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  1. I feel sorry for the County attacker a minute into that wee video. The ball, coming to him like it did, fairly seemed to surprise him.
  2. Traditional Values Research Group 19 Cleveland Street Fitzrovia London W1T 4AJ Patron: Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale
  3. I'm afraid not. It may be something associated with his ranking that he's always on the stand side. The above post is approved by Roy Jenkins.
  4. He was running the line yesterday in Inverness. I'm seeing much more of him these days.
  5. I'm rather excited by this Caley Thistle side. Whereas it has to be acknowledged that we allowed a committed but limited Cove side to grab some hope, when the the team put their mind to it, there was beauty and fair reward was reflected in goals. I was especially taken by Austin Samuels and his urgent ability to free himself from attention. His two goals would have shirley pleased him. His soaring confidence allowed him eschew a hat trick in favour of expertly ricocheting the ball off the keeper for a tap in for Shaw.
  6. ^^^ switched off in the huff after fifty minutes in Paisley
  7. He was being interviewed by a female. What he really meant was plain to see.
  8. I believe that he did. I'm not sure that he attended the media training day.
  9. You will also go on the list. Magnificent goal Enjoy your night There's another one!
  10. Dickie, dear dear Dickie, hiding the spare ball to waist time
  11. There's a lot of lunging and last ditch about Arbroath. I wouldn't go as far as to suggest agricultural but equally, artisan might be too complementary
  12. Too much I should imagine as it appears he has an ongoing requirement to apply cranial sunscreen
  13. Repeatium repliudum absurdum Just admit you got it wrong and that Hinckley doesn't get a subsidy for painting and decorating
  14. You do realise that electrical generation is predicated upon subsidies or other routes to market don't you? Hinckley Point, for example, has guaranteed income. Your roof and radiator analogy is not relevant.
  15. In the context of electrical generation, what a curious statement to make.
  16. This thread is great fun. Imagine if P&B was a thing in 1995 when Juventus gave a now defunct team an absolute towsing which four goals didn't do near enough justice to. Oh oh 7
  17. he was like that I was like that Ad nauseam
  18. Yes but it's not from the source you think. The other and exponential idiocy involved a poster replying to @Granny Danger who has repeatedly stated that he immediately puts trolls on ignore.
  19. In England and Wales, yes that was the case in 1967, we had to wait another generation and 1980 for a similar enlightenment. That Is A Disgrace
  20. Your name will also go on the list, what is it?
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