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  1. Fuctifano

    Week 8

    Well this is the one Bills fans have had circled since if not from the moment Brady left then certainly the last few weeks. Win this and beat Miami week 17 and probably only two more wins needed for the division plus… there’s the whole Patriots thing. On one shoulder I’ve got the angel saying “yeah, they’re done, all the underlying stats are really bad, Cam has looked like crap since he came back from covid, they’ve still no receiving weapons, their defence has lost too many pieces, if this was any team other than the Patriots with this roster you’d be expecting a comfortable win, this is where we slay the dragon, Bills by 20+” before flinging himself through a folding table. On the other I’ve got the devil saying “don’t be silly, it’s the Patriots, Belicheck will have some defensive scheme to confuse Josh, he’ll make a stupid play early and then spend the game trying to make up for it, Cam will figure it out in time or they’ll run all over us (40mph winds forecast for gametime to suit the run game), they’ll get a punt block or a special teams touchdown, Patriots win by 10 and Bills score 1 TD at most” before flinging himself through a folding table which is on fire Was hoping it would be the Sky game but can’t argue with Steelers vs Ravens, might take out a gamespass trial.
  2. Enjoyed this- FWIW I think the Browns will get to the playoffs this season especially with the extra spot.
  3. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    OBJ looking to have taken a bad one tonight.
  4. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Going to latterly alter my perception of that game to the Bills knew the Jets couldn't score enough on them so just laid up 8 times to get Bass some practice. Always enjoy a snow game.
  5. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Peak Falcons there tbf
  6. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Jets had 4 yards of offense 2nd half. Couple of good finishes brewing on redzone
  7. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Bills finally end the Jets, f**k me that was chronic, will need to be better vs the evil empire next week. On the plus side the D shut them out 2nd half, on the minus side, it was the Jets.
  8. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    6th FG of the game for Tyler Bass and Bills lead 18-10, would have been a very ballsy call to go for it on 4th but a 1st would have won the game
  9. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Bills have their 7th FG attempt of the day, 5th successful. This is going to end with the Bills needing a 6th FG to win or tie.
  10. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Bills doing all they can to lose the game, Kroft does a Daniel Jones and falls over with a walk in TD then Bass misses his easiest FG of the game, 12-10. Boak.
  11. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    That's a shocker on Dalton. Bills need a spark from somewhere, the D is hopeless.
  12. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Jets are going to win this.
  13. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Also why did I leave out Antonion Gibson in fantasy this week when he's playing the Cowboys? Madness.
  14. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Bills having an absolute nightmare so far, the defence is being ragdolled by 74 year old Frank Gore and have given up two long 3rd down conversions.
  15. Fuctifano

    Week 7

    Denver- KC forecast to be the first snow game of the season.
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