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  1. Can’t help but feel there’s at least 10% dread in this post.
  2. Nah Ludo I think you’re a sound c**t normally on here but that’s just not on.
  3. Man, I’d forgotten Josh Edwards existed. Now I’m getting flashbacks of the Alloa game at EEP where he melted his career.
  4. There will be even fewer chances in a reduced season though, where McCann especially should be looking to play every week. I know a few clubs tried to get him on loan but Pars didn’t want to let him go out so he must be well regarded. Edit - For every Dom Thomas and Greg Kiltie, there’s a Dylan Duncan and Josh Coley.
  5. I think most of the cover positions will be loan deals which won’t be happening until the Premiership has been up and running and squads are sorted out. I like Turner but he didn’t make the impact I expected last season. Really wanted to see him nail down his place and dominate games but it was a firmly 6/10 campaign. Not sure where McManus and O’Hara signing up leaves McCann and McGill. Perhaps one of them will be shifted out wide?
  6. Again, he played for Liverpool in the early 90s and is *still* regarded as one of the all-time worst signings ever. Kozma is remembered for being incredible in one game against St Mirren and due to our support’s usual reaction of spaffing in our boxers at the mere sight of a player from outside the UK. Cardle did *far* more in a Pars shirt and it’s not even remotely debatable. I also fail to understand the issue with bringing him in. It’s not like he’ll be first choice and he could help with the coaching as well. Will the zero fans in the stand start giving him stick if he has a bad game?
  7. Cost over half a million quid and scored less than 10 goals. If he’d had that record for that fee and was called Ian Smith then he’d be considered a flop. Then got flogged to Liverpool where he’s regarded as one of their worst signings ever. Give me Cardle every day of the week and twice on a Saturday.
  8. That’s all I see in most photos anyway so no surprise I didn’t notice.
  9. Your point caller? Literally 80% of our signings over the last decade haven’t been good enough; at least this one would be popular.
  10. Big fines and banned from the Scottish Cup for the next two seasons #ITK
  11. Paul Gallacher was a better keeper IMO. Stillie is also wildly underrated due to the way he left and being a Tory.
  12. Can SD or someone tell me the purpose of even starting the League Cup when there are no fans to watch it? Surely we could just get rid for a year? Or does the sponsorship prevent this?
  13. I’m going to have to steal Stephen O’Donnell’s comment about being tighter than two coats of paint.
  14. Post this again when you’ve lost to Alloa in November in front of 5 reporters and a few stewards.
  15. Imagine writing a post this bloated, calling yourself an “insider” and not having a single fucking clue what you are talking about.
  16. Was literally my first time in the thread since you made the post. I’ll try to reply to your tragic patter quicker next time; I have no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities.
  17. Hadn’t even noticed that in the original post. There’s no way anyone can blame him for that goal, which was a foul on him and offside.
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