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  1. well surely we cannot be as bad as we were last week. As previously said, loanees back in should make a difference. Would be ideal if Hutchison is fit so we have a natural right back on the pitch Now as good a time as any to break the Alloa hoodoo!
  2. That's very true about Cammy. Happy to have him on board again but can't help but think the final loan slot could have been used for a different area of the pitch
  3. Badly need a right back in. Webby and whatley shouldn’t be playing there. I know we got the boy from Dundee United in on loan but if he’s not gonna feature we should get rid and look elsewhere
  4. Anyone know if the loan players are able to play tomorrow? Could be a big loss for a very tricky tie
  5. He’s turning out for one of the university teams in lowland league I think. Seemingly he was missing on Saturday as he has been knocked out midweek
  6. from the outside looking in I would say that it may be time for a change at the Peterhead, but who would come in to replace McInally?
  7. in the slow motion replay of second goal, to me, it looks like Matty heads it on to the Peterhead player's head and then it loops in
  8. Poor first half but much better in second. I thought Matty Allan had scored the second but credited as an OG. Strange performance from Montrose, well, more in terms of formation. We seemed to play large parts with only Steeves on the left side. Happy to take the 3 points
  9. there had better be a much better performance than the god awful one served up by the Mo last week Is a tie at home to Peterhead the perfect fixture to bounce back with, or an unwanted banana skin? Be interesting to see the line-up tomorrow. Thought too many changes were made from the team that beat Dunfermline to accommodate McAllister against Airdrie. He stormed off down the tunnel when he was hooked (presuming he wasn't injured) last week, will that mean him being dropped to the bench. Hopefully Gardyne is fit, or Webby is fit enough to start in his place
  10. Well that was pathetic today. Airdrie didn’t even need to be that good and were 3 up at the break. Looked like poor defending for first 2 goals and I missed the third. triple substitution made no difference at all after the break, 4th goal resulted after players not playing to the whistle. poorest display of the league season so far today. At times I really wasn’t sure who was playing where and what formation we were playing. Night and day from last week, must be better next week
  11. taking that bet on is immediately confirming a home win, given my recent failures with coupons
  12. Given that the last 2 meetings between the clubs have provided 16 goals, I can't, and hopefully wont see this finishing a drab 0-0. We're on a decent wee run at the moment including a 4-2 victory over Airdrie, another 3 points would be most welcome
  13. As long as SP plays his strongest team possible and doesn't take this as an opportunity to mix the team up. This is a very decent chance to progress in the cup, possibly into a money making 4th round tie
  14. I guess, like many other clubs, the “no one likes us, we don’t care” song has been around for years and will continue to be sung regardless of how many opposing fans may have a soft spot for said clubs
  15. Waddell, for me, has been the player of the season so far with Dillon continuing to defy the years alongside him. CJ looks far better this season too. He’s always had his non stop running but his link up play and finishing has definitely improved. All the loan players look terrific as well, although jury still out on Hutchinson for now until he manages a run of games
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