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  1. Juniors are dead, so who would they play?
  2. Oh, is that Wee Rose fan and his many aliases a Saintees fan as well
  3. talkSport have exclusive national coverage of the EFL. Five Live have NO EFL commentaries and haven't for several years.
  4. He started 15th and dropped back during the opening lap - he was making his way back up the field when the accident happened. Alan Jones took over the seat and of course was World Champion within a few years - what could have been for the Welsh Senna.
  5. Instead of listening to the Wee Rose fan why not get it from the horses mouth about attendances being capped at 500, Joint Response Group Update – 21 December (scottishfa.co.uk)
  6. Last time he was out of a job he went to watch Camelon instead of the Bairns, no chance he goes to New Brockville but Johnny Harvey must be shitting it at Camelon
  7. Didn't post a single thing about the Wee Rose until the last change of manager but posted prior to that about Camelon. I wonder why
  8. Juniors are still dead M65. @Tynierose
  9. There are criteria, you dont qualify for Hard Knocks if you've 1.) a first-year head coach, 2.) have made the playoffs in the last two seasons, or 3.) have appeared on the show in the past 10 years. Teams are, however, also allowed to volunteer for inclusion. There were only 5 teams it could be this season - Cardinals, Broncos, Giants, Panthers and Cowboys. From that lot you are always picking the Cowboys. That the coaching staff still reference Austin Powers (1999 called and wants its cultural references back) says it all about the team - and aside from that I thought Episode 1 was very dull. ...and Shefty says Dak is fine.
  10. He's been at two recent games at Prestonfield, including yesterday.
  11. drs

    Bsc Glasgow

    The smiley would have given it away to all sensible posters that it wasn't a serious comment and was a call back to previous posts about the club. But clearly not in your case, sucks to be you I guess.
  12. drs

    Bsc Glasgow

    A thoroughly deserved win for the 'Pace. Two nil up early on thanks to Herron outpacing the centre half and knocking it past the goalie after a couple of minutes and then Morrison flicking it home at the near post after some good passing play and they also hit the post before the franchise pulled one back when someone was left unmarked at the back of the box. They then had their best spell of the game at the start of the second half which included a chance being cleared off the line but as soon as they had a man sent off for what (even to my biased eyes) was a soft denying a clear goal scoring opportunity then it was game over and the Pace could have added another couple before Davie Grant sealed the deal. The franchise were rotten for a club that is 2 leagues ahead in the Pyramid - we need better ventilation at the bottom of the LL. No ground, no connection to any community, no fans and no ability on the park. I guess it sucks to be the "twat in the hat" tonight
  13. Absolutely bodied the franchise. Stonking win for a side 2 leagues below.
  14. You can still win the league and not go up though , I particularly dont like that imo You've just come out of a league structure in the Juniors where there was nowhere to go if you won the league. Guessing you must have hated the Juniors which had 0% chance of progression from its top flight. Thankfully the senior leagues offer clubs the opportunity to progress up the pyramid. Its not perfect at the moment but its a start and as clubs find their place in the pyramid things will change. Its all a lot better than what clubs had a couple of years ago.
  15. You sound like a massive c**t so I'd suggest supporting the Cowboys.
  16. I was behind the goal and Sibanda at the post knocked it in for the first and as everyone behind the goals could see the keeper and Number 23 were playing him on, there was nothing controversial about it at all - he was clearly in line with the defence and the linesman made that point to the Camelon players. I thought the referee called the big moments correctly and the better team won, as well as scoring 4 they hit the woodwork 4 times. The pelanty for Dundonald was clear as day from the other end of the park. Camelon needed to concentrate on the game for the last half hour instead of trying to blame the referee for their ills. ....and only those numpties on Scotail call it Camel-On. Its Kemlin to the locals.
  17. He wasn't, I was 5 yards away from it behind the goal - 23 was on the line and Sibanda was off the line. He was clearly onside or at least in line with the defender and keeper when the ball came back across, the lino also indicated that the defender was playing him on. Its why nobody behind the goal got as angry as people in the seats, we had a far clearer view and could see the call was correct. Dundonald scored 4 and hit the woodwork 4 times, they deserved to win. Camelon players needed to calm down and stop acting like dicks when they didnt agree with a decision. The dive from 10 was one of the most embarrassing I've ever seen and the sending off was also never a foul.
  18. Were Camelon playing with an outfield player in goals today? He didn't look like either of the keepers on the website but did look like one of the listed midfielders? Whatever, not at fault for a 4-2 win for Bluebell - who i think hit the post/bar 4 times as well as scoring 4. ....and the first Dundonald goal Number 23 was clearly playing him on, everyone behind the goal could see it and we all saw the handball for the 4th as well. And none of the Camelon claims for pelanties were actual pelanties. Some embarrassing reactions from Camelon to decisions that the officials got correct, the team seemed to fall apart when they went down to 10 men.
  19. Please tell me he wasn't still actually wrestling, he looked decrepit over 20 years ago.
  20. If your own team misses out on the League title by a couple of points and goes deep in the Junior Cup will you be as vocal about the issue?
  21. All the Wetherspoons is a depressing look at life in Modern Britain. All the Wetherspoons - Map - GeoGuessr 24,775 was my top score in 10 minutes as I piss around god forsaken town centres looking for road signs telling me where I am.
  22. A supposed "Dunfermline" fan who is obsessed with other teams, are you @Poet of the Macabre by any chance?
  23. drs

    Bsc Glasgow

    Maybe you should have found that out before making a complete spanner of yourself.
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