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  1. Morikawa would be number 1 in the world if there wasn't a minimum events played divisor. Once he's played 50 (I think) tournaments his "true" ranking will be apparent.
  2. Also it didn't affect the outcome but I agree with the comment about the Buttler lbw being iffy, to the naked eye the ball spun very sharply, reminded me a bit of the Stokes one at the end of the australia game last year where it would have been out if Australia had any reviews left as ball tracking said it spun but to the naked eye it was going straight on.
  3. Fair play to Buttler and Woakes, two players who I've questioned more than others, always just assumed Woakes was the sort of guy who got 6-40 and 75*in an innings win at home to Bangladesh and nothing when it mattered but that was nuggety.
  4. Can't see England surviving against the spinners batting last.
  5. Still a little surprised they never scheduled the first 3 weeks of the season as a round of division games with the last 3 also being said games, that way if they had to lop off a bit of the season there would have been an obvious chunk. I fear this is going to end up in farce.
  6. Just caught the end of it, what was VDV fuming about with the officials?
  7. The elephant in the room is that if they're serious about winning in Oz it should have been "thanks for everything Jimmy but that's you done" at the end of last summer.
  8. Crawley and Curran left out with Anderson and Archer coming back in, would probably have gone Curran over Woakes for variety if they're going down that route. The big unit plays for the Windies
  9. Drop Buttler, give Pope the gloves and play 5 bowlers if Stokes can't bowl. Obviously won't happen though
  10. Played on 2 overs too long imo, no chance WI will get tempted into chasing this.
  11. Wonder if they'll bring Wood straight back in, or are the guys not in the squad released from the bubble?
  12. Is Robinson quick? Otherwise England have a medium pace attack. Again.
  13. Think England misread the pitch, picked the wrong attack and made the wrong decision at the toss. Windies bowled very well and their batting is stronger than I thought it was. Is Campbell out for the next test if his toe is broken but was able to bat today? I'd really like to see Foakes come in as well, in red ball cricket Buttler seems to be one of these guys who smashes it around when it's 350-5 but gets nothing when it matters. Longer term I'd like to see the Windies have a properly good test team again rather than just have a bunch of T20 biffers. Wild to think they haven't won in England for 32 years, England did really well to draw the 1991 and 1995 series.
  14. Would take a fairly large bottle job from here I think, was expecting it to be closer. Blackwood has been excellent
  15. Stokes is definitely getting VFM from his hair weave. This should be a cracking couple of hours, first chance I've had to sit down and watch it.
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