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  1. That's not the P&B spirit, double down on this. 4 goals in 2 games against knackered part timers means f**k all, he's done nothing against Falkirk, Cove, or Airdrie. Goad him into finishing league's top scorer.
  2. Since there isn't a thread of its own for Disco Elysium... Finished playthrough 1 last night- against my better judgment I did google afterwards some of the major decisions and their consequences and I think I'm pretty happy with how it panned out. I thought I was close to the end of the game, then the "tribunal" happened and I thought I was maybe only halfway, but I was right the first time. I think my style of exhausting all the dialogue options probably led to my character not having a consistent political view and also got nowhere really with Cuno but other than that I don't think I missed much. Doing a sober run might be a tricky playthrough and I'll try and stick to one political belief to see how Kim reacts. Some game, don't think it breaches my top 10 but it's certainly unique. Certainly don't think I've played a game where you can get a "game over" screen by consciously shooting a 10 year old child because you're a bit hungover and she's shouting abuse at you (I didn't do this btw, just watched a YT video of it before coming on here). Was surprised in the credits to see the developer is based in Estonia, I thought given the heavy amount of French voices and terms in the game it would have been from there, which almost made sense based purely on a couple of other unique games (Heavy Rain, Spiritfarer) I've played that were French developers.
  3. Don't think us seal clubbing a couple of part time teams who've played a million games in 3 weeks is anything to panic over but I guess I'd be the same if it was the other way around. Was only 9 days ago our fans were concerned we might not make the top 5, after all.
  4. Some difference in confidence in the team. Interesting to see in a season with no fans, shows maybe fans don't make a big a difference to the players confidence as some say. Really couldn't have gone much better so far tonight, allowed some early subs. Maciver could do with a goal as well.
  5. Presume playing Tuesday - Thursday meaning we couldn't get the home kits out of the laundry in time.
  6. Think Foster might have to play if Penrice is still out but could see McKenna moving to CB and Williamson coming in for Bell. Tiffoney and Graham need to play as well, would start Rudden after last night too.
  7. The passback rule has been in place for 29 years now, why would any keeper under the age of 45 not be comfortable with the ball at their feet?
  8. Another 10 minutes of the commentary will have me supporting Clyde. Not every cross is drilled, especially the ones overhit by miles.
  9. Based on the Clyde Fans comments this will be 0-1 all day long
  10. I'm now well into this on PS4. Unusually for a game in which I've sunk a good few hours I'm already looking forward to replaying it and using different answers and thoughts in the cabinet, I get the feeling there are a reasonable amount of potential endings. I know for a fact I've already locked myself out of choices with 2 characters (I'm on day 6). It is superbly written and as you say very funny as well, I found myself at one point yesterday going "is that a fucking Scooter lyric?". I'm fine with the amount of text as I'm a very fast reader but I can see how it could be overwhelming and a bit slow if you're taking a bit more time. My nitpicks on it would be (some of these may be PS4 specific): - lots of invisible walls particularly in the coast area which isn't great - the load time between screens is very long for a game that isn't super hi-res, which is really frustrating when you accidentally go out of a building and then have to go straight back in or vice versa, you're close to 2 minutes real time wasted. - it's cool that each place has its own little music theme but the trumpet fanfare every time you step out of the Whirling-in-Rags is now embedded in my brain. -the map could be better especially on level of detail on west side of the bridge, it has been fixed a bit in the 1.03 patch in terms of letting you know where tasks are located. Still a definite 9/10 though.
  11. All that remains now is for my each ways of Harman and Si Woo to finish outside the places.
  12. Barring a Spieth 2016 effort from Matsuyama on the 12th I think this is done and dusted.
  13. If Hideki stays dry he's got this.
  14. Considering we've won two league games in a row once this season I'm tempering my expectations about winning 3 or 4 in a row. Doubt Clyde will be as raggedy arsed as Peterhead were today, though it was nice to see us take chances when presented (not you Zak). Tiffoney and Graham have to play 180 minutes this week unless we're in a similar sort of position to today where the game is done with 20 to go, since Tiffoney has signed we've managed to score an acceptable number of goals despite having Bannigan and Docherty together in midfield. Today's centre halves as well should probably play both games.
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