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  1. Oh my word! I rather think that you may have have misunderstood or at least underappreciated the nuance of my point. I'm nothing if not generous and I'd invite you to moderate by an octave or so and perhaps you may have cause to thank me in time.
  2. Despite his stature, he's got no idea on how to deal with a smart female. It says much about him and his philosophy.
  3. Fair play to old Nick, he's giving Nicola air time to wind up the charlatans. Have sympathy for the devil
  4. Not having the detail of the matter, I wouldn't know. Jean Charles de Menezes doesn't know either.
  5. John Barnes delivered a sports bulletin on the partial stadium closure at Parkhead and described the green brigade as Celtic's most loyal fans.
  6. Lib dem seats 17 Labour seats 15 SNP seats 12 Only the SNP can fail here
  7. Have you read anything of the championship forum? He's clearly on the wind up.
  8. BBC Radio Scotland was broadcasting from the Dingwall Mart (much missed from the centre of town) this morning and leaving aside the reference to the unpleasant miasma*, there were a couple of vox pops from rurals who parroted this line. If I recall correctly, they also made mention of other areas that are devolved to Edinburgh and therefore inappropriate for discussion in the context of a Westminster election. They seemed to me to be reassuringly uninformed. *through the medium of sound, it wasn't clear to me whether the smell emanated from the immediate vicinity or the general neighbourhood.
  9. You can almost see Culloden Moor from our park. I'm not sure that the jingoistic glorifying of British Forces should be anywhere near or in any way associated with Inverness Caley Thistle.
  10. Is the correct answer 12.6 billion?
  11. It's dispiriting to think that this is the case. English exceptionalism uber alles.
  12. He's a great white shark!
  13. I'm drawn to BJ's eyes, beyond the blond and bluster, I'm drawn to his eyes. There's something curious, perhaps a coldness, about them.
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