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  1. I don't know what people expect from Hopkin the budget has been slashed you can only sign players with the cash on offer. If you offer peanuts you get dross.
  2. The difference with Hoppy with the others is he won back to back promotions on a shoestring budget.
  3. That will be Teller that was not getting a new contract good luck with that one and Buchanan that most Morton fans are glad to see the back of Can't wait to see the Falkirk fans moaning about the two of them.
  4. Nah willing to give the guy a chance.
  5. Or maybe you could not afford him. He played with players that look as if they were shit last season. No disrespect but I will reserve judgement until I see what he is like with better players around him.
  6. Also must piss Granny Danger that Dundee is the bigger club in the city.
  7. See that is the problem with some of the Grangemouth fans ideas well above your station. You are a league one club away and play in your own league.
  8. Away to the seaside league with the rest of the diddies.
  9. The good thing is he can more or less start from scratch Also a step up from Snakey boy and Johansson.
  10. Don't be embarrassed for me just be embarrassed for the club you support the shite players iand the shite board of Falkirk Fc the league one club in waiting.
  11. Yes but at the moment this one is more fun ripping the pish out you lot.
  12. Will still be playing in a higher league next season jog on now.
  13. Coming from someone whose fans abused Dean Shiels you can't talk you complete w****r.
  14. Your club certainly can't ya fud.
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