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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    needs a bit more of the Scots having the whip hand over the English to be full cream partisan Powell
  2. ICT v Dundee United

    As insipid as the game was, I think there was enough for me to be confident of being competitive in a play off game
  3. ICT v Dundee United

    <<<< replied to this topic Wintery weather forecast on the A9. No doubt snowflakes will be complaining about the rocky road
  4. Question Time

    Dimbleby flirting with Davis Sums up the self satisfied old, male, middle-class and white BBC
  5. ICT v Dundee United

    Provided there are no wonka moments from Brad McKay or Shaun Rooney, this is bounty be a picnic.
  6. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    I do apologise, I'd rather hoped for coherent. Do you think you could possibly manage that?
  7. ICTFC 18/19

    Too short, didn't read. Chick Young tells a similar story about his step father in the immediate aftermath of St Mirren's cup win. It seemed that some of the team wouldn't be good enough for the new season. I like the fact that you chose Inverness as a Highland team as they have previous European experience. Anything else would be fantastical.
  8. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    Perhaps when you put together something coherent, maybe then you'll get a debate. Is this a scenario that you can see unfolding?
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    No Brexit vote? Perhaps now is not the time
  10. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    So the maximum age is 65ish. What is your idea of a minimum age? What's the ages of maximum efficiency?
  11. Fair play if not weather to Ayr, no game but still at the summit. I'm sure there will be disappointment elsewhere at opportunities missed.
  12. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I think you've allowed yourself to be diverted from the very worrying message that Sir John has delivered here Would you join me in a proselytising process to guide the ill informed?
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    If you fly with the crows....
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Curtice has the truth of it The eccentrically cerebral John Curtice is commenting. If you can't be bothered reading, allow me a precis.... He says that there is evidence that yes voters are good guys and unionists, red and blue, are racists.
  15. BT showed it live. Doohan aimed it at the stand from Somerset Road goal area and it barely cleared penalty area. Next effort landed about 10 yards outside penalty area but almost at north terracing touchline. Farcical conditions. That's the problem with some older grounds. They offer little in the way of protection from the elements.