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  1. "When it comes to young Calvin, a finer young gentleman you're unlikely to meet. He represented this club on the pitch and off the pitch, impeccably." not quite impeccable
  2. If I had to guess I'd go for October the nineteenth next year, about 10pm
  3. See you next time Shaun and in this time of great change, never forget that so many rely upon your consistency and guidance.
  4. Charlie says he is deeply touched. Andy knows what it's like.
  5. I rather think that your idea of decency and certainly decent discourse is at odds with the sober majority at this particular time in history.
  6. Rose and Violet Creams are priced at $50 for a box of 25 and described by the Charbonnel et Walker website as being "infused with attar of roses and violets (the essential oil extracted from the petals). Enrobed in our finest dark chocolate and entirely hand finished with crystallized Rose and Violet petals." Somewhat at odds with the Winston Ingram down at the bookies / two bar electric fire patter
  7. I'm sad to announce that it has more thrust than a singular fantasy Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley et al
  8. I have been guilty in the past of writing off young players and feel bad about sharing that views. Cutting them some slack is not always easy but perseverance and responsible management can bring success. It could be worthy of debate but it's difficult in a message board context, especially when dealing with a mind reader.
  9. That wasn't my angle so it's ok, you don't need to feel you've won.
  10. I've got a soft spot for young Cameron and I feel he is growing into a quite formidable presence in our emerging side. I know there have been doubters, @Highland Capital and @TheScarf included but for now I'm satisfied that we have a talent to be cherished. https://mobile.twitter.com/ICTFC/status/1571228450337292288
  11. Great to hear a distinctive political statement in an overtly political citadel
  12. Thank you. I've noted that your colleagues have diverted the match day discourse to the Dundee thread. I find that as insular as it is curious.
  13. Richard Gordon, right from the get-go told me he wanted to take the show from The Glasgow Herald (it was different then) towards the Daily Record. He did and very successful it was too. Now, I'm normally the very one, that will default to supporting the purpose of the BBC but today was too much, it was way too much. Kenny's father Angus was a star and if he wants to truly emulate him, now is the time to try harder.
  14. Thank you. Not long now, will you wear a poppy, perhaps a tall poppy?
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