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  1. If we're signing the 12/13 squad up let's at least sign Ross Forbes.
  2. Would be in the same bucket as Muirhead for me, ok as backup and can cover more than one position but wouldn't want him starting.
  3. This Leipzig manager looks as if he's had too much of the sponsor's product. Either that or he's a fucking plum.
  4. The most jolting moment for me was when Orla got her voting card and her date of birth was in 1980, harsh reminder of how long ago the mid to late 1990s and my own teenage years was Enjoyed the ending of the hour long finale, although you can tell how much they had to work around Nicola Coughlans availability this series.
  5. Completely missed this post, another centre half coming in when we already have 4 on the books would add more fuel to my one man fire that Akinola will be mutually consented this summer, though it could also mean that Brownlie isn't making the recovery he'd hoped. Also heard separately that Muirhead is P/T with us, Ayr offered him a F/T deal (think he wasn't training F/T with them previously) but he presumably can make more with us P/T and doing whatever outside of football. Bell was P/T last year I think, so not that unusual.
  6. Probably not as he's already snapped up Steven Lawless, Andy Halliday and Mark Hateley while he's there.
  7. Would it not be more likely Rudden wants to get out of it- I know there are / were rumours that Ricky Lamie who had also agreed a PCA with Dundee had a get-out clause in his if Dundee went down but I've not paid much attention to that. If Rudden is playing in the Championship next year he'll be a Dundee player. But it won't matter as we've got Jordan Rhodes.
  8. If he's third / fourth choice centre half then fine, if he's first choice right back then no. I wonder -especially if Tiffoney is away- if we'll go to a 352 as our main formation next season.
  9. Chargers won the social media battle imo
  10. Also Jerry Jeudy arrested, no news on what for yet.
  11. Schedule release day in the USA though will be 1am here when it officially comes out. As per every year though, basically everything has leaked if you follow enough twitter accounts. If true, Bills have 5 prime time games ie middle of the night here plus one on Christmas Eve (a Saturday this year) at Chicago. Lot of sky plus and fast forwarding for me it looks like. Also if the leaks are true Bills @ Rams is the season opener. Edit : the KC game is 9.25 UK time on a Sunday night so presumably the Nantz and Romo game and not a 6th prime time game
  12. Is Little not quite small (no pun intended) for a CB? That was one of the things we found out when we went up last time, centre halves who'd strolled the championship could get ragdolled quite easily as every Premiership team had at least one semi capable big guy up front and even if they were pretty hopeless technically, they could cause issues by just size (Calvin zola springs to mind) and so we ended up signing far bigger guys from second season up onwards. Suppose there will always be Cannavaro style exceptions. Would be really interesting to see who Arbroath kept / signed if you went up.
  13. I agree with the Killie fans tbh, it's the same argument I would make for us last year in that if we had stayed up in 2020 (for whatever reason) we'd have had a different squad in 20-21 for the championship than the one we had for league one. With Killie it's probably more simple in that if they had stayed up last season they'd probably have had Lafferty for the full season this year.
  14. This year's cull https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/player-update-9th-may-2022/ Suspected McCall would offer one or both of McKenna and Crawford a deal, Crawford probably needs to make sure he's played in his actual position rather than stuck out wide. No surprises elsewhere with Foster, Bell, Murray, and Hendrie all leaving as well as McKenna
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