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  1. WC 98 - Latvia and Estonia Euro 2000- Lithuania and Estonia WC 2002 - Latvia Euro 2004 - Lithuania we've since drawn Lithuania in 2008, 2012, and 2018 qualifiers but never again Latvia or Estonia.
  2. that's the most intriguing of the 3 as the Raiders are probably better than 0-3 and the Broncos worse than 2-1. No idea why it isn't an 8-4 or even 7-5 split with the early / late games
  3. Decent chance Chiefs - Bucs ends up being played in Minnesota because of the hurricane hitting Florida. Absolute dogshit late slate, no idea why a couple of the early games aren't in that window. @lichtie23 it's Jags @ Eagles , not Ravens who are playing the Bills
  4. Below is a rough guide to when we last played each of the UEFA nations, only input year rather than exact date, obviously we didn't play Denmark chronologically between Czechia and England at the Euros. I've counted the Kirin Cup and Carling Cup as tournaments, if you don't then we last played Bulgaria competitively in Euro 92 qualifying and NI in the 1980s. Wild that we've never played Hungary in a qualifier, 9 friendlies dating back to their peak in the 1950s. If anyone has a better ideal how to paste directly from Excel into here without the formatting going to hell then let me know. Opposition Last Competitive Game Tournament Last Friendly Armenia 2022 Nations League n/a Republic of Ireland 2022 Nations League 2003 Ukraine 2022 Nations League n/a Austria 2021 WC 2022 Qual 2022 Croatia 2021 Euro 2020 Groups 2008 Czech Republic 2021 Euro 2020 Groups 2016 Denmark 2021 WC 2022 Qual 2016 England 2021 Euro 2020 Groups 2014 Faroe Islands 2021 WC 2022 Qual 2010 Israel 2021 WC 2022 Qual 1986 Moldova 2021 WC 2022 Qual n/a Serbia 2020 Euro 2020 Playoff final n/a Slovakia 2020 Nations League n/a Belgium 2019 Euro 2020 Qual 2018 Cyprus 2019 Euro 2020 Qual 2011 Kazakhstan 2019 Euro 2020 Qual n/a Russia 2019 Euro 2020 Qual n/a San Marino 2019 Euro 2020 Qual n/a Albania 2018 Nations League n/a Lithuania 2017 WC 2018 Qual n/a Malta 2017 WC 2018 Qual 1997 Slovenia 2017 WC 2018 Qual 2012 Georgia 2015 Euro 2016 Qual n/a Germany 2015 Euro 2016 Qual 1999 Gibraltar 2015 Euro 2016 Qual n/a Poland 2015 Euro 2016 Qual 2022 North Macedonia 2013 WC 2014 Qual n/a Wales 2013 2014 WC Qual 2009 Liechtenstein 2011 Euro 2012 Qual n/a Northern Ireland 2011 Carling Cup 2015 Spain 2011 Euro 2012 Qual 2004 Iceland 2009 WC 2010 Qual n/a Netherlands 2009 WC 2010 Qual 2021 Norway 2009 WC 2010 Qual 2013 France 2007 Euro 2008 Qual 2016 Italy 2007 Euro 2008 Qual 2016 Bulgaria 2006 Kirin Cup 1978 Belarus 2005 WC 2006 Qual n/a Latvia 2001 WC 2002 Qual n/a Bosnia and Herzegovina 1999 Euro 2000 Qual n/a Estonia 1999 Euro 2000 Qual 2013 Sweden 1997 WC 1998 Qual 2010 Switzerland 1996 Euro 96 Group Stage 2006 Finland 1995 Euro 96 Qual 1998 Greece 1995 Euro 96 Qual n/a Portugal 1993 WC 1994 Qual 2018 Romania 1991 Euro 92 Qual 2004 Luxembourg 1987 Euro 88 Qual 2021 Andorra Never n/a n/a Azerbaijan Never n/a n/a Hungary Never N/A 2018 Kosovo Never n/a n/a Montenegro Never n/a n/a Turkey Never n/a 1960
  5. Buffalo signing Xavier Rhodes, who is almost certainly washed up but it's either that or random UDFA guys at corner for the next 3 or 4 weeks, can't see Tre White being back until week 8.
  6. It's OK, the PTFC Trust will have a word with the tribunal panel and we'll get £1.5m. Rudden is fine for this level but not convinced he's got it for the top flight, though he is still young enough. Presume we budgeted for whatever we were getting for Rudden to cover what we paid for Fitzpatrick so it's probably a wash as the yanks would say. Though would i be totally surprised if we didn't file the correct paperwork etc and Dundee ended up getting him for nothing? No.
  7. Ditto, remember going for a curry on Aikenhead Rd before the game as it made it easier for my dad and his mates to have a few pints and get me in somewhere when the licensing laws for under 18s merely being in pubs were far more strict than now. The thing that strikes me looking back on the clip below is how shite the floodlights are compared to now, Mccoist nearly disappears into pitch black
  8. Place your bets on most used phrase between "it's what Colin wanted" and "we can't tell you that" between now and 2025
  9. 497 yards of total offense and 41-19 time of possession and still only put up 17 points (plus the safety). The problem with the heat is while the commentators were talking about Miami's D being gassed, its easier to rotate DL, whereas the Buffalo OL was literally out of players by the end of the game. More concerning is Allen is away for an X Ray on his throwing hand. Edit - he's speaking with media and says his hand is fine
  10. That feels a bit like the game vs the Patriots last season that was played in a hurricane, the conditions dictated the game. Bills left a huge amount of points out there, dropped TD, dropped pick six, missed FG, botched snap at the end of the first half. Even the holding penalty on the last drive, Bass can kick it 60 if it came to it and the holding penalty takes it out of his range Dolphins are a very decent team though, can't take that away from them.
  11. Players on both sides dropping like flies in Miami, the heat is absurd.
  12. Tua back in which seems odd given he was pretty clearly concussed.
  13. An insanely stupid series to end the half there, not trying the FG could come back to haunt them
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