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  1. Hearing they'll have a burial at sea where he'll Sink to the Bottom
  2. That's the expansion approved, COVID-19 permitting there will be 14 out of 32 teams in the playoffs.
  3. Chargers maybe, they seem to be flinging money about while relying on either Tyrod or a draft pick.
  4. Did read something that the Patriots are probably the only team who could tank properly (unlike the Dolphins this year) end up with Lawrence and then win for the next 20 years again. Either that or Belichick thinks the next NFL season won't happen so why waste money
  5. Argentina within the last decade had a 30 team top division as part of reconstruction. you played everybody once apart from an assigned rival who you played home and away to make it the 30th game eg River vs Boca was played twice. Not suggesting at all it should happen but its not as far fetched as initially it might seem. The last minute winners this series have all been shite, unfortunately. The one last night was at least something different but f**k me, no, no thank you.
  6. Free GamePass from tomorrow until the end of July, covering last 11 seasons plus all the usual bumf
  7. Just did a quick count there and before any pre season injuries (or indeed the entire season being scrapped which I guess can't yet be ruled out even this far out) I think 12 teams will definitely have a new QB starting week 1 of 2020 compared to 2019, and that's not counting the Raiders or Bears who could also add to that. Seems quite a high amount but i might be wrong. Think it's maybe only that Burrow and Tua are probably starters from the draft, maybe Herbert.
  8. Would think Newton to the Patriots and Winston to the Chargers the most likely options but wouldn't surprise me entirely if the other way around. Suppose the Bears could be in the mix for either as well.
  9. Both Smith and surprisingly Warner also come across as alright although there isn't any great looking back at what they'd done to get banned and clearly all these things are edited. Never knew that Shaun Marsh injury in the world cup happened in the nets when he went in to replace Maxwell in the nets after Cummins had injured him. Felt a bit bad for him as that was a career ender given his age. Most unintentionally funny bit was Langer kicking the bin over after Lyon botched the run out near the end of Stokes vs Australia at Headingley... then the camera lingering on him for 30 second as he picks up about handful after handful of rubbish and stuffs it all back in. Not sure the narrative of "the Australian cricket team are All Good Blokes now" it was clearly trying to come across with is accurate, really. India and England are probably equally not nice.
  10. I still find him leaving NE odd, presume the relationship with BB had gone. He'll get paid squillions and Florida is a tax haven but the guy can't need the money, does he think the Bucs out of the teams chasing him are his best chance of another ring? Jason Witten to the Raiders, presume him and Jimmy Graham are still dicking about in 2025.
  11. Was hoping the Bills would pick up Howard. I'd take Carlos Hyde or Lamar Miller on a 1 year deal as RB2 if the money was right and pick up another RB in the draft. Dolphins have made more good moves than bad so far I think and have three first rounders. AFC East could be fun this year.
  12. And that's Brady away, I am no longer feeling good about my bet he would be back in NE
  13. Bills had 9 draft picks this year and now have seven, obviously the first round pick is gone so you can effectively say they've taken Diggs with pick 22. Probably weren't going to get any of the top WRs in the draft but can add one in later rounds. Not a huge hit on salary cap compared to Cooper and I don't think even Bill O Brien would have dealt Hopkins to another AFC team. Brought in Addison at DE as well who is getting on a bit but has a good number of sacks. With the first round pick gone and still plenty of cap space I'd expect one more big FA signing on the defensive side of the ball plus a RB2, Jordan Howard has been rumoured and I'd be ok with that.
  14. Jimmy Graham to the Bears as well, for 2 years with $9m guaranteed. Feels like he's been done for about 5 years.
  15. Dolphins using their cap space and flinging it about on the D, that's Van Noy for 4 years and $51m added to the pile. Still assume they're looking for Tua / Herbert in the draft
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