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  1. As I've said before, it's only a matter of time before James Cairney has his press access revoked and replaced by a stooge. Between that interview and the one with Stewart Macgregor he's just allowed them to out themselves for what they are. I like that in the first answer they basically confirm why the current setup is wrong in that they can take the shares and hide. The second part is insane , they just come across as utter c***s.
  2. As much as it's lol because England , @peasy23has it spot on, from the photo the non striker wasn't taking the piss and the bowler was clearly looking to 'dummy' the non striker which was a bit shite As a former spinner I did give a couple of warnings for it if the non striker was halfway up the pitch, but never did it, mainly as I feared getting the shit kicked out of me.
  3. Micah Hyde out for the season for Buffalo with a herniated disc in the neck. Yet to find a clip of the play on which he was injured, but as someone who is also dealing with a herniated disc in the neck i can confirm i could also not play in the NFL with it.
  4. In a similar quirk, Baltimore's first 4 games this season have been / will be against the AFC East.
  5. Graham, Dowds and Tiffoney are all injured, the rest of the changes were 'rotation' which tonight's result and performance proved we're nowhere near good enough to do on such a large scale.
  6. I think the only thing that might kibosh it is we play each other at Firhill the following week- I'd still move it to the Saturday if it was up to me, teams playing back to back happens often enough later in the season (indeed it happened with Thistle and Ayr at the end of the 2018-9 season)
  7. So about that injury report, that's at least 4 starters out on the D not including Tre White on IR. If Poyer gets ruled out on Sunday the entire starting secondary is gone. The over / under is 53 points for the game looks low.
  8. Got 9 from 11 right, quite pleased with that. We have no attacking options on the bench bar Lawless, even all the kids on the bench are defenders or midfielders.
  9. The Walkers Sensations below are probably my favourite but it would be harder to find a flavour I didn't like. McCoys the strongest brand overall, the steak, s&v and chilli ones are all solid A tier.
  10. Would like to see Weston and Mullin start in a front two, and not sure how many rotation options we've got in the centre of midfield. Would say something like this Sneddon Hodson Brownlie Akinola Milne (still needs games imo) Smith Bannigan Lyon / Stanway Fitzpatrick Mullen Weston Will be placing money on Alegría to score if he starts. If we win, great, if we don't, *shrug*
  11. It's the money side of things that's the worry to me, particularly considering how much we bleated about not getting the £350k grant during covid yet we've always been able to build a reasonable squad since McCall came back. Forgive me if I take the PTFC trusts view that everything is hunky dory with a salt shaker full of salt, particularly when TJF weren't given access to the internal MI.
  12. Last Partick Thistle player to be capped I think was Mathias Pogba by Guinea in 2015, Mustapha Dumbuya got caps for Sierra Leone that season as well, not sure on exact fixture dates. Last Scottish player to get a cap for us was Nicky Walker in around 1996. Scott Fox was called up more recently but didn't get on the pitch.
  13. Finished it tonight, playtime for me was 9 hours, having looked now it says 8-10 about average. The in game hint system feels better than googling a walkthrough as it was better for giving a nudge in a direction to work out when I got stuck on a couple of the puzzles, mainly forgot to re-check using the same item to solve more than one puzzle. Somehow missed the fact there was a "writer's cut" option in the settings so I'll maybe go through that version at some point. Would say it's an 8/10 game, the graphics washed over me tbh and that seems to be the main sticking point for some folk. Now off to reddit to see people discuss / lose their shit over the ending.
  14. Bills - Dolphins and Bucs - Packers the featured games on Sky. The injury report for Buffalo was lengthy with 11 names on it yesterday, 8 on the defensive side of the ball, that should hopefully improve over the week. We've won the last 6 against the Dolphins with a couple of whoopings in there but Hill brings a totally different threat, can see him running lots of quick slants and picking up yards after catch as that's what KC did with him against us rather than bomb it deep, Waddle is also excellent and speedy and Gesicki always seems to play like Gronk against us. If Davis is fit I'd still back us to score 30 against anyone but overall confidence come game time will depend on the fitness of the secondary and the interior DL.
  15. Ryan Fitzpatrick in his freshman year at Harvard
  16. Can't complain about the performance, however it's been a potentially costly day for Buffalo in terms of injuries. 4 starters have left the game in addition to the 2 ruled out before kick off plus Tre White on IR. Titans took a few hits as well, Lewan left the game early.
  17. Case Keenum in for Buffalo before the start of the 4th quarter, at this point both teams should just be able to call it. Henry was pulled on the last Titans drive, 25 yards on 13 carries at the moment. I suppose it gives fringe guys a chance to make a case (no pun intended) .
  18. 27-7 Bills after the first Bills punt this season is muffed by the Titans. Bills then go 3 and out but Bass kicks the FG. As much as the Bills passing game is >>>>> the running game you do actually need to run it sometimes.
  19. Dane Jackson being taken off in an ambulance-grim, grim stuff Edit : twitter reports saying his legs were moving when he was put in the ambulance, fingers crossed
  20. That looks a horror injury for Dane Jackson, like broken neck or back, human heads aren't meant to go that far backwards. Accidental clash of heads with his team mate while making a tackle 17-7 Bills at the moment, Bills struggling with the dilemma on short yardage situations where the best play is let Josh keep it but also if Josh gets injured the season is over. Kept Henry in check so far, 8 carries for 12 yards- he did score a short yardage TD (if I'm being biased the Titans OL jumped on the play) but other than that, ok. Mcdermott having a bit of a mare, dreadful challenge in the first quarter and called a timeout just as Josh got the Titans to jump offside
  21. About 2 hours in, it's a fair old nostalgia exercise so far, with some of the puzzles on Melee Island being a deliberate re-tread of the 1st game (incredibly mild spoilers to follow) but with different solutions. There is a scrapbook feature on the main menu to bring anyone who hasn't played the previous games up to date , though I can't think there will be many new players, and there's also in-game trivia cards to collect which then ask you a question about a previous MI game, not sure of the relevance of them yet. Also an in game hint system to reduce the amount of googling. None of the puzzles seem fiendish so far but guess I'm only on part 1, and like MI2 there is a hard and easy mode which you select at the start (I went for the difficult option obvs) Worth it just to ask Cobb in the Scumm Bar about Loom again if nothing else.
  22. I think Bills-Titans is closer than the odds and spread suggest, Bills have really struggled to contain Henry last 2 games and with 2 interior DL - especially our best one Ed Oliver- out that's not good. Probably helps that Titans are weaker at receiver than last year. Gabe Davis likely out on offense as well which will be a test of depth, will be a mix of 5th round rookie Khalil Shakir and special teams specialist Jake Kumerow that fill in the extra snaps. Fortunately I'm off all week (booked months ago) so can stay up for this one unless we're getting humped. Will go 31-27 Bills more in hope than expectation. 50 yard+ Henry TD a decent bet. Eagles- Vikings as well tonight, that should be a pretty decent game in theory.
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