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  1. Huge win today, had a few chances to kill the game off but the whole back 4 stood firm all game and a save from Lennox kept the clean sheet. east fife missed a sitter in first half but despite all the possession I never felt that troubled
  2. Confident going into this match, 25 points out of the last 30 is top of the table form. Taking a point will be a decent result for the Mo but would happily accept all 3!
  3. Easy victory in the end for Montrose Like the home game against Raith we dominated the first half but unlike that game we had a goal to show for it. Thought Steeves had scored but all websites had credited Blair Lyons with it. Clyde started the second half the better team and some good saves, one particularly outstanding from Lennox kept Clyde at bay. Second goal from Lyons killed it and 2 good (hopefully confidence building) goals from Martin Rennie completed the scoring. Great performances from all in blue, thought Lennox perhaps deserved the MOTM award over Lyons looking forward to Falkirk next week spotted some Santa’s looking for a scrap in the middle of the road after the game as well, defeat must have ripped the Christmas spirit from them
  4. Nae Wetherspoons but the Market Arms on the high street and then the Golf Inn before heading to the game would be my route. There’s a handy post further up that gives you a further few choices
  5. Can’t disagree with anything said about the Mo’s line up. Why the centre halves were changed against a team that were always going to be 100% up for this match is beyond me. Thought if players were going to get a run out it would have been Fleming in goal and possibly CJ getting much needed minutes. Says it all when one of the aforementioned centre halves gave away a stupid free kick that led to the first and was turned so easily for the second when we had just got on level terms, then never came out for the second half! Fair play to Bonnyrigg, played to their strengths and made it as difficult as possible for us. Even when down to 10 men against a late onslaught they stood firm and keeper made a great save at the death. I was celebrating a goal and couldn’t believe it hadn’t gone in can see Bonnyrigg getting a plum draw on Monday
  6. was just discussing the monumental bombscare the other day, showing someone the footage of his calamity attempts to prevent a wind assisted clearance from Smokie's keeper enter the net. A lot of press articles around the story available online too. Montrose seemed to be a breeding ground for utter trash like him for far too long a period of time
  7. a little help from Bonnyrigg fans, is there much car parking at the ground? Or am I best to use the surrounding streets?
  8. Comfortable day at the office for The Mo, 3 easy points without always being at our best. Could have and should have been more than 3-0, especially with a couple of decent opportunities with headers in the first half, Webby rattling the post in the second half. Forfar seemed intent on playing the ball high and long at any opportunity. Granted we did that as well at times but the longer balls had a lot more purpose than Forfar’s hopeful punts. 6 in a row, who would have seen this at the start of October?
  9. Deserved victory for the Mo, scrappy affair though. Stranraer seemed happy to play with the ball in the air most of the game and when Montrose got the ball on the ground they played some decent stuff Always felt that at 1-0 Stranraer would score though, cracking finish from Cammy number 1 to win it. One of those ‘as soon as it left his boot you knew it was in’ 4 wins from 4 now, looking forward to becoming the first team to beat east fife this season next week Cant see anything other than relegation for Stranraer playing the way the do
  10. I’m pretty sure that the red card was not an intentional elbow, be interesting to see the highlights to determine it, but fans are always going to see each incident through their own team tinted spectacles
  11. Are any yellow cards for good sporting behaviour? I’ll agree Watson’s was a deliberate foul to prevent a counter attack and Webster was a little late on your keeper but I’d have been more annoyed if any player never challenged a keeper with the ball at his feet outside the box
  12. Great performance by Montrose today, a thoroughly deserved 3 points, every player full of effort and endeavour. Thought game was reasonably close up until the penalty and second goal so quickly afterwards wrapped it up. Reading through previous posts i don’t think Montrose players ‘left a boot in’. We seem to be getting a reputation from opposition fans of being a team that kicked players off the park which is something I struggle to see. Yes we had a red card but I’m sure the highlights package will show there was no intention by Rennie. Clyde keeper lucky not to see red for kicking out. All in all a good day at the office. Youngsters bringing much needed pace to the team, Sena had a good game when he came on, Watson unlucky to be replaced by him. Lyons was superb again, looking forward to see Struthers get some action.
  13. Your defence never capitulated, three cracking goals out the four from Watson and Webby with 2
  14. Recommend the Golf Inn, just a short walk to the ground from there
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