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  1. They do have a third kit but they have not had them delivered yet.
  2. Today gave me some optimism going into the league season, played well against Raith but the last two results weren't great and Inverness were our toughest opponents so far so to keep the clean sheet yet again and look very comfortable against a side in our league that's expected to do well was pleasing. Early days still and a long season ahead but positive signs, seems like we managed to get the feel good factor back around the club after the shambles of last season don't think the importance of that can be underestimated either.
  3. Think a bit harsh with the ball and in no mans land, think the unnatural bounce on the shitty plastic pitch had an effect, but aye he doesn't fill me with the greatest of confidence hopefully a few clean sheets get his confidence up and playing better. P.S. f**k plastic pitches
  4. Should never have had the job in the first place, good riddance.
  5. Adil Nabi on the BBC main site... https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47006218 Seems he had a good debut in Greece, must've been playing shite if he was able to score a double, he couldn't barely last half an hour for us.
  6. He's on a one year rolling contract, i,e, he always has a year left to go until we terminate it.
  7. Let's hope he's good, do think it's been a very good window for us, rid of a lot of duds and some fighters in the squad, well done to manager for that.
  8. First real positives under JM from me, well I liked the system and squad system against St Mirren as well wanted to see Miller and Curran on the wings ahead of those two, they've done alright so far like that. Hope we can build on this and JM can win me over with a few good results. A great comeback and we were well worth the point. Only thing I wasn't too happy with personally was not putting the corner into the box in the 93rd minute, yeah a draw is a good result but sometimes you need to be brave and take risks too but that said I understand totally, we need to build some sort of momentum and taking risks in our position at the moment maybe isn't the right thing to do but I'm a risk taker
  9. A draw is disappointing, thought the penalty was very soft. Aside from that, happier with the way we set up today - think we should be a 4-4-2 like today with Ralph and Miller on the left and Kerr and Curran on the right, so was happy to see that. Thought the substitutions particularly bringing off Kallman were a bit weird though.
  10. Shouldn't be there in the first place the fact we're worse than we were under McCann is scary.
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