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  1. That's my prediction of what the actual team will be. For the first game I'd have Gilmour and Adams in for McGregor and Christie.
  2. I didn’t realise that was what was meant when I heard they got pumped every week!
  3. I’m not overly excited about this appointment given his lack of experience. Hopefully Levein’s input will help there. His record with Hearts Women wasn’t exactly what you would call decent:
  4. It was voted through, pretty large majority. I imagine the manager and signings will have to wait until it’s decided what league we are in. They have invited applications already so they will have to sift through those and interview candidates. I wouldn’t expect much news for another week at least. On the EGM, I thought some valid questions were made and I thought Grant Johnston in particular spoke well. I’m not as worried as I was previously but do still have concerns around the 25% potentially allowing as little as 3 people to make decisions. I would also like to express thanks to the outgoing committee members, they have done a fantastic job over the years and their input will be missed. Looking forward to seeing them enjoy watching the team as supporters.
  5. And this is the problem I have with the whole thing. There can be no guarantees that is the case.
  6. Dods should have been sacked at the end of the Championship season; Smith and Wilson should have been sacked earlier than they were; Paton was clearly not experienced enough to keep us up - decisions like these are what caused us to plummet down the leagues, and ultimately decisions like these will have to be made whether we are incorporated or not. I fail to see what would be different?
  7. If it wouldn't, can you please explain further? I'd be delighted to be proven wrong and as mentioned before the questions I had asked haven't been responded to.
  8. It absolutely is not. The reason we had to cut our cloth in the championship is because we had overspent our means and were in a financially bad situation.
  9. Selling the ground would require a special meeting, and this in company law would require a 75% majority. Also no one individual will be allowed to own more than 25% of the shares. It would take 3 people to vote this through.
  10. In what way would it be the 'end of the club'? Are we not able to live within our means and only spend what we have? We may not be competing at the heady heights of League One or Two in Scotland but the club would continue to exist. Edit to add: I had emailed to ask a question a while back but didn't receive a response. I know of others who have asked questions and havenot had their questions answered properly. In the update we received a while back, it stated that if we were to be relegated, the incorporation would be called off. That position has clearly changed since then despite saying that it would be near impossible to attract investors.
  11. If you think the general fan is going be able to afford enough shares to have much of a say in the club I think you are mistaken. I imagine the majority of the shares will be taken up by a handful of people up to the 25% limit (I think that was what was quoted? correct me if I'm wrong) and it would then only take 2-3 of them to decide they want to profit from the club. It's an unlikely scenario but it's a lot more likely than our current set-up. There is no need for the club to try and compete financially with these clubs - I feel we are going to be at the level we are at for the long haul, investment or no investment. I'd rather not risk the future of the club for a wee bit of investment that is likely to be wasted. The reported offer to lowland league clubs yesterday is a prime example.
  12. It's been presented in a way that makes it only look as if it's a positive. Most folk that are voting (myself included) don't know enough information about it. If the current proposal goes through then it would only take a couple of wealthy people to decide they want to profit off the club and propose the sale of the ground and there's not an awful lot the fans could do to stop it.
  13. And on Monday they are going to vote to take that power away from the supporters also for the sake of a couple of quid investment.
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