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  1. 12th October is a free Saturday (at present). Presume that is set aside for internationals/Tunnocks Cup fixtures? If so - and if we're out of the Wafercup - then we could maybe get Killie/Leeds/Valencia/Harlem Globetrotters booked in for then. 23th November is also empty, but I'd assume that will be a Scottish Cup Saturday (which we'd be involved).
  2. Glad to see that, once again, Queens players have avoided going for unnecessary squad numbers. No Championship club should have any numbers beyond 30, imo. The day I see a Queens sub coming on wearing any number north of 60, I'll mutter an expletive followed by something along the lines of "this game is dead to me..."
  3. I can see us grinding out a result then f***ing it up on penalties. It's just the way it is meant to be.
  4. Not direct. I count that as a 0.1% improvement. End of the day it doesn't matter - points are all that matter right now.
  5. Brilliant result, all be it against an on-the-beach Dunfermline team. Murray and Wilson both excellent again, and Lyndon gave it the full 30%. Mehmet seems alright as well - he didn't concede from corners or give the fans the bird, so that was also pleasing. One word on the unfortunate pre-match incident when the gentleman was knocked off his feet due to a wayward shot at the Portland Drive end - the non-response to this potentially serious injury from the stewards was nothing less than abysmal. It was a head injury - thankfully, not as serious as first appeared - but the fans' appeals for medical assistance was met with complete indifference from the stewards, who chose to do hee-haw. Eventually assistance appeared, but it was no thanks to the stewards who did flip all. What are they doing if they're doing nothing to aid crowd safety? That said, well done to this message board's own SD, who realised the seriousness of the situation immediately. If only those in florescent jackets had responded in a similar manner.
  6. Said it before, but the Twitter/Facebook stuff recently has been spot on. Live text has been especially informative/funny.
  7. FWIW, the weather is grand this morning - a little drizzle and no frost. Forecast says above freezing right up to 2100. I'd imagine an awful lot of snow would have to fall pretty quickly to get this one called off now.
  8. Could we not do what Rangers did and let the kitman decide whether or not the tie should go ahead?
  9. Well played to whoever did the Twitter updates today - funny, passionate and informative.
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