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  1. If Queens Park dodge this, the cup will be a tainted, hollow sham
  2. I'm not so sure returning players were the problem last night. Some, who have been playing more regularly weren't as effective as they might have been. The DD defensive combo conspired between them to allow a one on one prior to what we now know turned out to be the case and only a super stop by Ridgers prevented what would've been a horrible goal to lose. Carson and Welsh were playing well within themselves and Jay Henderson didn't see much of the ball. That's half the team and big players at that, who I look forward to seeing performing a whole lot better just as soon as is possible.
  3. Certainly plenty of practice tonight in that regard. Devine with a pass across the eighteen yard line that Duffy's legs weren't getting to - goal Devine with a weak attempt at holding off the attacker and a header back to Ridgers that was weaker - goal Duffy and Devine previously conspired to allow a free hit that Ridgers did very well to save. Terrific play put Down through one on one but he played the part of Devon Loch and the chance was gone Any of our players more than average? Truth be told, the answer is no but there is a ray of Allardice light to report on. Good luck to Queen's Park who, even without the DD help, shaded the game.
  4. Thanks. How you describe the rumour is understandable but a long way short of an unsubstantiated claim that the young player is on a one man withdrawal of labour campaign.
  5. I was just going to share that I heard Kheredine on the wireless saying that a championship striker was in progress and this news fills me with warmth that I might need to sustain me this evening. Like my good friend @SandyCromarty I was impressed by him as viewed during the recent league game. He looked confident, controlled and dangerous but he couldn't score against the Caley
  6. Oh Sandy, I do love you when your blood is up! The Inverness weather is presently alternating from a portentous blackness to an enlightened pleasant blue sky. Sandy, I rather think we could play the weather through the medium of prose. Which role would you think you would be most suitable for?
  7. Of course they didn't, if they did they would've been appraised of Ms Bauld's official connection to the Scottish Government.
  8. If that's a typo and you are asking about alternate stadium sites, I'd try my damnedest not to reopen old wounds. I know Ross County supporters probably have no cause to be in this part of the website any time soon but should they happen upon this and recall the huge amount of public money that went towards the stadium project, they will at the very least shudder when they think of Inverness drawing in so much capital spend from the likes of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Highland Council, Inverness Common Good Fund etc etc.
  9. If you would like the opportunity to hear the context of the quite brilliant Linda Bauld's comments, it can be accessed at one hour and thirty minutes into this broadcast I think any reasonable and objective listener would find nothing of fault.
  10. To be fair to BJ, I don't think he's got any control over when the BBC broadcast the Putin v The West documentary. If only there was someone who could do so
  11. They propose to decant me into the main stand to sit with the Tories and that along with the weather is giving me every disincentive to avoid this game. I'm seriously considering inventing an excuse such as a family meal to justify a cozy evening.
  12. @1320Lichtie that is not the zinger the interviewer or you think it is, in fact it's the complete opposite. Nicola very calmly explained the nuanced situation in the face of a sub Neil / Paxman look at me barrage. If you are searching for a worthy successor to James Kelly as the most challenged politician in the category of verbal expression, look no further than One hour, six minutes and fifty seconds into this Johnnie Beattie Drivetime broadcast and share your cerebral space with the redoubtable Rachael Hamilton
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