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  1. @BawWatchin that's just embarrassing. Using alleged sexual assaults on a series of women in a terrible attempt to score political points. Its the kind of post that does more harm than good to the independence movement and if you cant understand that then maybe you need to take several steps back.
  2. Bradley is 43 and just been sacked for making a mess of Linlithgow (senior) - not sure how he meets the young or up and coming of the title.
  3. A better option than the second half at Hampden, DM me your address.
  4. For someone with observer in their name you don't actually appear to be very observant.
  5. See Lochee have now been fined £750 for the first game by the SFA. Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 306: Team Lines — clubs shall observe the terms of Competition Rule 14. Principal hearing date: Thursday 14 November 2019 Outcome: £750 fine payable within 30 days of the hearing date.
  6. Sacked by Hartlepool Mutual consented by Inverness once he put his own team together. An utter abortion of a half season at Raith that saw him relegated and show himself up as an egotistical dinosaur. Only a complete idiot would want him back at Falkirk based on his managerial ability. Someone said it in another thread last week - football fans are conservative when it comes to managerial appointments, too blinkered in their thinking that it has to be a previous manager or a former player. Falkirk need someone steeped in putting an attractive winning team on the park rather than looking at someone who played 200+ games for the club just because they played 200+ games for the club.
  7. Indeed, we were in the same bar (and on the same train) afterwards. Assuming you had the blue Clydebank t-shirt. And a special shout out to the Thistle Bar in Alloa which is a proper pub and not one of those bowfin Spoons or Belhaven chain monstrosities.
  8. I assume he was the one taking a piss against the burger van in full view of everyone in the stand rather than going to the toilets like normal decent human beings!
  9. BSC v Lochee - around 150 (there were 80 or so in the stand, excluding the committee seats (and what a massive committee Lochee appear to have!) and then slightly less than that standing and the railway end terracing and Gazebo were roped off and thus of bounds at the Wreck yesterday.
  10. AS you cant get private messages - remove that post quoting me from another website.

    1. HibeeJibee


      Hi mate... Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean - or were you the Twitter chap on about Inverkeithing/America? If so your posts are public on Twitter - I don't even have a Twitter account and I was just looking at recent posts about EOS League so appears for all the world to see - but I'll happily take it down if that's what you mean. Only meant it as a laugh, anyway.

    2. HibeeJibee


      On the assumption that's what you're referring to I've deleted it, no wish to cause hassle for anyone. You should probably make your Twitter feed private if you don't want to be quoted - as it came up simply by searching EastScotlandFA twitter handle (it was in the thread of tweets). Nowadays on P&B you just copy a Facebook or a Twitter URL and it uploads itself.

    3. HibeeJibee


      Having had a look at my posts in recent few days I assume that's the right one - nothing else fits the bill. If not, let me know. As I say it appeared at the top of a twitter search as a public post - and only meant as a laugh - but no wish to cause hassle, so happy to delete. As I say anyone can insert FB/Twitter/Youtube stuff like that. Hope that's it sorted.

  11. Hoping to get some ideas from him on how to hide my wealth from the soon to be ex.
  12. He's far more likely to want to manage Camelon than he is Falkirk anyway.
  13. drs


    Syngenta had 12 stripped players when I saw them a month ago (and managed to lose quite convincingly to 9 men) and one of those was an emergency loan. Did fear for them seeing out the season so this looks like good news BUT like most people in Falkirk I've heard the Pennies stories over the years so the jury is most definitely out.
  14. I read your posts and don't understand why you continue to flog a dead horse despite continually having been presented with evidence to the contrary of what you are saying. I don't think you actually understand the concepts behind what you are saying and how it comes across, your repeated use of a shown falsehood suggests underlying issues around your failure to grasp a simple and plain reality. ..and the least said about your frankly bizarre assertion about me, and others, wanting to kill the SJFA (I definitely don't have the power to do that, not in my football remit) as that just shows how desperate and embarrassing your posts are.
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