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  1. There was some nice passing in spells, still looked a bit open at the back but I think that's to be expected with so many new players. McMinn has been excellent in goals and I'd hope he would be first choice to start the season based on his pre-season performances. McLaughlin was very good in the first game but was a bit quieter in the other two (oddly the one game he played out of position) Watt has looked like he has something about him in spells and think he could strike up a good partnership with McCord (when up to fitness) in the middle. Liked the look of Hamilton before he went off injured, hopefully he's fit for the weekend. McManus has really impressed me with his fitness for his age. Haven't seen much to say one way or the other about the rest of the signings/trialists, but there's certainly a decent core of a team there.
  2. McCord was tidy on the ball but lacked fitness, McLaughlin looked excellent.
  3. I didn't see enough of Miller to judge him, thought he looked ok at the end of the season though. I liked Euan Smith but plenty of others didn't.
  4. Stenny haven't had two relegations in two years and Albion Rovers are signing our cast-offs.
  5. That seems reasonable enough and a nice compromise. As far as signings go, I'm not sure what people are expecting. I didn't expect many - if any - of the ones that were offered contracts to re-sign, and now we are in League 2 we will likely have to wait until sides in leagues above us have their squads shaping up before we can get anyone that's available. Nobody is going to agree to sign for Brechin right now if they have potential offers elsewhere.
  6. Not sure there's much of a point to this? I thought the whole point was to give the club cash at the start of the season to get players in etc? You'd also be as well paying at the gate every second week, granted you'd be paying an extra couple of quid each time.
  7. I sympathise with Smith to a point - he was brought in too late, handed a squad who hadn't won a league game in over a year (and had only won one cup game IIRC) and totally bereft of any confidence. I think he was always going to be feeding off scraps in January and whilst he brought in guff like Kavanagh, he also brought in Toshney and Thomson who I felt did very well. I assume the keeper you're talking about is Brennan? That was Dods that brought him in. Was Bowman bad? He gave Paddy his chance and I thought he got longer than he probably should have, he had a few very good games early on but mistakes were creeping into his game (one sticks in my mind where he was lobbed whilst still on his line). That said, I agree that there wasn't much improvement and he should move on. I wouldn't have swapped our promotion for stability despite what's come since, however it's certainly been the worst period in my time supporting City. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse.
  8. Interesting as the rumour mill has Forfar after one of our players.
  9. Keep: Craig Thomson - been our best player since he's signed Callum Tapping - would be our best player if fit Euan Smith - think he has more to offer us Scott Robertson - brings a bit of composure to the team Dougie Hill - wouldn't have kept him if we stayed up but should stroll it in League 2 Euan Spark - imagine he's on relatively cheap wages and is solid enough Undecided: Paul McLean - very poor season by his standards Sean Burns - started the season well but tailed off Mikey Miller - not seen enough of him to judge Jordan Sinclair - imagine he will go as he's not really been in favour/injured but think he would do ok in League 2. Keep if he's not on big wages Andy Jackson - no brainer if he can stay fit, hasn't looked in the best of shape lately and hasn't been helped by the long ball tactics. Punt: Not fussed about the rest, think we need a big clear out and start over. Special mention to Kavanagh who is as poor a player as I've seen in 20+ years watching Brechin. Think Barry Smith needs to go as well.
  10. They should have advertised Darren Dods as the victim.
  11. Watch the opening goal and get back to me
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