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  1. Yes. Its a joke of a competition that will see 2 senior clubs play in the final, only the complete fools of the Juniors could run a competition that sees the finalists be from a different "grade" of football that they railed against for decades. Hopefully this is the final end for the Junior Cup and it can finally be consigned to the dustbin of history.
  2. <-- Explains it, once there is an independent Scotland the Isles should remove themselves from it and get their independence back and actually be governed by people who understand them rather than incompetent central belt poltroons who wouldn't know a peat bog from a puddle.
  3. Anything south of Ullapool is a Weegie to me.
  4. Its what happens when you have a central belt government that doesn't care for anyone in rural areas. We've been shafted time and time again by Westminster and then Edinburgh over the centuries - utter c***s the lot of them, sooner we are independent from that Weegie cabal the better.
  5. If only there were some Green thinking people helping to run the Central Belt government!
  6. At a guess its moving a unit back to Aberdeen for the morning.
  7. Never forget that evil bint went to court to pay less tax by claiming that "Lorraine" was a TV character rather than her actual person. A right nasty little Tory.
  8. The self same WOS that was an utter embarrassment this evening? Maybe run along home and deal with the major issues your own wee village green league has before making a massive c**t of yourself over here.
  9. in normal times the timetable changes twice a year - May and October/November, this was a normal scheduled change. However because Scotrail has been a complete clusterfuck for years it changes again on Monday. Good luck to anyone wanting to go anywhere of an evening from next week.
  10. Having introduced the summer timetable yesterday, Scotrail will announce on Thursday a "temporary" reduction of services by around one third.
  11. Top tip for you going forward - don't be shite and end up relying on other teams results at the end of the season. Teams can play anyone who is appropriately signed and have no reason at all to pick a team to suit a totally different club.
  12. The Orange has been able to run driverless since its upgrade in the 70s.
  13. Pollok Pollock are fish H2H
  14. They should say that then - thankfully the Juniors in the West and East died, they are not missed.
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