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  1. Couple of different sources on this: from NFL UK 2016 (UK only) A Europe wide one from this year... ... and the breakdown per country. Spoiler alert: people gloryhunt.. but mon the fucking Czechs
  2. That 2002-04 SPL was hilariously financially doped- we did ridiculously well to stay up in the first season IMO. Containing: Rangers (died) Livi (multiple administrations, inlcuding one that year with no points deductions) Dundee (multiple administrations) Dunfermline (administration) Hearts (administration) Don't blame Inverness for fighting their corner but we got screwed. I was over it when Hibs and Hearts, both instigators of the second vote, got relegated in our first season back up in 2014. Anyway, as for Saturday I've resigned myself to MFS scuffing one in off his standing leg or something like that. Still hard to predict anything positive with this squad unless Cole starts firing rockets in from 30 yards but we probably need 4 points minimum from the 3 pre split games to still be in touch when the window opens.
  3. AFC CLINCHED: Baltimore Ravens – playoff berth Kansas City Chiefs – AFC West Division BALTIMORE RAVENS (11-2) (vs. N.Y. Jets (5-8), Thursday, 8:20 PM ET, FOX/NFLN/Amazon) Baltimore clinches AFC North division title with: BAL win or tie OR PIT loss or tie Baltimore clinches a first-round bye with: BAL win + NE loss OR BAL win + KC loss or tie OR BAL tie + KC loss Baltimore clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with: 1) BAL win + NE loss + KC loss or tie BUFFALO BILLS (9-4) (at Pittsburgh (8-5), Sunday, 8:20 PM ET, NBC) Buffalo clinches playoff berth with: BUF win NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (10-3) (at Cincinnati (1-12), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, CBS) New England clinches playoff berth with: NE win or tie NFC CLINCHED: New Orleans Saints – NFC South Division GREEN BAY PACKERS (10-3) (vs. Chicago (7-6), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, FOX) Green Bay clinches playoff berth with: GB win + LAR loss or tie OR GB tie + LAR loss SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (11-2) (vs. Atlanta (4-9), Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, FOX) San Francisco clinches playoff berth with: SF win or tie OR LAR loss or tie OR MIN loss + GB loss SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (10-3) (at Carolina (5-8), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, FOX) Seattle clinches playoff berth with: SEA win + LAR loss or tie OR SEA win + MIN loss OR SEA win + GB loss + MIN tie OR SEA tie + LAR loss
  4. Bad week for the Texans, DVOA fancies Tennessee to edge them out for the division now. In the NFC the Cowboys and Eagles continue to bald men over a comb it and the Rams keep themselves alive.
  5. Bit weird that existing members aren't being given the chance to renew prior to new members signing up. It's unlikely to happen due to us not having that many fans and server capacity but theoretically I could be busy for half an hour at Friday noon and 50,000 new members could sign up and buy all the memberships and tickets for the Israel game.
  6. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Patriots fans booing at HT.
  7. I started out on Tennents Velvet after getting a taste for it at a house party when I was 16. Started drinking legally in the Yellow Card Pubs (The Ark, Curlers, Exchequer and I think there was one more in Glasgow) and it was £1.50 a TL or a velvet if you had one of their cards, circa 2000. Strathclyde Union also had 50p pints on a Friday but f**k me they were rotten.
  8. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Oh well, hung with arguably the best team in the 32 (lowest yards gained by Baltimore all season) thought that dodgy PI call was going to swing it but Allen getting swamped on 2nd and 3rd downs was symptomatic of the whole game. Could do with the Bucs seeing this out and the Titans beating the Raiders. Broncos beating the Texans was also a help.
  9. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Game 100% over now, 24-9. Shows how good the Ravens are tbf, hope they win the lot.
  10. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    This is so frustrating. Most the Ravens have punted in any game this season before today is three, they're about to punt for the sixth time today. Just can't get anything going the other way.
  11. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Well, that's that done , busted coverage and the other Ravens TE who isn't Andrews takes it in from 61 yards to start the 2nd half. Both TDs conceded to the backup TEs
  12. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Horrible clock management from the Bills, calling a TO before kicking a FG, leaving Jackson 25 seconds to do something rather than calling it with 4 seconds to go. Settle for 10-6 down at the half considering how awful Allen and the o-line have been. Edit: HT, 10-6 Ravens, total yardage for each team 95-74. Fair to say defences on top...
  13. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Bills pick off Jackson and get the ball on the other side of midfield but a sack knocks them out of FG range, still 10-3. Allen hurt on the play as well. O-line getting absolutely mangled and Allen has overthrown every deep pass so far.
  14. Fuctifano

    Week 14

    Ravens get it in with another outrageous flick from Lamar. They did get a bit lucky as the refs missed them having 12 in the huddle which is a 5 yard penalty, Ravens took the TO instead as clock wound down then scored immediately afterwards. Bills need to get a couple of first downs or this could get very ugly quickly.
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