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  1. All things Dundee FC

    We're paying around £250k per annum at the moment. It really depends if we're renting the new stadium will the club get all the money made from other events, retail, hospitality, conferences, car parking etc? If they would paying more rent (within reason) than currently wouldn't be a problem as we could vastly increase our turnover. No one knows much right now about the plans except I guess Keyes and Nelms. I don't think they'd be doing it if it wasn't in the best interests of the club either. I reckon we'll probably get a good deal from this and they'd recoup their money in the long term but we'll just have to wait and see..
  2. All things Dundee FC

    This has been a long term plan from Keyes re. new stadium. DFCSS put forward various well thought out proposals for funding to buy back Dens at it's estimated cost but they weren't interested at all because it's always been their plan to build a new stadium. The devil will be in the details about how good it is for the club v how good it is for Keyes Capital long term. If it's a win-win for both then no complaints from me, a new stadium would help the club progress greatly IMO. From what I heard they're willing to spend £20m for a stadium and they want at least 17,000 capacity, now this is a huge amount of money so they must see something in it for them to get a return on their investment. Not saw any plans and unaware that any detailed plans exist but they have spent a lot of time trying to do their research and pick the right site for a new stadium. If it all comes to fruition they'll be raking in the rent from the club and from every use of the facilities.. as I said the devil will be in the details if it's worth it for the club but overall, they see something in building a new stadium here, perhaps the rent from club or events, rent from retail units etc but they wouldn't be doing it and spending an astronomical amount of money unless they could envisage a return over the years.
  3. GIRFUY Paul Dixon. You're shite and your team are shite. Giving the Derry the big who's laughing now after the opener well you get what you deserve you absolute cretin.
  4. Celtic v Dundee

    If Hartley does what he says and goes for a complete rotation to keep them fresh for the cup game than can only expect to lose my a few IMO.
  5. Fair play to Hughes, admitted Dundee were the better team and deserved to win.
  6. Watched this game on DFCTV. Strange that you're glad to get a point from a game that you should've won with ease. Inverness are absolutely brutal, fouling and kicking Stewart and Harkins the whole of the first half, should have at least one guy sent off for kicking out at Stewart on the deck, time wasting in the first half - goalkeeper booked for it. He should have been sent off later for handling outside the box but all in all, Dundee were by far the better team and deserved more the game. I know Inverness fans will just be worried about the points but really, I would hate to watch my team play in that fashion complete anti-football.
  7. DFC v DFC 6th Feb

    Hospitality was sold out so either Dumbarton sacrificed another row or two or the ticket office forgot about the ones stashed in the cupboard.
  8. DFC v DFC 6th Feb

    Supporters clubs always get them first but they only get one per season ticket holder. Yeah it's shit that people are missing out but easily would've taken double our allocation what can you do? No matter what people going to be disappointed.
  9. DFC v DFC 6th Feb

    750 tickets.. going to be lucky to get one of those even if you are a season ticket holder.
  10. Dundee v Falkirk

    Nick Ross is a waste of space. Holt is terrible, all we did was give the ball away. Low and McGowan aren't much better the midfield is shite.
  11. Dundee v Falkirk

    Was expecting a tougher game than we got to be honest. Our first goal was offside but a great finish from Hemmings nonetheless I think the linesman only got one or two of the other six or so wrong in the first half despite the constant abuse and protests from the supporters and when it came down to this one perhaps the fans protests and pressures played a part. Moving from that Falkirk equalised quickly through bad defending and someone playing them inside by lying on the ground? Both teams had chances but level at the break probably a fair reflection. Second half, great ball from Harkins to McGinn and a great cross made it 2-1 another great finish from Hemmings. Turned provider a fantastic sprint from Harkins and as soon as he got the ball their was only going to one outcome, another good strike. Madness that Hartley has had Harkins sitting on the bench for half the season, he's the one that make things happen should be starting every week. He dragged the squad through the 25 point deduction season and I think he enjoys being captain. Overall, as I said an easy win.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    Hammers fan at work says we're on verge of getting a young Scottish lad on loan from them.
  13. Don't worry guys, Jackson guaranteed that you would stay up. All you need to do is gather 1.4 times is many points as you already have more than the closest opposition team(s) can you manage that? Jackson told me its a dead cert, went all in at the bookies.
  14. God curse Dundee United. Enjoy the diddy league(s) boys...