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  1. If that is confirmed then amazing deal by the Board and glad they ignored me to accept a smaller offer. Dom Thomas is also a terrific signing if he stays fit.
  2. Ok, this is one I can heartily endorse. Wee player-coach deal for Cardle too, ta.
  3. I’d say 34 goals in 46 appearances is more than “good” tbh. That being said, I also was far from convinced he’d be a success either.
  4. I’d have been completely meh about the signing if the Shiels incident had never happened. Would think a 3-year-deal was a tad excessive for a player with one good season under his belt though. It does make me wonder about what a player would have to do for football fans to not welcome them with open arms. Players have done far worse than O’Hara and continued their careers of course but is everything ok provided they don’t commit the cardinal sin of being a bit shite?
  5. Interesting. Steven Mill isn’t exactly Jeremy Paxman but will definitely check it out and see what he has to say about it. Probably more intriguing to hear what about last season made O’Hara worth the controversy and a 3-year-deal.
  6. Yup, as I suggested they decided not to mention the incident whatsoever. What I would have done in their shoes tbf. Not impressed with this signing at all but I understand I may be in the minority.
  7. Impossible to say until we see what the competition looks like but I’d say - and I’m very biased - that any Dunfermline side finishing outside the play-off spots has failed.
  8. We have numerous ITK fans so someone will ask Crawford and get back to you.
  9. Considering we’ve just sold a guy for 250K, I think they’ll be more understanding. Happy to see McManus return. If we can get Dom Thomas over the line as well then it’s a very decent starting XI on paper.
  10. This is definitely true. Not sure who it is at the club but they clearly leak stuff all the time. Very good signing based on less than one good season in his career so far? Leaving aside his dubious past, there is definitely some reservations about a guy who has never played consistently well for a full-time club in his life.
  11. I was unaware our options were strictly limited to two Scottish leagues. I’d personally rather we didn’t sign him due to the concerns I’ve already raised, even if that meant a weaker player being brought on. I’d rather we kept Smith or Ryan. I’d rather we try and get a young guy on loan from a Premiership club, like we did with Afolabi. Or even one of the hundreds of strikers who will be out of contract down south. Trying to make it seem like the club had no option but to sign Kevin O’Hara is very bizarre.
  12. Just because someone mentioned O Hara doesn't mean we've signed him, do you realize that? Of course I do. However, by your logic we shouldn't comment on players Dunfermline are rumoured to be signing, which is just daft.
  13. Any striker within budget who hasn't mocked a Dunfermline player for their disability? I think that's probably a fairly wide market to choose from but I confess to not doing intense research. I am curious how they approach it if he does indeed sign. I'd be tempted to ignore it if I was the club because it just becomes a bigger story if they publish something about it online.
  14. I don't get the rationale from Dunfermline or O'Hara. There's so many other players we could go for and there's so many other clubs he could sign for, that wouldn't include any controversy whatsoever. Just shows how fucking idiotic some of our fans are in that case. Smith became a legend (for me anyway). Not saying that will happen here but fucking hell. Heads gone all over here at the mere mention of him signing. You realise just saying there's "heads gone" doesn't make it true?
  15. I agree he deserves to be able to continue his footballing career. I just don’t think it should include playing for Dunfermline. Although I know football fans well enough to know they’ll make excuses for anyone if they play well/score goals.
  16. I'm exaggerating but people moaning about him before signing? Settle down. Right, can you let everyone know when it’s acceptable to discuss Pars transfer rumours? We wouldn’t want to upset you again.
  17. No one is having a meltdown on here? Unless all the action is on Dot Net or FB.
  18. I certainly did not love Fraser Aird. If you can find evidence the contrary I’d love to see it. He did better than I expected on the pitch and was a good option but he never stopped being a bigot.
  19. This is very much like the Aird signing. It doesn’t matter if he’s successful because the fans are going to think he’s still a p***k either way. Hardly a good way to shift season tickets, either.
  20. Still a giant m8. Just having a wee coma. Fixed that for you m8.
  21. I’m just relieved to hear Falkirk still exist. I’d assumed they’d quietly shut the doors due to lack of interest.
  22. Oh ffs I’d forgotten he was involved in that as well! His clear and obvious lack of talent would be the bigger factor in not signing him tbf, rather than his lack of any human compassion.
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