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  1. Pretty sure someone mentioned at the last home game that the bench were asking him *politely* to come for cross balls.....
  2. Regarding Hutton - he's become a bit of a cult hero for some of our fans, mostly due to a penalty save at Parkhead and perhaps because his reaction drew the ire of the Celtic fans. The last two games I've watched him in though he's been no better than average. Yes, he can be a good shot stopper but his positioning is sometimes suspect and I don't know if he's ever come for a cross ball. For me he's a decent enough 'keeper for this level, but he's far from irreplaceable.
  3. Cheers lads. Always knew you c*nts we're alright deep down. https://www.airdriefc.com/1920news/090120/Diamonds-return-for-striker-Ryan
  4. See McCann confirmation on Twitter. Like that lad a lot and firmly believe he's one we'll be cashing in on further down the road. Probably a victim of his height that he's not playing at a higher level, yet I've not seen him lose a header. Pleased with this business. https://www.airdriefc.com/1920news/080120/Leon-is-a-Diamond Now we wait.......
  5. Pretty sure you'll all be aware, but we're heavily linked with bringing Andy Ryan back 'til the end of the season (thanks for keeping him warm). What's the script with him, why was he not playing for you? Loss of form? Injury?
  6. I'd have thought there were more than 5K the day we won the title at Starks. Remember it well, roasting hot and as nervy a 90 mins as I've ever had. Topped off by a brilliant pitch invasion and folk swimming in the sea. Halcyon days.
  7. Highlights backed up my thinking at the game yesterday - East Fife had a lot of possession but they did nothing with it. A couple of long range efforts, easily dealt with and a header over the bar. They look like a one man band and their one man wasn't playing. We, on the other hand, looked like we could score every time we went forward. First time in a long, long while I've seen an Airdrie team looking so dangerous. Smith and Carrick have an extraordinary work rate. For me though, McCann at LB was MoM. He was bombing up and down and nothing much got past him. Our defence in general was pretty solid. I've been very critical of them in the past but restricting a top four rival to a few weak efforts has to be admired. I'm not one for all the "top of the league" patter - but as someone in the boozer last night said - we should fucking enjoy it while we can. It's been a long time coming.
  8. Jesus f**k. Close thread, abandon match. This thread is an embarrassment to everyone involved. Hang your heads in shame.
  9. The "ting, ting, ting" sound of coins hitting the fence and dodging lit fags and double A batteries when there was a goal. Them were't days.
  10. First time I've listened to the podcast. Usually can't be bothered with stuff like that but I've got to agree with Colin Telford's 10 minute tirade at the start. There's certainly a bit of an atmosphere surrounding the clubs relationship with the fan base. The change in relationship with the trust being the most obvious. There are fans who've been season ticket holders for 20+years who've not renewed. I sat in the pub on Saturday with at least two other Airdrie fans who just couldn't be arsed going up to watch the game. The quality on the park is just so poor, though I do accept Saturday may have been better, I don't accept the assertion in the podcast that we've any strength in depth. The midfield is devoid of any creativity whatsoever. I don't know what the answer is, though I don't think we'll be winning anything with the likes of Millar in the middle. Good points raised about the passing from the back option. Fine to do that when you've skillful players, but for all his attributes, expecting Sean Crighton to play us out of possible danger is mental stuff. Mention on it of some fans being hit with lawyers letters on behalf of the club, WTF is that all about? And here's the problem. I'm not on Facebook but if folk are getting lawyers letters from the club for what's being said on the Wild West of the internet, then there's a massive issue. Surely no-one can be saying anything that bad which would warrant getting the law involved. There seems a bit of petty behaviour, from what I read and I've heard personally coming from the club and we aint gonna win the stay away fans back through that sort of stuff. I'd like to see Hetherington take part in the podcast so we can hear his vision for the club. Maybe gauge the man on his own thoughts rather than what I've heard - most of which could not be described as a ringing endorsement.
  11. Was on the park celebrating that equalizer. It was unthinkable for Caley to beat us at the time.....then the replay........
  12. A 10-2 rout of QP by ten man Airdrie. David Hutton to get sent off and we chose to play with no 'keeper. Ally Roy with a bakers dozen.
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