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  1. Any word on whether fans are allowed in for the playoff game yet?
  2. I wouldn’t take no mention of colts as a retraction at all. You would think if it was false they would have clarified it.
  3. I don’t remember reading anything to the effect of it being retracted. Would be delighted to be proved wrong.
  4. This was the most recent payout table I could find: To add an extra two teams, You'd need to find an extra £80k from someplace. (eg ~£7k per SPL club or around £2k per SPFL club). I don't think that would be an issue. The problem is when you have a 12-team league, there certainly has to be an automatic relegation spot (There should be one in a 10-team league). I can't see teams voting for that. Personally I'd like to see Kelty and Brora promoted into a 12-team league that has one automatic relegation spot and one playoff relegation spot. HL and Lowland League still have their playoff for the automatic spot, and the loser of that tie then plays 11th place in L2. Admittedly it would save our bacon when we probably don't deserve it, but I can see arguments for both sides. I still don't think it justifies the club's begging letter to the SPFL.
  5. I feel sorry for the genuinely good people who work tirelessly every day for the club, who are having their names dragged through the mud. If this is the direction the club are heading, then I’ll have to reconsider my season ticket next season.
  6. We agreed to complete the season. Did we do this on the basis that there wouldn’t be playoffs? Ive never been ashamed to be a Brechin fan until today. What happened to the community club we were supposed to be 10 years ago?
  7. if that part is true then it’s not just Brechin fans who should be embarrassed.
  8. The year is 2042. Brechin have written to the SPFL board to request the league is expanded to 86 teams to avoid relegation for the 44th year in succession. Their proposal includes the addition of Kelty Hearts Colts and Brora Rangers Colts.
  9. I think you'll find we have taken 368 kick offs so have had plenty kicks of a ball.
  10. My concern is that if relegation this season would make it not viable, what happens if it goes ahead and we get relegated next season, or the season after that? Investors will disappear and we will be worse off than we are now.
  11. The people in charge aren’t the ones putting in the gutless performances on the pitch though.
  12. Can't say I agree with that. Even when we were already relegated, Dods refused to take the handbrake off. In my opinion it's the worst football we've played over the last 4 seasons.
  13. I see your point but the logic is flawed. What if say Bonnyrigg or BSC Glasgow were top of the league this season when it was called? Should they be given the playoff spot? Or should it be given to Kelty who were last season's champions? It certainly wasn't even a forgone conclusion they would have even won it if the season had played out to a finish! Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts PPG 1 Kelty Hearts (C) 25 22 2 1 95 17 +78 68 2.72 2 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic 24 20 2 2 70 22 +48 62 2.58 3 BSC Glasgow[a] 22 16 3 3 58 21 +37 51 2.32 The whole situation is a complete mess to be honest and a lot of the blame is wrongly being pointed at Brechin as if we're the ones denying Kelty, Brora or any other team a shot at going up.
  14. Should probably just null and void it now and cancel any play-offs.
  15. I think HL/LL had more of an argument last season - they can't have complaints when they've been voted 'champions' - one of them after 3 games played, the other having lost to the only top 6 side they've played. That said, we've been awful for the last 4 years and if we avoid the playoffs again I don't think you can say we've had zero luck. We've just not had any on the pitch. Even today, I didn't see an awful lot wrong with the disallowed goal. Pinning the blame on an individual isn't right or fair - there's a minimum expectation of effort from players and despite changing our whole squad twice we've ended up with a handful of players who don't even meet that. The club as a whole should take the burden of blame. Efforts have been made this season to try and salvage the season, it's just unfortunate they are about a year and a half too late. We're not out of it yet, but we're going to have to beat Annan twice at minimum and pick up an extra point over them someplace. Certainly doable, if the players put the effort in and we get a little luck going our way. Instead of pinning blame how about directing the effort into getting behind the team to not finish bottom?
  16. "You're... You're rubbish!" Blatant red card.
  17. Part of the reason Tierney was so effective was down to the fact he was playing left centre back and nobody was marking him. Why anyone would suggest moving him out of that position is beyond me, particularly if it means dropping Robertson. In reality it will be the same formation with a couple of changes. I'd imagine McGregor will start instead of Christie and potentially Adams over Dykes. Fraser and Christie as options off the bench if we need a goal.
  18. Thought we looked solid defensively which is a massive improvement. Slaven held the ball up well at times but I'd have liked to see McKee get in the game a bit more. That said, we had 8(?) new signings starting and did well considering. Barron is a superstar at this level.
  19. How do you prepare for an unpredictable pandemic? Teams tried to 'prepare' for any disruption by agreeing to reduce the season to 27 games without any backup plan if things went tits up. It's now gone tits up and that's on every club in the SPFL, not just Brechin or Elgin. To suggest any club should be better prepared for this is insulting to the staff who I am sure were working hard trying to cover every eventuality.
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