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  1. Aberdeen were good but they weren't winning the European Cup good
  2. EoS Conference B chat 2018-19

    Sauchie have been moaning all year about the EOS and yet no one forced them to move leagues. Its clear they would be happier back in the backwaters of the Juniors.
  3. If Berwick finish anywhere within 3 points of the worst team I've seen in the SPFL in decades then they can have no complaints at all about their inevitable demise in the LL/EOS
  4. Not as funny as how seaside league bound Falkirk have utterly rag dolled the Morton fans on here this season
  5. He did. Several people though have trouble telling the difference between being on staff and being a freelancer.
  6. but in the eyes of the law he has been rehabilitated No, no he hasn't.
  7. WWE Hall of Fame 2019

    As he's an out and out racist twat I'm pretty sure most wrestling fans would have embraced him.
  8. To be honest that's been every episode for the last 15 years or so.
  9. Junior Cup Final

    Largs tweeted yesterday that the final will be at Hamilton.
  10. Hell no, I'm old enough to remember Arbroath (three seasons) AND Montrose (2 seasons) being at a higher level in the late 70s - they were both in Division 1 alongside the likes of East Fife (1 season), Stirling( 3 seasons) , Clyde (2 seasons) and Queen of the South (2 seasons) during Falkirks 3 year sabbatical to the Three Division set ups version of the seaside league.
  11. Todays scores 6/4

    Not a classic but I thought it was enjoyable enough. Rob Roy were the better team in the first half but shot themselves in the foot at the back, second half and I thought Pollok had the better of it but couldn't add to their lead. Ref called it right with the sending off, it was clearly outside the box - aside from that I thought it was nice to see someone who was lenient with the cards for most of the game. Best player on the park was thon wee dog at half time.
  12. Linlithgow Rose CFC 2019-20

    Does this mean this mob are The Wee Wee Rose?
  13. Club Licencing

    Whilst Camelon choose yesterday to announce a new tie up with an Under 17s club to become a feeder into the U20s.