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  1. Wait to see the utter outrage from the rest of the league at our admission prices....
  2. The truth is I've no idea about any of the signings so far. Eckersley and Roberts are the two I'm most happy with given they've had universally good reviews from opposition fans. The Wedderburn signing gives me the fear. I can't remember watching him against us, which maybe tells you about the required level of alcohol consumption needed to watch the Diamonds in the last few years, or maybe that he's not a stand out. Either way, if we wanted someone slow who can spay a pass about, we've got Conroy. The same level of hit and miss reviews came with him, hence the fear. However, maybe Murray can find a formation which gives him some space and he doesn't need to do the running..... That said, nice to get business done early doors. This will be Murray's first free hit at it and now those that don't rate him can start to cast a critical eye over his choices. Hopefully that won't happen and we've challenging at the right end of the table, with what looks - so far - a fairly youthful outfit.
  3. Will be £1 plus paying wages from now. I don't mind him. Has a good engine, can get up and down. Defending has *slightly* improved. Final ball not so. Another "meh" for meh.
  4. Unlike a lot of folk, I'm a bit "meh" about Stewart going. Has the weirdest, slow-looking-but-actually-quite-quick running style. Occasionally very good. Occasionally very, very bad. His name gave him a lot of slack that other players might not have got. Probably best for both parties that he moves on.
  5. Not exactly a hatchet job, and in fact an appeal for dialogue. However, I feel dirty for having read the Record. Away for a shower....
  6. The evidence is clear, if you cant see it then you must have very restricted internet or never pick up a newspaper. They went to the local rag which has undoubtedly caused a bigger divide. If you take a look on the Facebook page you can see what I can only assume if trust members making their own agendas and judging by some of the comments on post about the free season tickets for kids it seems that nothing but the trusts version will do. The club can do no right for these people. I don't read papers nor am I on Facebook. You are "assuming" Trust members are saying things.....so it's not the Trust, it's maybe Trust members..... Quite thin gruel
  7. "It wasn't what they said....it's the way they said it..."
  8. You just need to go onto the Facebook page and see where the self importance thing comes from. As for a few decent signings buying my loyalty? I've had this stance for quite a while now. Not on Facebook. Have no intention of doing so. I'll have to take your word for it that the Trust board give it large on there. Out of character IMO.
  9. The trust have done a great job in the past and I respect that but the way they have reacted and consequently behaved in recent months is embarrassing, there was absolutely no need to publicise the on goings by trying a hatchet job on the club to the local rag. Dress it up however you want but that's exactly what it was. I've little to no respect for the way things the trust has come across in recent times, there is a massive sense of self importance- ironically what a lot of people (mainly the trust and its members) berate the club and in particular PH for. People who have a different view from the trust and its members seem to be getting told on which side of the fence we should be sitting, not very charitable, is it? How have the Trust come across in recent times to upset you so? I'm not a member myself but do appreciate the effort and time these guys put into helping the club and community. There's lots of positives they've done which has helped shape how the club is seen by the wider public. Willie Marshall, who'd been nothing other than a gent when I've spoken to him, resigned his position without so much as a sideswipe at the club. I don't know what "self important" individuals you've been talking to, because everyone I've spoken to have been nothing but perfectly pleasant. You've an interesting outlook of unquestioning loyalty, bought over by a couple of reasonable signings. The Trust would rightly be berated by their members if not discussing their options in the public domain. They've previously been slated as a closed shop of ITK individuals, but now get it in the neck for speaking out publicly? I don't get that attitude. As far as PH is concerned, yes, he's absolutely entitled to his privacy and seems to have brought in Millar to do his com's. Again, I've no issue with that. However, given what we've gone through in the past I think fan representation is vital for a club like ours. We've had Ballantyne, Wotherspoon and now Hetherington put their models down, only the latter has yet to be tested, but the form is not promising. Some folk on Twitter suggesting that the Supporters Trust will be there to lean on if it all goes horribly wrong whilst simultaneously blithely batting away concerns regarding the current regime - that to me is the most ridiculous of positions to take. As I've said previously, if there's a title in the bag this time next year then it'll all be forgotten about and everything will be hunky dory for the overwhelming majority of the fan base.
  10. There was a fella who now stays in OZ who strung out one of these characters for weeks on end. Posted every response on another Airdrie website long before the days of the likes of Joe Lycett doing it. Was a great read.
  11. Don't think it's very conspiratorial to suggest that the Community Trust is doing some of what the Supporters Trust used to do, and now the money goes direct to the club in the form of free season books for youngsters, instead of being held by the Supporters Trust. In fact it's fairly Black and White......
  12. I'm not ITK with these things but to a casual observer it looks like PH has seen the work the Trust has done, the money generated, and rather than going to the Supporters Trust with a begging bowl, he's decided to do some that work himself. I'm sure there will be noses out of joint in the Supporters Trust and they look to be completely sidelined. Whether or not you think that's a bad thing, there's no doubt the supporters won't be involved in any of the decision making at the club. For the vast majority, it matters not a jot if we get a decent brand of football on the park and have a reasonable shot at promotion....
  13. Don't think that will happen as the "Community Trust" is now doing lots of what the "Supporters Trust" used to do.....without any fan involvement.
  14. Folk on Twitter wailing and weeping last week, with the season barely finished. Creaming their collective pants this week after a couple of decent "on paper" signings. Fickle bunch. Although it's looking promising, I'd still place us nowhere near contenders for the top spot and would caution that the likes of Robertson and Page came to us rated highly.
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