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  1. Camelon 3 - Dunipace 3 I believe the technical term is #SCENES Grown men acting like stupid wee children - amusing though
  2. The Leckie of the book was the act, what you have now is the reality. He's ALWAYS been a weapons grade c**t.
  3. Yes. Home club gets the 20% to cover costs and then the remaining 80% is an equitable split.
  4. Saw Gary Kenneth (2 caps) play an East Junior game at Camelon for Carnoustie back in 2014 - he may have played against Bo'ness that same season.
  5. Was two people along from former Falkirk owner George Fulston at the game over the weekend. Once got on "Wish You Were Here..." as a background extra when Judith Chalmers was doing a piece to camera - she was lovely. Have met 2 SNP first ministers, a Conservative Secretary of State for Scotland and a leader of the Scottish Labour party. Three of them came across as very nice people, no matter your political allegiance after a chat with them you could see why people would give them a vote and lets just say the other one was Jim Murphy.
  6. Button is fecking awful, he doesn't seem to notice what is actually happening.
  7. Brundle has never allowed Sky to update his contract around how many weeks he works - he still only does the same amount of weekends as when he started at Sky.
  8. When I started Primary 1, way back when, every single person in that class was male. Not even an all boys school - just a year where nobody in the local area (and everyone went to the same school) had a girl.
  9. Either the West website has the tables incorrect or Cumbernauld, Whitletts, Ardeer, Dalry and Newmains are some of the teams who've been hit by points deductions.
  10. Has a manager ever been sacked, in Scotland, during a game?
  11. read the original post, look at the results, see why it was a ridiculous statement to make. Its not even September and the statement has been negated. H2h if you need further explanation.
  12. Yes. Defences not on top. First time I've ever seen a team make 4 substitutions at half time. The Leith number 15 is a twat.
  13. ...because I've not been on this site for over a week - not all of us are on here all day, every day Just for you though, the kneepadders should feel free to update as and when as I've not been doing it every week. League results under the current management, Played 23 Won 3 Drawn 2 Lost 18 For 26 Against 66 a single clean sheet. #harveyout
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