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  1. Can I hear someone whistling for your quarter?
  2. audrey is being quite pasionate...... thats a though no one should ever have
  3. i found the first part of tonights offering a bit tepid heres hoping the next one is knocked up a notch
  4. also missed this midweek offerings... waraming up with a spot of Emerdale.... Oh can my friday nights get more exciting!!!!
  5. It was horrible - i absoloutely fucking hated it with a passion!!!!! Paul O'Gradys show on the other hand is excellent and on the other hand again, Graham norton is an absoloute c**t.
  6. i have no sympathy for sean at all does that make me a bad person
  7. dunno if this has been posted before - but catch up on what you have missed at itv.com http://www.itv.com/Watchnow/CatchUp/defaul...20street&ps
  8. Least Roy is making an effort to ensure his premises are DDA compliant... What was Sally saying to Randy Rosie - couldnt pick it up for all the whining... tend to filter her whines out! Would you ever sally webster ? courts out...
  9. wayhey mon dirty dave the demon driller!!
  10. posh linda block or gobshite linda block - vote now!!!
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