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  1. Question Time

    To be fair to them it was the BBC in one of their documentaries that brought this to my attention some time ago. It formed part of an awakening that shone a light on the British State not necessarily being the guy in the white hat all of the time. Question Time is a 21st century extension of a natural assumption that they are correct. Fiona Bruce's body language gives her away as being one of them and if one adds the constant racist undercurrent it is a theatre of despair.
  2. Question Time

    much more recent and brutal in extremis "The Kenya Human Rights Commission has said 90,000 Kenyans were executed, tortured or maimed during the crackdown, and 160,000 were detained in appalling conditions."
  3. General Politics Thread

    Grand lodge coalition
  4. General Politics Thread

    I didn't see that coming
  5. Question Time

    Most amount of sense since Northern Rock
  6. Ross "Wandering Hands" Thomson

    "member" "standing up" (sniggers)
  7. The Highland Derby

    Always loved Brad McKay
  8. The Highland Derby

    Add to that the red flashing on the Inverness top and the clash with the union flag red on County's strip
  9. The Highland Derby

    He's left space for plenty room for improvement, both tonight and in the future. My generic politeness disallows me from commenting further on his competence.
  10. The Highland Derby

    Your timing is as miserable as your demeanor Doran loves that position. I would have preferred it into the top corner but a goal is a goal
  11. The Highland Derby

    Brad McKay is quite capable of doing that all by himself
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I'm not 100% on this but I think I may have stumbled upon the very core of a solution.... Would it include the word "remain"?
  13. The Highland Derby

    Is Vigurs fit or is he laid low?
  14. The Highland Derby

    Anyone know who is officiating tonight? (who is the referee?) Some of the recent violent scenes that we've witnessed, have left me more disappointed than surprised. I remain uneasy that some condone and even seem to celebrate such acts. Whilst Big Fifer is, I'm sure, kidding, there are some, even on here, that seem serious. Some don't seem to see the line between Vigorous and Violence.
  15. Question Time

    Would you say that you are more emotive or subjective?