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  1. Thought no7 did quite well, keeper impressed me too with his confidence and composure. Decent run-out in the end, squad is coming together nicely which makes a change from the last few seasons.
  2. Agree 100% with everything you have said there.
  3. Don't think Quinn was one of the trialists, he's on a short term loan.
  4. Really disappointed with that performance yesterday, defending was just as bad as it was on Wednesday, individual errors all over the place costing us again. Other than 2-3 players the effort levels were pretty low, even when chasing the game.
  5. Buckie were definitely a step up on the other teams we have played, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them challenge for the title at the end of the season, although I think we were the authors of our own demise last night with our defending. We still looked pretty good going forward and needed to be a bit more clinical with our chances. The new striker looked like he will be a handful for defences with his pace. Hopefully the result serves as a reminder to the team that we aren’t going to score 4 every week and will have some tough games.
  6. I see Shifty has signed for Stranraer. Even an update of who has left the club would be helpful, especially given season tickets are now available to buy. Are there any players from last season being kept on?
  7. That's my prediction of what the actual team will be. For the first game I'd have Gilmour and Adams in for McGregor and Christie.
  8. I didn’t realise that was what was meant when I heard they got pumped every week!
  9. I’m not overly excited about this appointment given his lack of experience. Hopefully Levein’s input will help there. His record with Hearts Women wasn’t exactly what you would call decent:
  10. It was voted through, pretty large majority. I imagine the manager and signings will have to wait until it’s decided what league we are in. They have invited applications already so they will have to sift through those and interview candidates. I wouldn’t expect much news for another week at least. On the EGM, I thought some valid questions were made and I thought Grant Johnston in particular spoke well. I’m not as worried as I was previously but do still have concerns around the 25% potentially allowing as little as 3 people to make decisions. I would also like to express thanks to the outgoing committee members, they have done a fantastic job over the years and their input will be missed. Looking forward to seeing them enjoy watching the team as supporters.
  11. And this is the problem I have with the whole thing. There can be no guarantees that is the case.
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