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  1. Sinclair is one of the only players we have that actually looks like he could create something. Especially after Tapping's injury. Any word on how serious it is?
  2. Maybe if Dods had shown some of his 'renowned enthusiasm for football' during his management spell, instead of trying to choke the game to death with his tactics and stand in the dugout like a statue, the fans wouldn't have turned against him and he'd still be in a job.
  3. Didn’t think the committee would pull the trigger but kudos for doing so. Right decision for all parties. Dods can’t have been enjoying himself any more than the rest of us over the last year and a bit. Wish him all the best for the future, thanks for the promotion and good luck to the fans of his next club! Stevie Campbell should be given time to earn the job full time. I like the Charlie King option too.
  4. I can only presume you were delighted when the equaliser went in so you could have a moan! Don't think we were great today but Stranraer didn't even trouble us until the goal went in. Agree that Hendry looked tired, would have liked to see Boris on a bit earlier. Thought there might have been a goal in the game for him.
  5. Dougie Hill was decent too, other than that agree. Dods has to go. Otherwise where do brechin go from here?
  6. Has Dods learned nothing from last season's shambles? Complete embarrassment tonight.
  7. That's my concern. We already have Jackson who missed the majority of last season through injury and has previous. Shields is 35 and will likely struggle to play week in, week out. Hopefully we can get McLennan back on loan and I'll feel much more confident.
  8. Couldn't agree more. I've had a feeling that Dods should go for a couple of months now but the last couple of weeks or so has just confirmed it. I do feel sorry for Dods in that he has had his fair share of injuries this season, however it appears that we have turned up this season with the sole intention of 'making it difficult' for other teams rather than trying to gather points for ourselves. This is a quote from the club website from the AGM last year, and while I agree 100% with the decision to not 'chase the dream' and play the long game, it does say that he was given a good budget to allow him to compete. I actually feel he did relatively well with the budget he was given - Crighton has been one of our best players this year and Sinclair has been one of our only real goal threats. I believe Layne was already lined up to come in at the end of the season regardless of whether we went up or not, and even though he had to endure a LOT of stick at the start of the season, I feel he was coming on to a game before disappearing from the side. More funds were given in January following the Celtic cup draw, Tapping has looked ok since joining and I haven't seen enough of Storie to judge, however by this point we were pretty much down already, so I have to question why we are spending more money this season (unless these two are going to stay on next year?) Sadly Dods' only real tactic this year was to dig our heels in and hope we were still in with a shot in the last 10 minutes or so and then 'give it a go' - this never really worked and he didn't seem to have a Plan B. Rarely have we ventured forward looking for a goal until we need one - normally after the first 15 minutes. I think we've conceded about a quarter of our goals in the first 15, so we can't even use the full time teams' fitness as an excuse. I think the chopping and changing the last few weeks has shown that Dods has run out of ideas - Crighton being dropped on Tuesday and being subbed on after 25 minutes is baffling as Spark didn't look injured (I may stand corrected on this one) and I don't think Smith did himself any favours in goal - I felt O'Neil had done well enough in the previous games to keep his spot, despite making a mistake for the OG on Saturday. I don't think I'm alone when I say I've been very disappointed in the lack of ambition Dods has shown this season - and lack of faith in his own players to go out there and win a game. I think it's shown in the last few weeks, where players have given up the ghost and don't seem to be trying anymore - neither do the coaching staff. If the club are going to stand by Dods and give him next season, then he HAS to start planning for it now. Treat the rest of the games as pre-season for next year, and play the team how he wants to play next season. We surely aren't going to go into League One with the same attitude of defending for most of the game. See who fits the system and who doesn't, sign up the players you want to keep and line up replacements for the ones that are getting shown the door. I don't even care if we lose every game 10-0 as long as we give it a go - I'd have been happy with that this season but it just feels like we haven't even tried. Rant over.
  9. Couldn't agree more. We had Ally Love on the bench but he sticks Crighton up front instead. We didn't even go long to him, still trying to play it in about the box. Didn't like Watt for Sinclair when he made the sub and it just slowed the game too much. If we can't get a win out of today's game then I fail to see who we are going to win against.
  10. There's a difference between constructive criticism and blind abuse. Some of the shite that's being spouted on here is terrible and isn't doing anyone any favours. as for 'accepting our fate' - I don't see anyone doing that. We are two games in and whilst the game against Queen of the South was a heavy defeat, the second half performance against Livi was promising. It's far too early to judge anything - or anyone - yet. I think anyone expecting the club to throw money to try and stay up is being naive. What I don't want (and fear might end up happening) is playing 5 at the back, conceding a goal or two and be chasing every game. As I said before, I'm willing to give it a chance but I hope Dods has a Plan B if it doesn't work.
  11. Could not agree more. Would also add that it's one thing to slag off the whole team, but to name and shame individual players like has happened on here is not on. I hope that none of them read it as that's not going to do the confidence any good. Challenge Cup was just a distraction and other than winning it or getting a trip away to Dundee United I don't think it was worth our time anyway. The only criticism I have so far is that I'm not 100% convinced 5 at the back will work, but I'm prepared to give it time. Jackson and Orsi looked to work well together on Saturday, but I don't think Layne should be written off yet. He's not played too many minutes alongside Jackson and I definitely think there's a role for him in the squad, be it starting or off the bench.
  12. Bowles looks absolutely shell-shocked. Gutted.
  13. That was a bit of bottle there from Ando, hopefully it spurs him on here.
  14. Anyone see him at full time tripping up Dzeko? Class.
  15. Gordon Hutton - Berra - McManus - Whittaker Dorrans - Fletcher - Brown - Naismith Fleck - McFadden Subs: Marshall, Caldwell, Barr, Maloney, Arfield, Bannan, Fletcher, Murphy
  16. had Chelsea in a treble with Man Utd and Liverpool, along with a Chelsea clean sheet and Draw Ht/Chelsea Ft. I would murder Heskey right now.
  17. West Ham for £260. Won't feel as bad if Villa lose tomorrow.
  18. EDIT: Beaten to it. - The Gulls is Torquay's nickname.
  19. I'd guess at Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs being two of them - possibly Seaman being another?
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