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  1. That is patently untrue and unless you are without shame, you should reconsider that particular attack line. Or perhaps you lack the comprehension skills to understand otherwise?
  2. There was a lovely bit of skill from young MacGregor to make his way into the box on the touchline. A hand was full of shirt and but for that there might have been a special outcome. Other than a couple of horrific defensive lapses, there was no joy Morton. As the players took to the field for the second half, I was rather taken with a young gentleman evoking Alan Partridge's "Dan" sketch as he tried and failed to attract the attention of, I think, the Morton goalkeeper.
  3. He was interviewed on Good Morning Scotland today and absurdly couldn't wait to reference 2014.
  4. You don't have to wait until the Sabbath, simply listen to Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale on BBC Sounds blame the 2014 indy ref
  5. Gold standard misogyny. It is almost like Harry Enfield never existed.
  6. I was taken with your juxtaposition of the mundane and the aberration, so forgive my edit. Male culture is clearly a huge issue and just as much as it isn't the root cause of the recent catastrophic events that took away Sarah, it is a subject that is difficult indeed.
  7. With only so many apostrophes available, they shouldn't should not be wasted.
  8. I do appreciate it when posts are filed in appropriate threads.
  9. I'm not so sure. Merkel inherited and maintained a mature economy and whereas she has been fairly steady, I rather agree with @williemillersmoustache and Nicola is so inspirational in her guidance and leadership towards what will be a decisive vote.
  10. Of all the characters who involve themselves with sports broadcasting, you choose Richard Gordon as the "dullard"? Would you be familiar with the concept?
  11. There were more than a few characters demonstrating that they visited Elgin replete with opposable digits and their ventures to and up the cage were as primitive as they were territorial
  12. From my vantage point, I thought the two Elgin finishes were of high quality and given the ferocity of the home team start, it looked like one of these days. The contrast between the visitors who stood up and were looking for control and the home team commitment complete with sliding tackles aplenty was a raw one and great to watch. However and has been pointed out, the energy expended was Elgin's undoing and as young MacGregor started bossing it, the game turned and the denouement was complete when Jamieson's dink finally found its way over the line. All in all, thoroughly enjoyable sport redolent of days past.
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