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  1. I just knew that a thread on shitting would create great discussion amongst P&B members
  2. Any good shitting stories? I'll start with mine.. Woke up around 5am on the morning of the Scotland vs Italy game. Felt a slight rumbling down below, but assumed it was just nervous gas. As you do. I then however reached the bathroom. Diarrohea of epic proportions. I swear, it was so violent that i thought my ass skin was burning off. I was crying in agony. After 2 or 3 trips of this nature I literally couldn't wipe my arse. I was forced to tilt it up in the shower and let the running water do its job. My mum woke up around 8ish and took pity on me, driving out to buy me Prepartion H toilet wipes. Heavenly on my scarred toosh. I was left, shivering, under a towel, butt naked. I finally slept for 4 hours, waking up feeling fine and ready to support Scotland in their eventual brave defeat. That's mine, is yours worse?
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