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  1. Given Hibs, excellent pre-season, the fact they've barely needed to strengthen such a great squad, their 120 minute runaround tonight; it's a no brainer that Hibs will win their must win league opener. Too much pressure for this Hibs team. 1-2 for Livingston FC.
  2. Everyone likes a cup upset but not tomorrow thanks. Heard great things about the team last Saturday so we should have enough in the locker for a win. Two cup wins would build a nice wee platform for the start of the league campaign.
  3. It doesn't work like that. Someone is shagging someone.
  4. Someone at Thistle must be shagging someone at Puma. I've no idea how you avoid the standard templates. The away shirt will never be to the tastes of some but its is different and brave in a time when safety 1st would be most teams option. I like it & I'm impressed. Here's Cowdenbeath's home kit. It's an Umbro stock design but a very nice one.
  5. We have signed Jonny Brown from Hearts on a six one year deal. Played with us on loan in 2009/10 season. A good solid squad signing giving us depth we badly needed.
  6. Don't know about Balatoni but I did hear that Brown is looking to sign. I thought he came onto a game quite well before he went back to Hearts last time so would be happy to have him on board. Allows Barr to move to centre defence if Watson/MacDonald get injured or lose form.
  7. Your response is clearly tongue in cheek!! I can't see Hibs taking a chance on a manager who hasn't managed any higher than Division 2. Despite his obvious talents.
  8. Are you suggesting that instead of picking up the phone and asking Mr Stoker what is and isn't happening, I should post in a 583 page thread on Pie & Bovril and hope he reads it?
  9. Surely even Tesco won't want a store a Roddy McKenzie bye kick away from Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's. Surely even WLC couldn't pull that one off. Must be housing. Social low cost of course.
  10. I'm generally ambivalent when it comes to Top Gear. It seems a bit samey these days. However last night was a good watch. The bit on Senna was v. good but to be fair I would watch Songs Of Praise if Cameron Diaz was on it.
  11. Leeds 0 Swindon 3. I predict a job vacancy. Shocker of a result.
  12. Surprised none of you greeting sourpusses have been on to congratulate us on winning our appeal with the SFA.
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