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  1. That's a shame as you most probably missed the homage to The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin
  2. They've dined with the devil again. WWR should've chased DRoss and his digital britnat take on democracy. The sweep from Argyll, north through Lochaber, Inverness and Ross-shire, now certainly joined by Caithness look gone forever and Firth there is grave doubt. All that remains are a couple of seats mostly gifted by Tories. It was conspicuous this morning that Lorna Slater got BBC air time and WWR did not. Bye bye WWR, bye bye ACH and hello to a balanced two by two constitutional debate with Anas Sarwar "on a journey".
  3. I hear that following the landslide result yesterday that the "once in a generation" shirt is being retired
  4. Nicola McEwan, Ailsa Henderson and Martin Geissler were excellent yesterday. With an understated editorial masterstroke, BBC Scotland hired Ramsay Jones and gave him enough air time to share his through the looking glass logic. Credit where it is due.
  5. I'm hearing from sources close to me that there's a feeling from within my house that there are worrying overtones to some messages.
  6. Labour specifically did not stand on a constitutional ticket so the 50/50 split is disingenuous
  7. Sturgeon's reaction to Swindson losing is up there as one of the best moments in an election. Sturgeon's reaction to Amy Callaghan winning is up there as one of the best moments in an election.
  8. Ayesha Hazarika probably thinks she is smart in continuingly mentioning the Irish border. I think it's a cheap shot.
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