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  1. Free agency 2019

    Burfict to the Raiders where he will team up with good personal friend* Antonio Brown. *TBC
  2. One positive omen is I think ICT are the only team we've beaten in a league game on the TV not counting Alba games. Bannigan any time yellow must be about 1/6 at the bookies most weeks if it's offered but I'd be all over it for the reasons above. edit: looked more into the TV games with the aid of stuthejag's page here (I discounted delayed Alba games and added in a couple of home league games vs Celtic which were missed presumably as they blended into one another and games from 17-18 onwards) That TV record in full: Played 55, won 5, drawn 12, lost 38 (thirty-eight) Even stripping out games vs the two arse cheeks leaves: played 31, won 5, drawn 11, lost 15 Jesus fucking Christ.
  3. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Dick Dale and the Dead tones now at 81 Even if you don't know the name, you surely know this tune
  4. Golfers Thread

    Really looking forward to this, I don't buy the 5th major stuff but it's a "stacked" leaderboard as our American friends would say and it's compressed already with Fleetwood and Rahm dropping shots on the first.
  5. Dunno how we'll line up here, I'd think we'll go 4 at the back but since McMillan and Anderson signed I think we've only played 4 at the back when Saunders was injured, or when Bannigan was injured and McMillan played in midfield. I'd start McDonald even if he only has 60 minutes in him, but I can see Mansell playing up front with McDonald off the bench. f**k knows about Coulibaly, 2 goals vs the orcs reserves in a 5-2 pumping on Monday but he's either been injured again or rated worse than Ally Roy. Joe Cardle should get a nice reception... Tepid take: both these teams will be in this league next season.
  6. Still Game & Best Bits

    I suppose if you're looking to pick plot holes then why would infamous skinflint Tam who married late in life have a life insurance policy, as he'd be way too old to be accepted for standard cover by the time he was married, there's no way he would have had one prior to that, and for one of those "guaranteed over 50s" plans you see advertised to have a payout of £23k he'd have to be shunting several hundred quid a month into. I suppose they might still be getting income from sponsorship deals for their now invisible child. Also, I know it's been said before but Isa looks the illest of the lot of them due to the weight Jane McCarry has lost, they obviously bulk her up with clothes but her face looks like she's on her last legs. Maybe she's the surprise death to tie that up.
  7. Still Game & Best Bits

    Pretty comfortably the best of the series, mainly by having a story and no slapstick shite. 'Shite rider' raised a chuckle as well.
  8. Free Money

    First time since last year's CL final
  9. Absolute roflcopter @ Hearts 2nd pen, would love to see Blair Spittal try and knock Uche over if the big man wanted to stay on his feet, he'd need a horse and a tree trunk. Absolute lolocaust at Anderson, Saunders, and Hazard for the first pen. Amateur probably doesn't do it justice. Not sure at the one on Storey at the end, I don't think he was catching the ball before it went out of play (and if he did, bear in mind it's Miles fucking Storey) but on your day those things go for you.
  10. Wasn't there tonight and while the way he's phrased it will draw attention, I think Caldwell's point about Ikpeazu is fair, he's built like Anthony Joshua and can clearly hold 3 men off single handedly when he wants to, so when he flings himself to the floor it's obvious he's exaggerating contact in order to win a foul. I suppose the counter argument is that just because you're big folk shouldn't be allowed to take liberties but it's pretty obvious when he's at it- like I say I wasn't there tonight but he got away with a few last week. Didn't think we'd get anything mainly because this is a cursed universe that doesn't allow me to have nice things and also Hearts are a lot better than us, so switching my attention to the fact Falkirk lost.
  11. Free agency 2019

    John Brown AND Cole Beasley to the Bills.
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Just the 3-0 down so far, will we keep it to single figures?
  13. At 1-1 United had 3 shots on target in the space of about 30 seconds, the first one he made a good block though they should have burst the net, then another block at the near post then cuaght the rebound which was looping in. Just watched the Jagzone highlights... If McDonald goes down like that for anyone else I'm calling him a diving wee b*****d, he gets his body in between the defender and the ball and there is a pull, not enough to go down as theatrically as he did though... we'll get one yet. Not a great camera angle for their penalty shout but it looked stonewall at the time and doesn't look any less of a penalty on replay The free kick for their goal should have been a foul to us, both feet are at the same height but McMillan gets the ball before being kicked by the Utd player. The offside was spot on... thank f**k
  14. Don't think there was anyone in the stands that enjoyed that as much as Spittal, don't know if it' s as much as a love for us (he grew up a currant bun tho his dad is one of us) or just a distaste for Utd after his time there, but he was giving it the full chest beating walking round the stands after the final whistle before the rest caught up with him