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  1. Of the bottom 5 teams, Queens have looked far better against us than the other 4 but obviously other results have them where they are, maybe it's a "styles make fights" thing.
  2. Archie said in video preview Foster, Mayo and Graham all had knocks but there was no team news in the text preview. I think as long as he's playing every week there won't be an issue. The fact they've loaned him out to this level 3 years running and not down south or to a bottom 6 Premiership club suggests to me he's not one expected to make it.
  3. Glad to be on the right side of the reek Why would we inflate the crowd when dunfermline are on a share of the gate? Meant to say when I looked at the betting odds earlier the first goalscorer odds were nonsense, players out on loan and who wouldn't start even if they weren't were 13/2 and Docherty was 20/1 despite being on some free kicks. Of course I didn't bet it. Much like saturday that was a 0-0 which we've won 1-0. Tiffoney was very good and the defence was solid, Hendrie looked useful going forward second half. Most pleasing that we won without Mayo and Graham and also after we'd taken off Rudden and Turner. Smith looks a bit like Rudden did last season, very lacking in confidence but he's more than proven at this level so hopefully comes onto a game second half of the season.
  4. If Tiffoney is hurt we have no creative threat and there's not much of anything on the bench to inspire confidence. Reeks of a late 1-0 to someone tbh
  5. As expected, but still brutal. The other CBs are basically XFL level
  6. No Mayo or Graham for Thistle, Foster still out too. Stephen Hendrie gets only his second game since signing and a couple of weans on the bench.
  7. Think Dunfermline are value on the betting, they've already won and drew at Firhill under Grant this season. I'd say we're favourites but not by anywhere near as much as the bookies have us.
  8. Bittersweet 31-6 win for Buffalo with All Pro corner Tre White almost certainly done for the season with suspected ACL tear. Defence absolutely smothered the Saints (6 is the joint lowest points they've scored in the super dome in 19 years) and despite 2 interceptions Josh also threw 4TDs and only 3 other incompletions outside the picks. With home games vs the Jets, Falcons and Panthers still to come a playoff berth should be on but still feels as if there's too many holes in the team to get past the divisional round at furthest.
  9. Like an absolute mug I will record the Bills game then zip through it before work tomorrow. At least Kamara is out for NO.
  10. I think most of my posts on this thread are pointing out that Shaun Murphy is a gimp. Shaun Murphy is a gimp. On another note I was looking at the world rankings after reading this story and it's wild how stagnant it is, guys like Nigel Bond and Ken Doherty still in the top 75 (does seniors money count towards rankings?) and even Hendry still in the top 100.
  11. I think we tried to sign him when we went up but he went To Tannadice instead, and again a few years later, maybe when he left Hibs? That said, and while I'm glad he's here, his goalscoring record between his spell at Raith and arriving at Firhill was nothing brilliant.
  12. Yeah that's true, I've had it in my head incorrectly it was a season long loan with a break clause in January. There's not been much of a case so far for extending it.
  13. That is pretty much the script, although he did start his upturn in form after the resumption of league one following the covid shutdown.
  14. I think I'd rather keep Rudden and take whatever buttons come our way as compensation in the summer rather than punt him for marginally more buttons in January. Obviously if we got a ludicrous offer we'd take it but why would a team do that rather than wait 5 months - plus his first jaunt to England didn't go very well albeit he was still a teenager at that point. I guess with Hendrie his lack of versatililty doesn't help either whereas pretty much all our other defenders can play 2 positions along the back line. He may not want to stay if he's not getting a game. Think we need another winger, whether that's instead of or in addition to Hastie I'm not sure. As jagfox said we're normally about 10 players down injured at this stage of the season so don't really need to make the squad much smaller.
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