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  1. Definitely more offended about being accused of liking Mrs Brown's boys ffs.
  2. Closet H/Closet T/ word patter is the worst kind of patter. It assumes we're aw Inbred c***s Wankers Inbred Religious Inbred c***s. Wankers. We're no. We're Motherwell/ insert diddy team/ We do what we want. #FTOF [emoji1022]󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  3. Well a certainly didnae expect the SFA to instigate a world wide pandemic just to make sure Hearts went down. That'll teach they Jambos for denying those who run Scottish fitba their bigotfest cup final.
  4. We draw when we want. Keep reeling these wee diddies in. False hope is nae hope. #BornWellLiveWellDieWell
  5. Did Hearts forget who n where they are? That result willnae go without consequences. There will be no league construction. There will be no new totally justified new stadium requirements. You Jambo fucks are doon. Bye.
  6. Lying down to The Midden to rip the pish out of Accies n give Aberdeen false hope is acceptable. Need to keep the remainder of the season interesting for the best fitba team in the country. We lose when we want.
  7. When was the last time we had a proper FTOF thread on here? 5 years afore Rangers died? FTOF
  8. Above Hamilton in the league and still in the cup, or below Motherwell in the league and out the cup. We all kmow who the shite of the shire are.
  9. Pussies. I stood there with a hangover for 8 hours on fair Friday, got two days filming out it as an extra. Still got the fucking beard for the sequels.
  10. No seen you around for a while Deky. Take it the Orange Lodge is shut ower the holidays? A see your patter's no got any better ffs.
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