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  1. Aye, nae bother. Top input from you as ever! Who’s David Gallacher BTW?
  2. See this pish.... We've one of the tightest leagues in the UK here. There's pretty much all to play for. Nothing had been decided (until yesterday) but it's boring. The playoff system in Scotland has been a resounding success (despite my own teams utter failure every time) with huge fan buy in and guarantee's an exciting end to the season, the percentage of possible team turnover in any of our lower leagues has to be one of the highest in Europe. What needs to change is distribution of money and the playoff between the Championship and the Premier to be brought in line with all the others. I'm afraid that when this hurried balls up of a reconstruction is over - within a season there will be some clamouring to do it again...and again.... We've got a pyramid system in place, we've got most teams reaching the tickly bit of the season with something to play for....but fucksake let change it.
  3. That's for the courts. I'd imagine like most contracts of this nature there would be some form of force majeure clause. I'm sure the league could argue that sponsors have had a significant advertising window and any monies paid back would be minimal - that's even if the sponsors chose to go to court on it...same with the TV. The 14/10/10/10 option was mentioned a week or so ago - and it makes us one of the biggest losers in the whole set up, ironically along with Dundee. I can't see that happening to be honest - you've got at assume Dundee have been promised more. Either way, it should have been voided. You don't call the result of an abandoned game. Reconstruction should only be carefully considered and be a long term move to even the monetary gap in the game. We're rushing this through because the SPFL have made a total balls up of the situation. From a selfish perspective, we'd have probably been in a sounder financial position than Falkirk or Raith next year had it been nullified, I hear both are in deep do-doo.
  4. It’s a difficult w**k, but I managed.
  5. We wait to see what plays out from UEFA and other governing bodies. We've rushed this. Rumours of coersion are rife. It stinks.And under the circumstances we’ve found ourselves in - voiding the league would be fairer. This will end up in the courts - especially clubs like Thistle who were two behind safety with a game in hand.
  6. Supposedly when play was suspended a substantial amount of the final payment was given. Read Stranraer's statement on the finances.
  7. It's a shambles. Airdrie as a club lurch from one disaster to the next. Just when the furore of the Trust argument had settled down somewhat, the inexplicable vote to shoot our own cock and balls off. The club come up with the well publicised - and well received - begging bowl in the form of Club 1924 then castrate our league campaign without a by your leave, especially to the hundreds of season ticket holders who've saw their value for money purchase go up in smoke. From my understanding of the other thread on the matter - we're due an outstanding £4k or so - why on earth would we vote to lose any chance of promotion for such a paltry (in the scheme of things) sum? This is actually why we needed a Trust to hold the board to account rather than the odd cabal we have at the moment.
  8. They'll be socially distant dancing on the streets of Raith.
  9. I'm surely not the only one who can see that a top league of 14 wont work, and that hurried reconstruction based on brinksmanship by one club is utterly moronic?
  10. Might not be a line in the sand for Raith, but it would be for Celtic.
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