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  1. ..........and there's still the kitman and his laddie to pay for
  2. Is this why the Glib and Shameless One was carrying out his latest clarion call in the Sun this morning? In case those Truth-meisters at the Record asked the difficult questions he tries to avoid?
  3. Is there a button I can press to filter out the Irish/Scottish/Catholic/Protestant/we sing/we don't sing dross and read the discussions on what this thread is really about? the last few pages have been excrutiating!!
  4. It's like watching the movie Titanic. You know how it's going to end, and I think we've just got to the bit where you see Kate Winslet's tits
  5. Dave King will ride in with the 3 bears Cavalry at the last minute, save the heroine from the clutches of the bad guy, and ride off into the sunset to live happily every after........
  6. The stand-up guy would have sued them, just like he did with the BBC,.......oh, wait!!
  7. They really are a source of much merriment here in work. On hearing that they have drawn East Fife at home in the League Cup, my Blue colleague announced that there would only be about 30,000 there " as there isn't as much interest in the diddy cup as there is in the League!!"
  8. In his interview on Radio Scotland, and in that article in The Scotsman, Regan keeps referring to them as "Rangers". Does he not get it that " Rangers" are no more? "Rangers" are dead. "Rangers" are liquidated ( or almost). This is for the application of a new club into the Football league, and as such should be treatred that way. They should never be referred to as "Rangers" especially by those in position's such as Regans. His comments show him up to be the absolute fud that he is, and has been reading too many Cockwomble books.
  9. I sent an email to the club, and pretty much got a standard reply....blah-blah-blabbity-happy that Airdrie will be playing next season....blah blabbity....nothing to do with us....blah blah....Jim is very busy with all this....blah blah.... As I say, very non-commital
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