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  1. That's a lovely photograph and he looks so happy. I thought he'd passed away some time ago.
  2. It appears that his tank was short of the requisite litre of fuel so it looks like he is in trouble. Apparently he is in breach of article 6.6.4 in the James Farry esq leger of shibboleths
  3. Tam Cowan rightfully identified that Bernard Manning, despite his idiom, had a talent for timing. Whilst discrete posters might add to the gaiety of nations, it shouldn't be forgotten that this platform is what it is.
  4. Especially as he was off on the day they taught crossing the ball effectively
  5. This is a question that should be asked more often than it is amongst our rural community
  6. I clicked that and disapprovingly tutted at typical Tory behaviour, scrolled down the replies and twigged that this is a Labour mp and I'm on "what is the point in labour". What indeed is the point of Labour?
  7. No mention of gonks and as such this is like Les Dawson without a mother in law joke. Not to worry though, it's pre season and time is plentiful. The truism is that form is temporary and class is permanent, so fear not.
  8. It is a worry but the transition from apartheid in South Africa was managed and no small part due to the leadership offered. In Scotland the section of society that have been encouraged by a partisan message will need to be managed and those who are presently indulging themselves with whistles that attract dogs have a big responsibility to recalibrate to help the easily led to settle down.
  9. In this season of extreme weather events that wreak havoc and destroy districts, imagine being a resident of Rome and being woken from your bed with the news your Eternal City is a bit like Dundee.
  10. On the premise you are referring to one or more of the posters prevalent on this thread today, would there be the opportunity to clarify?
  11. sophia


    Here he is. Although it was a tempting headline involving the far left and him referring to them as cranks, I didn't trouble myself to click
  12. 38! Also, who buys a bucket with a health and safety warning on it? I'm not saying he stole it but he stole it.
  13. That would be Yellow Pearl. A nice jingle jangle song.
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