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  1. i wouldn't lose any sleep should Gardyne go, can't see what he has done to justify his wage. Just not sure who would come in for him now
  2. no idea about the other two, just heard that Matty wanted a 2 year deal and he hadn't been offered that. Could just be another rumour doing the rounds
  3. You're getting a good player, who in my opinion, will stroll League 2. annoyed we never gave him the 2 year deal he wanted to stay at Links Park, only offering up a single year deal.
  4. Cammy Gill, like I said, just a rumour I've heard
  5. Matty, whatley and Lewis Milne confirmed as leaving
  6. Can confirm Watson’s goal was in fact a great finish. We should have been out of sight before then with missed chances, and their winner was due to more awful defending. there have been many disappointing performances and results this season, but to still be in with a chance of the playoffs with 2 games remaining would point to a fairly successful season. SP will say that 8th place was the target at the start of the season. I would put the downturn in form to Sinclair being recalled in January. He was a huge loss. Not having a fixed right back all season has hurt us badly. I think that’s why Webby’s form dipped. Hopefully having Williamson in there will allow Webby to keep playing further forward in his natural position. Whatley and Matty both appear to be off to Forfar. Whatley hasn’t really done much in his time here, would have liked to see Matty stay with the 2 year deal he wanted. He’s played nearly every game including playing out of position. Would imagine Callaghan will be on his was too if rumours are to be believed we already have another keeper signing up, think we need more cover at CB with only Quinn there and we have no cover for Steeves either, only Liam really filled in there if needed. We will need midfielders and other striker as well. Not sure what we’ll get from Gardyne, can’t really see what he’s brought to the team in his time here.
  7. Exactly. Can only think the height of Salmon had a factor in that decision. P
  8. results last week makes this game more than the expected dead rubber for Montrose. A few weeks ago I thought we had no chance of a playoff spot but now we have an outside chance of sneaking in the back door. Be good to get a win and take it to the last Saturday of the season. However, we've not beaten Alloa in the league since 19Oatcake!!
  9. Congratulations on your title win, as a Montrose fan who have had a fairly uneventful season I suppose the only small crumb of comfort is that we’ve stopped you being invincibles. So far anyway, although I doubt you’ll lose any of the remaining fixtures unless McPake makes huge changes to your line up for these games
  10. agree the axe needs to be wielded. I would definitely replace Lennox. Can see Whatley leaving at end of contract and surprised to see Watson offered any extension unless in a coaching capacity. We have lamented the lack of a right back but if Steeves is injured/suspended then we have no left back. Callaghan can fit in there but not sure if he's worth retaining just for that reason. I'd keep Milne as he's a decent squad player and think we need to keep CJ, he's improved significantly over past year or two. No word on Matty being offered a new contract, with Dillon getting older and Aidan Quinn always struggling with injury we will be very short in the centre back position. Gardyne will have a season left with us but I do not see what he has brought to the squad. Maybe I expected more from him forgetting that he is also aging. Hopefully with a 'proper' right back in the shape of Williamson we will see the return of Webby from previous seasons without the defensive responsibilities, scoring and providing scoring chances.
  11. no, i've not watched them, just looked way to far to one side from where I was stood
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