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  1. @BallochSonsFan you may well have missed my above question so I thought I would put it to you once again. Also, I'm very interested in your assertion on covid as follows: "Or the Covid care homes scandal" In what way did decisions taken in Scotland significantly diverge from those from Westminster?
  2. Energy is a reserved matter. Better together.
  3. What is the debit in terms of a cost benefit analysis when you net the gross and monetize the net present value of the notional argument?
  4. Was it the snp / Nicola Sturgeon / Scottish Government that prosecuted the rangers "spivs"?
  5. That's all very well and forgive me for intruding but unless my senses deceived it was Sutherland that was withdrawn in favour of Mckay
  6. The slippery slope argument is nonsense. Following the awful Brexit scenes in Westminster where obsessives stood for hours bawling, banging and bullying, they introduced a law to specifically deal with absurd and repetitive protests. This is not beyond us.
  7. I recall a huge efficiency gain on overheads and that I do indicates that they were transparent. There was a time when trained police officers were getting overtime rates to act as lollypop ladies persons to direct fans across the Kessock Bridge to ICT's stadium. It was almost extortion. This would have been sanctioned and even positively managed by local police leaders. I don't accept that policy developed locally is always better by definition.
  8. I don't remember any dishonesty but I do remember the selling point that the change would lead to efficiencies. What's wrong with that?
  9. I paid good money for this and all I got was motion sickness from that dodgy camera
  10. Some save from Ridgers. I wonder if Inverness are going to start playing any time soon
  11. In a office a few decades ago a young colleague fell up the three steps and spilled her tea on the floor. As she sprawled, one onlooker guffawed and whereas there was an undeniable comical element in the scenario, his laugh was stifled as her tears and blood flowed. This onlooker decided there and then to always weigh gratuitous delight with kindness.
  12. BBC Radio Scotland, "the line has dropped out " and an interviewee with something to say is lost to the country is so common that it is a surprise when an interview is completed. This must be down to more than dodgy mobile phone signals or some such and whereas this is only tenuously associated with this thread, it is increasingly irritating and shows Pacific Quay in an amateur light.
  13. meanwhile Radio Scotland's sports bulletin regularly leads with English men's football news. It's almost like there is a general acceptance that one of the partners is more equal than the others.
  14. Careful with that language. We should always use stock phrases such as "great offices of state". This will serve to protect the self aggrandising and exceptionalism of the system that makes us Brits so proud.
  15. I would rather think so. There seems to be one or two on here that don't quite grasp how the energy is developed, built, operated, traded and sold. All this is underpinned, no matter the fuel, with public subsidy of one sort or other.
  16. Shirley this is a very clever public information bulletin?
  17. I made the hilariously misunderstood point in the tennis thread that the very people that give it British this and British that would be all over the latest tennis star. I'm interested in the juxtaposition of the pleas to give young Emma space to grow and develop with the imperative to continue to punish Shamima.
  18. I have no idea as to why you are both being so confrontational so I shall leave you to your views
  19. I carried out some market research in this regard and I chose the Dundee thread in which to do so. It didn't* go as I might have expected. *truth be told, it did
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