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  1. i doubt anyone will touch Hester until his court hearing has passed
  2. I thought that ruling was only in use for games in which VAR is being used? I could well be wrong. agree with with your view of the game. We were poor first half, Webster, Lyons and Gardyne switching positions a few times never really helped us. Second half was much better but we seemed to lack any idea when we got within 18 yards of goal, just shoot!! regarding the officials, I was near the far side linesman second half and he was awful. Luckily he was never up with play and missed a few potential offsides in our favour. we now find ourselves 10 points off the top and I cannot say I’ve seen anything to say Cove are 10 points better than us, other than an out and out goalscorer. Still well in with a shout of top 4 though which would have been our aim at start of the season.
  3. boo boys will be delighted by Keatings staying for rest of the season
  4. I’d say 2 points dropped by Montrose. Had the majority of the play but lacked killer instinct in front of goal. A brilliant clearance and save denied Montrose 2 goals in the first half, seagull made a great save as well to deny Alloa before they scored right at the end of the half. Goal came on the counter after a poor choice of pass by Montrose as they attacked. Second half wasn’t played as fast as the first and took a great free kick from Liam to equalise. He went close again after but not much else in the way of chances after that. Undefeated run continues and more minutes for Simpson who impressed again. Huge came against cove next week with them winning again today
  5. i'd imagine there is a bit of money at the club, as honestly cannot remember the last time we paid a fee for a player. Nowhere near the money of Cove, QP, Falkirk, Alloa etc
  6. Well we’ve already got 50 more minutes out of him than you got from Adeyemo
  7. Regulation 3 points for Montrose against East Fife. Poor first half that The fifers maybe shaded, a great save from Annie after a short Dillon pass back kept it goalless. Second half was nearly all Montrose and the 2 goals by Lyons (although I thought the first was an OG) gave us a deserved win. Another excellent tip on to the post by Annie after a deflected shot kept the clean sheet and Gallagher did likewise denying Masson and a 3rd goal. Good performance all round, Lyons looking back to his best and a solid debut from Elijah Simpson. Strong, full of running and can hold the ball up, looks a welcome addition. Thought some shouts towards Keatings were unnecessary, yes he’s disappointed but I don’t think he’s really been fully fit and criticism won’t help things
  8. he's unrecognisable from the player we had on loan first time round, has brought nothing to the team since coming back.
  9. Deserved 3 points for the Mo, played good stuff at times but some scrappy moments, one of which led to Cammy’s red card. Cracking build up to the second goal, good to see Blair on the scoresheet, hopefully more to come. Peterhead did have some passages of possession, other than when Rusty hit the post we were relatively untroubled. Lennox only really having 2 real saves of note to make
  10. hopefully a decent crowd turn up now that we'll be restricted to 500 come Boxing Day
  11. not what Montrose need, and hopefully nobody was taking snapchats of him................................
  12. His Dad did have knee injuries. Wouldn’t say it ended his career but he did stop playing due to it, albeit he was well into his 30s at the time.
  13. are highlights available or a premium account required on Dumbarton TV?
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