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  1. Montrose’s away kit, or possibly/hopefully a 3rd kit. Wasn’t a fan of the colours when it was being teased to us but looks better with badge and sponsorship
  2. Wasn’t a fan of the colour scheme but think it looks better now we’ve seen it with badge and sponsorship on it. Still not one I’ll be buying, and as you say, hopefully a 3rd kit and still an away kit to follow. Now, can we get some players on please
  3. a smart move I guess, and there will be plenty still buy the kit regardless
  4. yes, more purple than pink is better, but still honking! What happened to season ticket holders getting a vote on kits?
  5. Lyle Cameron is a great shout but I think he could well get a decent run of games in the championship. A 15 to 20 goal striker is almost a must, but like you say, who is available? A right back is obviously essential, and another keeper. Hopefully SP already has someone in mind given that he let seagull leave. Allan Mcgregor could be available I expect we’ll see some loans coming in, will Cammy F come back again? Senna isn’t a bad shout either
  6. Full time football I guess but I thought he’d have aimed for a championship team
  7. Heard the Hilson rumour for the umpteenth time, but also heard we were looking at Luke Donnelly
  8. haha, true, I'm trying desperately to put a positive spin on this, it's a huge loss for us
  9. the grass isn't always greener, tried full time football before and was back with us after a season
  10. The ‘get battered’ song only appeared when the young team appeared out the woodwork for the play off games. Fair play they created an atmosphere but some of their stuff was very cringy. as for the game, wow. Thought we were a cert after going 2 up. Unfortunately the defensive subs were made far too early and it backfired. Seagull lived up to his nickname and f**ked up any chance we had. That’s him out of contract now, he’s been a good servant but now it should come to an end
  11. Great to get the win but we conceded a hell of a lot of chances. Defence stood firm though. Dillon was immense, Whatley and Cameron were good in midfield and CJ was his usual non stop self up top. Saturday will be even tougher, could well be a nail biter!
  12. yeh, if we are still in the tie after tonight then I'd be quite confident going into Saturday's second leg.
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