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  1. Always found it a bit strange that for such a religious country, they play on Sundays, although I suppose the theory is you'd go to church in the morning. Other than tradition I can't really come up with a good reason for the Super Bowl being on a Sunday rather than a Saturday.
  2. Haaland only has 21 goals from 23 Norway caps which is shite compared to his Man City record...
  3. Flipside is that the pressure is really on Norway to win vs us in June, if we can win over there then they're almost of that point of needing favours.
  4. June results since 2000 (Competitive games only) 7/6/2003 1-1 vs Germany (H) 4/6/2005 2-0 vs Moldova (H) 7/6/2005 0-0 vs Belarus (A) 6/6/2007 2-0 vs Faroes (A) 7/6/2013 1-0 vs Croatia (A) 13/6/2015 1-1 vs Republic of Ireland (A) 10/6/2017 2-2 vs England (H) 8/6/2019 2-1 vs Cyprus (H) so far so good, then... 11/6/2019 0-3 vs Belgium (A) 14/6/2021 0-2 vs Czechia (H) 18/6/2021 0-0 vs England (A) 22/6/2021 1-3 vs Croatia (H) 1/6/2022 1-3 vs Ukraine (H) 8/6/2022 2-0 vs Armenia (H) 11/6/2022 0-3 vs Republic of Ireland (A) 14/6/2022 4-1 vs Armenia (A)
  5. The thing I didn't get with the Robertson yellow card was that the ref waited for Porro to get up before he showed Andy the yellow card, which took about five minutes. VAR isn't allowed to suggest yellow cards, only red, so why wasn't Robertson booked straight away if that's what the ref thought it was, and then it's a check to see if it should be a red instead? I suppose there is the very outside chance of Robertson having talked himself into a card but that seems very much to me like VAR has made a decision it's not supposed to.
  6. I was at both France games in 06/07 and the away game felt more comfortable, though that may have been due to 3 days on the piss beforehand. The home game I'm sure they absolutely battered us, had a couple of goals disallowed for offside (one of which I think was wrong) and we scored with our only chance, whereas the away game was them having lots of possession but not doing much, albeit their keeper should have saved Faddys shot. Tonight, though it didn't feel it at the time was really comfortable in the second half, closest they got in the last twenty was Hanley nearly shanking an OG in.
  7. Depends whether you factor in the overall outcome of the campaign, which obviously in this case we don't know yet. This Spain team are obviously some way off the class of 2008-12 but in isolation it's probably behind the two France results in 06-07 when they were clearly one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the world. I get there's an element of me getting older but there were half a dozen guys in that Spain squad i had never heard of whereas I would guess 90% of the French team back then were widely known and world cup finalists.
  8. Mcginn should just keep doing laps of the pitch, keep the atmosphere up
  9. Gearing up for double figure injury time here
  10. Hope I'm wrong but other than pens I don't see what McLean brings
  11. Spain creating more danger than us by lumping it into the box for a big centre forward is not what I saw coming
  12. Just because they fucked the pass interference one.
  13. Mitchell McMillan Holt Muirhead Milne Docherty Bannigan Turner Lawless Tiffoney Sneddon Might be the only way we can beat Cove, even when we play well against them we chuck away leads. Their only win under Hartley coming against us is pretty standard.
  14. Tournament qualifiers were almost exclusively weekdays up until the France 1998 qualifiers, I think after that our board were quite good at negotiating home games for a Saturday, and in the Euro 2008 qualifiers we got lucky as nobody could agree the fixtures and the computer draw gave us all our home games on a Saturday. With the way its drawn now and the "week of football" you'll be lucky to get one Saturday home game per campaign, even then the Saturday games aren't guaranteed to be afternoon kick offs e.g. our most recent game vs Republic of Ireland which knackers public transport options for a lot of people. That said, I do have sympathy and admiration for those who come down for evening games, I certainly wouldn't be up for trekking up to e.g. Aberdeen (if in this hypothetical scenario Pittodrie holds 50k) on a Wednesday night when the game is on TV. The other two 50k+ capacity stadia in Glasgow are far better than Hampden in terms of access and probably atmosphere as well, I didn't mind the home games when Hampden was out of use for the Commonwealth games -or indeed the aforementioned France 1998 qualifiers if you want to go back that far- but I also don't want the two clubs who play there to get even more money.
  15. Part of the TV deal is that a game will be televised on last day of the season, BBC Scotland's TV slot is Friday night, and they can't have the last games kicking off at different times in case one team gets an advantage by knowing what they have to do.
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