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  1. No it isn't. From a health and wellbeing perspective, I rather think he is managing his time very appropriately. In any case, his work has been heavily associated with development activities outwith the core playing part of the club. The only downside is that he missed the opportunity to witness another Cameron Harper masterclass.
  2. Try more imagining and fewer sound bitey words Sarwar specifically said he would start up a generation company. The lord only knows where, how and how quickly he will obtain sufficient assets to generate the green energy he claims. A decade? If he meant a retail company then whoop-de-do, what a basket case of a sector that is and the smartest thing the SNP did was ditch that daft intention they had to sink public money and their reputation.
  3. He quoted his leader, as did you. Care to answer or are you content with rhetoric?
  4. C'mon @Jedi, how do you think Sarwar's pledge on an electricity generation public company can be delivered and be successful? Perhaps in quoting this you share his scant idea of the sum of the words that he glibly shunted together today?
  5. Sarwar said today that they would start a publicly owned electricity generating company. How do you suggest that is going to work?
  6. I listened to the full Thick of It glory of the interview this morning at one hour and thirty six minutes into GMS He sounds ill at ease, spectacularly ill at ease, in communicating. It is almost like he was lazily winging it or maybe he is just thick. Either way, it made for full on cringe listening.
  7. My memory isn't what it was. What's the story with Billy Dodds and this transfer?
  8. I'm sorry, I'll put it in language that is very plain. The negotiations that will take place after the yes vote will take into account all the liabilities and there will be provision made for those that have paid in. You can be as obtuse as you like in this matter but the truth of this has already been very clearly set out. You can have a Trump or Alex Jones version of your truth if you like but please be aware where that leaves you.
  9. Would you say that the post referendum negotiations will take account of the pension contributions of those that will remain subjects and those that are destined for citizenship? I'd imagine there's a spreadsheet with the workings out.
  10. Oh, I see now, not just a personal choice but gnawing at the fetid scabs of @Rio 2and the like. This is all so strange to me but
  11. I certainly was aware of the booing of the Ireland No11. I didn't know who the No11 was but when asked about the disrespect, I speculated that it was Mr McClean and explained about his history. "But doesn't that make him more like a good guy?" was the question. We shrugged our shoulders and got on with watching the game. Reading and being reminded of this nonsense, this Highland citizen remains bamboozled.
  12. I'd phone the front desk and ask to be put me through to the complaints department
  13. He didn't even get that correct. The Rolling Stones were subject to dirty work by their manager Allen Klein who left them high and dry. Without the debt he shattered them with, they wouldn't have moved to France.
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