3 times CJ was pulled to the ground whilst the ball was in the air and not one foul given. Deserved 3 points for the Mo although they did their best to make it hard for themselves. Lyons should have made it safe at 2-0 then seconds later it was 1–1. Great save from Seagull kept Stranraer out then thankfully the late goals ensured the 3 points. A repeat score line on Tuesday night would be great. Rusty played well again today as did Quinn although think Dillon was missed in keeping the defence organised, seemed a bit panicky at times. Hopefully he was only missing due to being rested for Tuesday
  9. Definitely think Montrose deserved more from this game. A few surprises in the starting line up, the team performed better in the second half after some substitutions. first goal could have been avoided by not diving in out wide for the initial cross. Could be wrong but when the Clyde keeper dropped a free kick there looked to be a handball by a Clyde player in the resulting goalmouth scramble. Interesting to see it again on any available highlights. Clyde’s second was a great long range strike, at first I though Fleming could have done better but after seeing the above video it was fairly unstoppable. Montrose hit back almost immediately and certainly had chances to level. The goal ruled out for offside looked marginal at best, was right in front of me and looked a poor decision by the far side assistant. Clyde’s persistent time wasting was a highly annoying ploy, cannot believe the referee allowed it to go unpunished. Onwards to a Stranraer double header and a very doable 6 points in the bag hopefully
  10. Looking forward to this, although can imagine a tricky game with Clyde on a high after a good result on Saturday. Agree it would be good to see Terry and Sena in the starting X1 but Cammy F Ballantyne is playing well and Watson has a great game at broadwood earlier in the season. Winning this game and next Tuesday’s rearranged game at Stranraer will set us up well for the final push for top 4.
  11. I believe if you head along to Links Park just now you’ll find NorthCalder in a panic as he’s still not found the exit. Even tougher for him as it’s dark and the unfortunately small floodlights aren’t on! I think he’s trapped in the plastic barrier.
  12. A simple check of the Montrose website would have made it clear to you how to get into the away end. I’m sure the majority of the 140 Airdrie fans managed to find their way in to the ground without the need of maps or compasses. However I’m sure montrose will take this on board and make the floodlights taller for you. if you want to blame someone, blame the small section of your fans who’s behaviour at the last fixture between the clubs at Links Park led to the segregation being introduced
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